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  1. mmmmm.... fun? maybe if your hannibal lecter! OMG are you? J/K
  2. thanks Arkendale i don't know why but it worked now. i tried 2.2 but for some reason it di not work.
  3. that would be very painful.
  4. i finally have no clue what any of you are saying....
  5. at first i thought the topic ad strayed, but technically this is just a different kind of character....
  6. are you being sarcastic?
  7. i think violet looks cool no matter what. and cool revamp Nightshade.
  8. I don't care how evile females are. They still deserve the utmost respect and compassion. And should be protected by men. not battered by them...........................
  9. congrats! only took you 2 days......
  10. ...................... oh, okay.
  11. and insane!! what would possess you to do that?
  12. i am just saying that men are more prone to violent behavior and rash thinking. whereas females are more emotional and less likely to kill everone. and as to why i would have a violent male character and no violent female character is because i put females on a pedestal. Above us males. because they are the fairer sex and we (men are ment to protect them..................
  13. just because you are in the order doesn't make you light side and sith doesn't make you darkside. it's your intentions, beliefs and deed of heart that show who you are.
  14. 2 things 1. for some reason i can't get the gimp and 2.reven your img needs to be in brackets and you need a finishing tag too like [ img ]URL HERE[/ img ] but take the spaces out.
  15. and why exactly is that? i would think oppositely.
  16. i wish i had photoshop. i could show off too!
  17. She killed him. she found out he had slayed her mother. so she ate him.
  18. silver is not a "color" yes, but technically neither is any "color". they are just frequencies o light being absorbed and reflected.
  19. i am looking for a sweet avvie of an assassin, but i am very picky.
  20. nightshade, you any good with finding sweet assassins?
  21. my DM did a similar dragonslayer party, but the halfdragon was a hottie and the dragonslayer fell in love with her!
  22. half-dragon and dragonhunter... that would sound very complicated. but fun.
  23. it is okay. ladycrimson has been filling in. and very well might i add.
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