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  1. specialized classes, more spells, more helmet/armor/weapon designs, definitely a third big city ...
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhPh_fmLaFA The badass looking guy standing at the back is the priest. Be it runes or insignias or magical touch-screen like in the video, I think I'd be happy with something as 'subtle' as this but still compelling. I also thought of importing the idea from skyrim and its 'shouts' where there was a specific verbal word/phrase matched to a specific spell, like fus ro dah, is force level 3 (each word had some specific meaning but I can't remember). But this may not be that necessary. I just want my wizard to have the arcane, scholarly, disciplined
  3. When I read ciphers as ones drawing energy from the soul I just thought it's something like a sorcerer but not magic. And considering it's skill being related to soul and mind manipulation maybe it's something like a alteration / illusionist / rogue / bard mixup. I was also thinking it could also add steampunk machinery kinda element to it too? But that might reduce the raw feel of a pure sorcerer. Maybe put that as a subclass.
  4. I can't remember exactly which title was it, but it was isometric and each character had different field of vision based on race/class/skills. Like a dark elf had vision penalty in bright places and characters with night vision had better vision in caves for e.g. And clicking on a ranger to scan for hidden traps, etc.
  5. Field of vision reduced, attack speed reduced, movement speed reduced... when near death. And I like the idea about npcs responding to your outer appearance but it should be kept minimum or creative so ot doesn't sound generic. I hear the same comments on my character every 30 sec I walk around in Oblivion that I'm sneaky or something. How did they know I'm sneaky if I'm being sneaky? And keep those comments to yourself! Instead of generic "hey you look (insert name of highest attribute/skill in adjective form)" it could be expressed more subtly like people getting out of your way, occasiona
  6. Hi, I made the difficult choice to join the discussion. If you'll just bear with me ... To start I just want to say something about faith and religion. Some questions above tried to isolate faith from religion, and then failed (sorry I'm too lazy to peruse the thread to cite individual arguments), and tried to go back again with the example of how people deal with daily lives without really asking every single thing. I think the OP was asking about religious faith after all. Because if the OP was asking about assumptions then the question is already solved. Another word for assumptions
  7. What do you mean "not limited to just the five elements"? An avatar is a god incarnated as a human or an animal. They don't have to be tied to any of the five elements. Or are you referring to some work of fiction that I have missed? Yeah the discussion reminded me of a specific animation movie-comic called 'Avatar: Last Airbender' and I was referring to that context. It's about people living in countries where they serve elements as gods (religious aspect) and have elemental powers, like fire, water, etc. Their affinity to each respective element is expressed in their clothing, ha
  8. pzp11

    GTA V

    They're improving the fighting mechanics. I don't know how much but I read it'll be better than the previous series.
  9. Kinda avatar-esque. Except that it's not limited to just the five elements.
  10. Um I thought planetouched would be a little more subtle .. going with the Aasimar/Tiefling .. and not something that just freak everyone out when you step into a town unless you cover yourself up in full armor or its Halloween. Unless planetouched are a common sight and it's okay to see talking borderline alien monsters selling fruits in the market.
  11. So basically you want less hand holding? I can relate to that. It's more satisfying if not every person in the world has a sign over their head. Questgivers approach you to deliver a quest, enemies blindly charge you etc. That has been done to death. I liked how in BG, bears would only turn hostile if you stay standing in their territory. Something similar should be true for more enemies. Maybe out of a group of enemies, one (the gung-ho one) should attack you while the others stand back. Now you cut down the loner, but do you also attack the rest immediately to gain an advantage? Or do yo
  12. ME3 had some poor forced elements, but seeing my favorite characters die one by one, and the whole balance between reluctant hopelessness and stubborn hope that carried all the way until the end when it's time to decide the outcome for Shepard and the world .. well that was quite moving for me at least. It wasn't like oh-kill-the-demon-lord-who-tries-to-open-the-gates-of-hell-and-you-save-the-world-thing-and-get-loot-and-be-crowned-as-king. The final scene forces the player to put your (Shepard's) own well-being as one of the possible choice alongside your beliefs. Idk, this part made me think
  13. I think one of the expansions in NWN had a 'dragonborn' or 'halfdragon' something as a class/trait (can't really remember what) but going this path allowed you to interact with dragons in ways others couldn't.
  14. I think the language barrier issue is very realistic and should be incorporated. This brings in the interplay between your character and your party members more actively everytime when you enter a foreign town. I can see how it can lead to quests being solved or failed due to misunderstandings, etc. At least my wizard should be able to speak some ancient languages.
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