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  1. is there any way i can get a sith assassin sig. you can use any/all of these sayings: The answer you seek is in the question you ask. And the question you ask is what I seek. Darkness festers deep inside Deep in shadow the beast hides Until the day its prison cracks and unleashes everything No holding back In the shadows I await thee, oh misfortunate one. In darkness I end thy light.
  2. She is only sith in appearence. her actions prove she is good. of course not all sith are bad.
  3. Ya but Visas is more honest and open. and she doensn't get mad at you for know reason.
  4. I think handmaiden is attractive (in a video game clone kinda way) but Visas is by far more my type. I think that this game could have benifitted from a fable style romance option. *winks* if you get my drift. (j/k i actually just wanted the saber i described in the beginning of the game)
  5. not if he does the main text as a grphic and layers them.
  6. DGwar


    i am looking for a really dark looking Assassin avatar. i wanted a shoulders and up render of the fable assassin costume but couldn't find it. if you can help me find a really cool assassin avvie, i would be really greatful. :ph34r:
  7. What if you just did the logo in flash. it wouldn't be too hard.
  8. just let me say this: iamgine non-artistic people making games....
  9. ok. i am suprised only one mod has posted in here. usually they would be going crazy right now.
  10. Too mean? what did you do, tell someone to f-off and kill themselves?
  11. it is a gmaing site much like that of newgrounds. except that these guys plan to brnch out into console game making or computer game making. See this is how i got into trouble last time.
  12. i don't know. but 2 involve PMs
  13. Starting a giant spamfest, callin fionavar dumb, trying to recruit for killer games forum(and starting a spam fest) getting into an argument with baley and saying bad things. and doing the killer games thing a 2nd time.
  14. Ya, fionavar and authority have both warned me. At least i think so. and Fionavar has warned me multiple times. so now i behave.
  15. i think i have had 4 warnings. but i am not sure.
  16. Every time you recieve an official warning from a moderator, you will be sent a PM declaring that you have been warned. We moderators see a small meter underneath your postcount that tells us your warn level 0% / 33% /66% and 100% At 100% you will either be subjected to an extended(longer than 2 weeks) period of moderation(your every post needs to be cleared by a mod before other users can see its there) or your account will be suspended (semi-banned) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> so what percentage am i at?
  17. I have a few, really dumb questions. That may be potentially dangerous. 1. How do you find out how many "warnings" you have gotten? 2. Have any of you hear of the Killer Games Forums or even the site?(www.killergames.net) 3. Does Fionavar seem crabby to you? 4. Have you ever eaten an ostrich sandwich? 5. How many of you guys live in minnesota? a. if you live in minnesota: Do you know what the MRL is? i. if yes to above. Go see the march 10th comp! 6. Have you actually "read" the rules? 7. What is Pi?
  18. i think septerra core had something similar. but i don't remember.
  19. Septerra Core had random battles. but they did it well.
  20. Video Games are an art form. I mean, come on. Freddy vs. Jason is considered art by the people.
  21. you haven't seen me play Halo2 yet, have you?
  22. i want to keep my soul, ok? but why is Daikatana so bad? (sorry for the ?)
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