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  1. ummm. droids aren't "hot" thay are machines. please see a psychiatrist.
  2. why? i think that sig would look sweet battlecookie.
  3. i walk the middle path. but i like doing good more than bad but both the jedi and the sith are so full of themselves.
  4. i know. but sometimes they take the exact text. btw. where can you buy septerra core nowadays? i lost my copy and it is by far my favorite RPG.
  5. so basically he ends up "ruling" the galaxie.
  6. dont put the w in perentsies though.
  7. i voted for reven because of the fact that technically i could be revan.
  8. what program do you use Lady? you are pretty talented.
  9. yet, he still was betrayed. is no one safe from the evil of the darkside? And yet, is anyone safe from the riteousness of the lightside?
  10. I prefer planet hopping, because that way, if say as thief i decide to "barrow" something. i will be allowed to leave. (if i can make it of the planet)
  11. Way too many. what is the point of posting something like that?
  12. Luke would look even better with violet or silver.
  13. thanx. i think i will have to try that.
  14. ya, silver rocks too. i am not a sith or a jedi. but one who walks the gray. so silver kinda fits that.
  15. i do xbox. my comp sux like a hoover.
  16. i prefer a double sided violet. it makes you feel like Mace only badder.
  17. and that is about it, which sux. cuz i wanted my silver double sided lightsaber.
  18. i think that Mace is by far the supperior jedi. he is cool enough to have a purple saber.
  19. DGwar


    thnx guys, i will just keep the one i have for now. and Surreptishus thanx for trying.
  20. i felt very good(evil but good) after killing all of the sand people. i enjoyed every death scream.
  21. I think that they both had similar good and bad things to them. KOTOR 2 played a little easier (combat) than 1 but 1 had a more solid story line and when you finished you actually felt like you where done.
  22. I think yoda would fall under the New Jedi catagory there Nightshade. but ya yoda is awesome.
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