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  1. but what if you only thought you where using the force?
  2. but it makes me feel better. i don't really care. i just think its cool. it's all really up to BC.
  3. umm ok. so like actual god or your verion of a DM?
  4. i hated deciple. i wanted to shove my 'saber through his genitalia and the let atton have his fun. but the game wouldn't let me.
  5. but to do your "job" well could end in your downfall.
  6. night shade you double posted..... but a sw game centered around bastila might be cool. i prefer making my own characters though.
  7. in a reality there if power is involvd then it is the darkside. they strive for power. the light jedi deny the struggle for power and the grey don't care.
  8. my sating of the gray jedi is saying that they don't follow anthing. they don't puposefully balence out, the do it because that is how they are. the don't subject themselves to the teaching of others but learn thier own ways basically to be grey is to be human.
  9. c'mon you can have both the links and the siggy and the siggy can even be a link!
  10. so how many forums are you a part of?
  11. i beleive he wanted to be captured so that he could allow some time for his plan to unfold. then he came back to finish the job.
  12. nightshade, doesn't that make you a spammer? i think the grey jedi are the true power. the know both teachings and therefore can counter act either one. also they aren't tied down by a certain code. they do it thier way. they don't struggle for power. they just want to be.
  13. Did Killer_2468 do that for you Benjamin? and to BattleCookie, Do you like the sig? you should definately use it!
  14. ur assassin sounds pissed....
  15. WTF??? wow..... i don't even know what to say.
  16. now to get mr. cookie himself in to see it....
  17. being one of the gray order means balance. not necesarily perfect balance but balence non-the-less. good deeds equal out the bad ones. and bad deeds have thier consequences. basically to be gray is to aknowledge both good and evil inside but to know when one is right and the other is wrong.
  18. LMAO, benjamin, isn't it sad you have to bribe people to join the darkside?
  19. Zachech i agree with you, niether were really sith. and reven is about as readable as blackink on black paper. you only see the outline.
  20. i can never get past lvl. 1 md DM keeps getting mad at me and putting me up against stuff i cant kill. once though, i did a stenghth check roll and pushed his lil bro's guy into the monster so i could run away.
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