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  1. for some reason i always die against that giant tank droid. it beats me into the floor with its flamethreower thing.
  2. every time i play i get put up against a terasqwee.(sp) i can't kill it and i forget i can run. so i die.
  3. ya, what se said. but reven did something worthwhile, contraversial but it helped out in the end.
  4. pure talent, Lady, pure talent...
  5. hey, umm is it just me or is yoda's lightsaber a little too big for the little guy? it's kind of funny....
  6. good idea but you can't. no copyright to prove your "ownership" but if you do. i'll vouch for you.
  7. now, now draken. be nice. or i will have to find you and make you say sorry. i think BC should use the siggy. but if he doesn't want to then o well.
  8. Hector sounds like a challenge. of course if we all started arguing about char.s we would get in trouble for spam. but i think Rikk could take Hector. but only if he "wolfed out" first. and that is a maybe.
  9. these are freaking sweet. i shall hold you in high esteem.
  10. alright. you are very resourceful aren't you?
  11. i really hope you are not being metaphorical or suggestive. but just picture the black blade of death!!!
  12. well, someone finally said what i could not. and here is the joke. that would be one hell of a shock......
  13. ya battle cookie. you have planty of room left!
  14. nightshade, oh dearest one. how many times must i say it. i play KOTOR on the xbox. my computer is too low of a form of hardware to play the wonderous game called kotor. thank you though for being so helpful.
  15. hey spelling is for people without dyslexia, dislexia, dicslecxia... i don't know how to spell ti.
  16. droids have no sexually apealing feature and cannot be beautiful. or HOT unless you mean in degrees as in temperature. you wierdos.
  17. i wish you could get a black bladed saber. that would be awesome.
  18. i'd make you a sig, but i don't have the software. sorry benjamin. the guys at the forum below miy sig might be able to help you.
  19. he may not have done it the best way or even the worst way. but he did something and that is alot. that is like asking "did luke do a good job defeating the sith?" he didn't defeat the sith. he beat 1 overlord.
  20. baley, you need to seek psiachiatric help.
  21. Name: Rikk Kabriik species: human(half werewolf) Class: Assassin/Rogue Weapons: Crossbow, 2 Black Dirks from the Guild of Shadows, Throwng Knves Skills: immune to all deseases. extremely luck, extremely fast and silent. Appearence: dark clothing and a black duster that goes over his mouth and nose. Blue/Green eyes shortish black hair and a Guild of Shadows tattoo on his left arm. Background/misc.: Rikk was an assassin for the Guild of shadows untill they killed his best friend Tethrum. He left the guild abubtly and never looked back. He now is a freelance merc who loaths the rich and powerful. he also has a strong embedded hatrid for all evil creatures (werewolves, vampires, zombies, etc) He is currently dealing with the fact he is now half werewolf and might become full werewolf if he cannot stop the curse. who are you?
  22. it dosn't matter if revan succeeded or not. the fact is that he did SOMETHING, which is more than we can say for most, and i mean 99% of the jedi council members ever.
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