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  1. Nah. Your characters running everywhere is perfectly in line with the team's (and PoE fans') design philosophy that the IE games were basically just a big waste of time in between dialogues and set piece battles.
  2. One person's "dumbing down" is another person's "streamlining" or "expunging features that were a needless hassle/busywork" POE's relationship with the IE games is not the same as Oblivion or Skyrim have with Morrowind, but there are going to be players that find plenty of things in PoE they feel are needlessly "dumbed down" and "MMO-ified" compared to the games that supposedly inspired it. Just because you happen to think it makes the game better and therefore is nothing to make a big deal about obviously doesn't mean that everyone will. It's not "journal systems" in general that ar
  3. =============================================== Planescape: Torment and Shadow of Revan spoilers: =============================================== SoR's ending is actually a rip off of the much better Planescape:Torment's; even the merging sequence and some lines of post-fight dialogue are plainly "inspired" by that game. BioWare's writers primarily flopped the roles of the "Transcendent" Revan and his Broken One physical counterpart, making the latter the one that wanted to avoid his fate. Planescape:Torment (one possible ending) THE TRANSCENDENT ONE: "Yes. I am that w
  4. I support the capability to split the party on a given primary map. It gives the player numerous additional role-playing options without requiring any writing or quest design on the developers' part. The player's rogue can head out into the night while the party is "resting" at the inn and steal from the locals (and might be forced to confront them himself if he gets caught). Characters can be set to stand guard when an NPC is being confronted by the rest of the party. A paladin in the party can make a heroic sacrifice to hold off the attackers while the rest of the party escapes (this ca
  5. I found the party AI in the Infinity Engine games to be horrible and I always turned it off before doing anything else in the game. I used pause whenever I needed to assign commands. I think that setup does best at providing the feeling that you are actually controlling an entire party. That said, I'm also a fan of customizable AI like FFXII's gambits and what DA:O tried, even if there's still a long way to go before it finds its role. Even being able to customize things like priority (attack, but don't break CC unless I make you!) and pursuit range for auto-attack, and warnings like "H
  6. As somebody who typically makes several personal customizations to my games, being able to spawn items and creatures, move to different areas, and alter stats through the console for test purposes adds a considerable amount of value to a game for me, and I'd guess anybody else interested in modding. As far as cheating for a genuine playthrough? I would never auto-kill a creature or buff my stats or experience, but I'm not playing against other players here, so I don't care one way or another whether somebody else chooses to do it.
  7. I'll have to remember that: Obsidian and its fans advocate attacking the person for his or her opinion rather than the opinion itself. Thanks!
  8. I'm a supporter of any weapon/device in fantasy as long as it is consistent with the history and atmosphere of the setting. That said, show me on a timeline of Earth where knights went on great quests to slay trolls and orcs, wizards were shooting fireballs out of their fingertips, and evil political figures turned out to be demons in disguise. Fantasy worlds absolutely in no way whatsoever have to mirror Earth's history, no matter what similarities they may share. Not having firearms (or any other feature) is every bit as legitimate as having them in a fantasy setting. So while I'm
  9. I guess I'll be the jerk here. Certainly there are reasons for a developer to restrict saving based on the experience it hopes to create for the player (see platformers, sports games, etc.). But, in this case, I believe the topic is really about the perception that somebody else's use of save scumming cheapens one's own experience. One has to wrap it up in a discussion about "challenge" and "immersion" because otherwise it would come across as psychotic: it indicates that one measures one's self-worth relative to the accomplishments of others and the prestige earned by those accomp
  10. In order to maintain a certain logical relationship between the price and quality of store-bought items at the beginning and end of the game, one of two things has to happen: either rewards for helping powerful individuals or for performing involved and difficult tasks -- something I think we all like to see a lot of in our RPGs -- have to be scaled back OR overall loot quality needs to stay very flat for the entire game, so that supposedly exceptional rewards like a magic sword are truly exceptional regardless of what point in the game they are obtained and are worth holding onto. Gamers
  11. This is a question whose answer obviously comes down to personal preference. For me, the single biggest factor that determines whether I will see a game to the end and replay it afterwards (or continue logging in if it's a persistent-world game) is the connection I feel with my character(s). I have, at times, tried to figure out what exactly makes me feel that connection, and I've thus far only been able to determine that the reasons are quite nebulous. I have played games that gave me a predefined character and had a lot of fun with them, and also enjoyed a game like Icewind Dale wh
  12. I think to do a multi-planar game properly one has to do more than make it just another place to look at with different types of creatures inhabiting it. Pen-and-paper Planescape achieves this by giving the planes their own physical/environmental rules, but my sense is that the overwhelming majority of players absolutely detest games that throw them curveballs that limit or penalize them over any substantial period of time (How dare you make me trade the 1337 helm I worked so hard to get for a lousy Helm of Fire Resistance!)
  13. Illusions, enchantments, curses, transmutation, commanding nature, commanding spirits and the undead ... all have been done (DnD includes all of them). I think the issue is really that, as developers have branched out to create their own IPs, a heavy emphasis has been placed on metaphysics and a setting's internal logic. It is much easier to maintain internal logic and consistency with elemental magic, because players grasp that magic users are playing with the "stuff" that physically makes up the setting. By contrast, what are illusions, curses, or transmutations? I think we all gr
  14. I like statistical tracking (kills, kills of X type, deaths, healing done, and so on). It's non-essential but fun and interesting information that some players enjoy using to determine party and gearing strategies. While it probably needs to be implemented from a much earlier stage in a project's development to achieve its potential, I like Lephys' idea of making tracked stats and accomplishments relevant to a game in some way. Reputations (as in specific titles, not a faction-based disliked-neutral-liked-loved scale) for certain major kills or milestones could prompt characters in the g
  15. What lore reason is there for a Cleric being unable to wield an axe? Honestly, I don't even remember it from the games I've played. All I remember is that in BG and other games, pure clerics couldn't use swords, axes etc.something with it being against their Ethos. I imagine Oblivion could write whatever they wish, the point was just that as long as it fits in "their lore", then I'm ok with it. gotcha. it just seemed like an odd example with the rest of what you said. There are post-Medieval writings that have been interpreted as suggesting that since the spilling of blood w
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