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  1. There was an article about Larian almost going bankrupt making DOS. There was also a post by one of the devs saying that Obsidian paid from their pocket to extend the development time for PoE. DOS had a great combat but falls flat story wise after the first area. PoE story is a mix and combat sucks ass for me. None of them were broken for me at launch. Larian released a patch and sometimes two everyday for 2 weeks IIRC, fixing anything that was reported before taking a long vacation.
  2. Unmodded doesn't have game breaking bugs, At least never found one when I played it. Tons of bugs but nothing that trashes your entire game. script extender and 4gb memory and unofficial patch are the same for any Bethesda modded game. Game will soon crash if you mod the game because of low memory and none of them are bug free. Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim and Fallout 3. All of them have unofficial patches. Fallout 4 will probably be no exception. There is an unofficial patch that fixes most of problems with the game. latest version 9.4 was released a few months ago. finished the game with 3 characters so far and only bug I noticed is something with the lighting probably and one crash when you fill Fat Larry's store with crap.
  3. From what I remember, if you decide to fight them manually, most if not all of your hirelings will die. they were really squishy. if auto some of them will die and you lose a building so I recommend to auto since money isn't that hard to come by.
  4. The autistic way of playing the game? I don't have a problem with the stash, I even like it since I do always add bottomless bags of holdings to IE games. his comment about immersion is off tho. Generally you only need to pick up what you could use and anything that you could sell for a large amount of cash, everything else is ignored. You don't go looting everything and then complain that its an immersion breaking. Anyway I don't want to argue so this will be my last post in this thread. cheers.
  5. Being unable to carry more than you are able to breaks your immershun? But sending infinite items to a bag for no logical reason doesn't? I like crafting a lot, but in PoE its understandable why a lot of people hate it. For me there's just no unique items similar to the ones in BGs so it kills that feeling when you get a bad ass sword or fat loot after a boss. it might be because of crafting or something else but between this system and BGs, I'll choose BGs.
  6. Why are people asking and posting news about Chris Avellone in the PoE sub-forum? It seems more of a General or a Computer and Console subs material since he had a huge role in Obsidian, not so much in PoE. There is even a thread about him working on DOS2.
  7. I don't mind RNG in a game like King's Bounty or rogue like, but in PoE I really would have liked hand placed items like in BG1+2. IWD had randomized items but that game itself was story lite and combat heavy so didn't mind random items all that much.
  8. IIRC Ultima Weapons gave you some time before using their one hit kill attack, no? It wasn't from start of combat or randomly. I mean you spent 10-30min fighting them so using a cheap one hit kill attack randomly would be frustrating as all hell but I don't remember that. I was a kid so I had high tolerance so that might be it. Its been a very long time since I played FF7 so my memory of it is extremely vague. Isn't PoE supposed to be low level content? there are already 3-4 dragons I think? didn't play WM yet. BG1 had no dragons. BG2 was packed with them. 4 in SoA, 1 in Watcher's Keep and 3 IIRC in ToB but it was supposed to be high level content and end of a saga. Adra's breath attack is cheap.
  9. Fallout and IE games also had them, Dragon Age might have had them too.
  10. Yeah, you are an imbecile. I didn't say to turn the stronghold to a brothel, just a better more livelier place. The visitors can only throw a line or two, prisoners either rot, escape or sold off to an imaginary person, taxes come from an imaginary place and always bandits take a percentage of it. Stores re-stock the same thing over and over from experience when I played it when it first came out so apologies if its changed. At least the Fighter's stronghold in BG2 had you solving problems with the commoners and overseeing repairs when there was a flood etc.. and even raising and lowering taxes and it affected how your imaginary subjects felt about you.
  11. I liked the stronghold in Dragon Age Awakening, you get to oversee provinces and there's a small politics that may cause you problems and you also need to upgrade your stronghold by doing a few quests like finding materials to upgrade your troops armors and weapons, finding enough ores to upgrade the walls and walling off the underground entrance. Everything affects the survival rate and affects the ending IIRC. I didn't play DAI all that long but I remember that I enjoyed the stronghold. you could craft all kinds of items and get a lot of people in there which you govern, it felt a lot livelier or something. Edit: Stronghold doesn't seem to affect anything in the main game IIRC, If you have a high prestige from stronghold why not at least let it help by granting me an audience with the Duc instead a requirement to side with one of the factions in Defiance Bay or Lady Web. A lot of people said to make trade agreements with different stores in the game and expand the items in the stronghold or something. I read that Josh is planning to do something about the stronghold in part 2 of White March so I hope it will be great.
  12. Lore seemed useless most times, you say pretty much what the NPC was or is going to tell you anyway IIRC. One thing I sorta wish but it would probably be too much work is to tie my character's knowledge to the index so I can only know things after I read about them in books or came across the info other ways. Many lore checks were about things I had zero knowledge of when I first started.
  13. Raedric's Hold would have been a better stronghold than Caed Nua. You can overthrow a tyrant lord and take over and oversee the village of Gilded Vale instead of an imaginary place.
  14. DOS is by far a much better game when it comes to combat, many of the reasons were mentioned already. Shadowrun also has an enjoyable combat especially in Dragonfall. Those are turn based games. Dragon Age Origin has a better combat mechanic for a real time with pause and a better AI and companion management. A lot of the mechanics in PoE would have probably worked great if the game was turn based, but it just sucks for a real time with pause.
  15. That's just retarded. it used to be a choice. Sure it was cheesy but no one forced you to go for it.
  16. If you have 10 mechanic, you can spot hidden things without stealth.
  17. Do party members turn hostile similar to charmed when confused? Confused units in BG get stars above their heads. They might stand still, walk around confused about life, attack the enemy or attack friends. If the AI was enabled your party member will only attack or run if they get attacked depending on the script used, rest of the party will continue doing whatever.
  18. She didn't like the look of her character from FNV, Don't blame her, Veronica had a decent story from what I remember but her look wasn't that good. Started playing Factorio, Looks really complicated but extremely fun.
  19. Wasteland 2 Enhanced Edition. Dunno why I added the s. I just remembered Shadowrun also uses Unity, wonder if Hong Kong which recently came out, used the latest version or an older one. Performance felt the same but maps felt a little bigger, I can barely remember Return, Dragonfall had some big areas if I recall correctly but aside from loading screen there weren't any major problems.
  20. I believe Wizard of the Coast owns the rights to all D&D products including BGs and IWDs. Beamdog own the Infinity Engine? I wonder if Obsidian can borrow IE and upgraded it and make more games similar to the old but modernized or something. They did spend quite a bit to make Unity similar to IE but its been a little clunky so far. W2EEs or Torment whichever comes first, will show if the latest version of Unity is better or still sucks.
  21. 1 Allow hard counters, honestly most times while playing PoE, I never did pay much attention to status except for charmed, most of them go by unnoticed. In IE games, they are potent. 2 Pre-buffs, if I scout and see shroom, I should be allowed to use protection against charm before engaging them. 3 None combat spells, sorry if these already exist and I missed them. In IE you have spells to reveal map, talk to Jins for extra information, invisibility, etc.. In PoE no such things AFAIK. Don't just concentrate on combat.
  22. My only experience with Adra dragon was little after the game first came out so apologies if things changed. Fight basically sucked on PotD. The only way to beat it was cheesing it by petrifying it. that just sucks ass. It wasn't fun or challenging, it was retardedly overpowered, at least his breath was which usually killed everyone except for Eder. No problems with the other dragons. Still for a none experienced guy, fighting the dragons in Baldur's Gate 2 and killing them for the first time was much more fun and felt much better than fighting them in PoE. Getting great loots after a hard fight was the best moment in BG2, getting a scale to upgrade a generic item not so much. ~opinion and all that.
  23. I will probably get it after part 2 comes out. From the tweet someone posted its most likely the last DLC before PoE2 hopefully is announced and from what I read Josh said that he will add more content to the keep so I'll just wait for that to do a full new playthrough.
  24. All Unity games have similar problems, Shadowrun series and Wasteland 2 were the same. The longer you play the longer loading gets.
  25. Broken Steel was a good after ending DLC from what I vaguely remember. They made it so NPCs and world acknowledge what you did. Thread about Ironman, never played it and most likely never will. If a save is created like you said then wtf is this thread about and if not then..
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