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  1. Shhhhhhhhh! I am not lucas arts contracted i am just someone who doesn't like a group of obsessed freeks pressure companies into making a good series into 1 good game and 6 shCrappy ones.
  2. I'm sorry if i sound mean but my farts sound like they know more about KOTOR3 than these idiots. They are just a few people who think they know what they're talking about. They give no evedence or wuotes or snippit of web where they got their info. But KOTOR3 probly, if named wont be called KOTOR3 It will probly be some different name. It's starting to win the longest name prize.
  3. I don't think you can but if you find a way. I will bow down before your power.
  4. How about they do one with civilized versions of the planets in our system.
  5. How about a planet where there are layers. And each one has a different race and a differnt look. It could be a 7 for 1 deal!!!! Caffiene!!!!!!!! (w00t)
  6. Galaxies suck. Lucas arts and/or oblivion could do a way better job than that. But it need a billion sidequests. Like finding yoda some vampires. (w00t) Sorry the redbull is making me feel special.
  7. pills.... <_< I dont know what you're talking about. My doctor said i don't need them anymore.
  8. A jungle/Forest world where the main race is a human-like elven race. It would make for some cool looking jedi.
  9. Neither. I want a game like morrowind but star wars.!!!
  10. TOO BIG!!!! What are you? Crazy? I want there to be like 10 planets each morrowind size or bigger. And like 10 million side quests.
  11. " i thought you said you could catch, it's not my fault i threw force lightning."
  12. This is a bit off topic, but what you described isn't exactly in character for what being a Sith Assassin would entail. They aren't thieves, they aren't killers for no apparent reason. They aren't thugs-for-hire. They do the bidding of their master. And I doubt a Sith Lord would say "gee, um, you know Darth Jimmy, I'm lacking in the diamond rings and flatscreen TV department. Could you do me a favor and sneak into someone's house to steal their shizzat for me? Thanks a bunch." <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I think you misunderstood the meaning of what i said. I was merely giving a scenario. Besides what if you're master asked you to go and get a few crystal a archeologist found. You could: Lightside- ask for them and offer to pay. Darksids- do as I said and steal them but to earn some xtra credits you could kill them all and take everything and sell it.
  13. This game has Uber potential but both suck. just by morrowind and get a sar wars mod.
  14. I think instead of KOTOR3 they will(should) do a star wars game like morrowind/oblivion. it would be so sweet. you could go around as a wookie jedi!
  15. I just want to be able to do the morrwind like stuff in a starwars world. And no not like galaxies. Eldar Scrolls games are so awesome. Just imagine being a sith assassan creeping through the upstairs door of someones house. killing everyone in it then stealing all thier items.
  16. I belive it was the exile. The force when stripped from stripped from him manefested itself as a sark energie which later became nihilus. That explains the hunger for the force because it was the force.
  17. I hope the do make a game like that because one with that freedom was be so popular and awesome. x-box next needs a new star wars game anyway.
  18. I think that the next time someone makes a jedi/sith game they should do it like Morrowind. where you could do anything. It would be awesome.
  19. Half Elf/Half Fire Witch. Raised by dragons. Knight of Justice.
  20. they should have put more secret stuff in the game for people who played the first one. that would have been cool. or have it so that it goes off you latest data about reven from your KOTOR1 save.
  21. i think korriban could have been played up a little more than it was. it kinda made me sad. no secret sith training or nothin. that sucked.
  22. 2 things: 1. thanx for th info, good job. 2. The main badguy can suck for i care i just wanna play a great game which is what KOTOR 2 will be.
  23. i thought the force cyclone+flurry was an awesome combo. Force powers were easy to abuse though. I did half the star forge with master force lightning.
  24. me, i dont care what the pet is as long as you can customize it somehow. but the training droid would suck!
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