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  1. i dont think its a waste of time to put good combat animation once the duration is short enough to fit in.... i believe it will even make the game look alot better
  2. combat animations with diff attacks, parrys, dodges and blocks.... plzzzzzzz..... it will look awesome on those little characters.. the game will look alot better
  3. First, I want to distinguish between Deflection and Damage Threshold. Deflection is what enemies attack, it's like AC in D&D. Deflection is derived from the character's class, level, and other bonuses from gear, spells, etc. Damage Threshold is what's used to reduce damage once you get hit and it comes mostly from the armor you wear, though heavier armor slows the character's actions (attacks, spells, etc.) down. The advantage to wearing lighter armor in PoE is a faster attack speed, which can lead to great offensive potential. If you wield a single-handed weapon with no shield, yo
  4. will it be possible to create a fighter dat has very deflection.... a fighter that doesnt need to have heavy armor and heavy sheild to hold off enemys..... just through great melee defence skills?
  5. will it be possible to create a fighter that has a very high deflection.... don't really like the idea of a tin can fighter who has to wear the heaviest armors and take damages with shield and raw toughness... wat I mean is like a skilled fighter who can make good evasion steps while fighting??
  6. what I mean is.. when a character is at an epic level... there could be some effect with people around talking about you and lower level enemies could get scared when fighting you... stuff like that
  7. jst wondering y u guys had to put guns in the game.... thought i'd have the usual lord of the rings epic feeling to the game... but the gun kills that somehow
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