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  1. It's my understanding that the intention is for these systems to diverge further. TB will require balancing and that will affect build viability between the 2 systems, for stats, items and powers.
  2. Seen a few posting about Dex in DnD. I've found 13th Age has excellent solutions, where your defenses are tied to the middle of 3 stats (Example: AC modifier is the middle stat of Dex, Con and Wis, so if you had Con 16, Dex 18 and Wis 12, your AC modifier would come from Con), which discourages the min-maxxing of DnD (or rather generally makes min-maxxers better attack builds and spread stats more durable). It also elegantly solves the problem of multi-classing, feats and powers boosting class abilities only apply to their native class, so a fighter/rogue that attacks either does so as a fight
  3. Part of the red visual line that announces combat then persists on the left after the combat ends. GeForce GTX 970 3840 x 2160 @60
  4. Caster focused will be the ones with fast weapons then. No point in scepter casters. Noticed that Antipathetic Field hits allies
  5. The only way I can see fast weapons being worthwhile, is if a track is kept of how many rounds they're used for weapon based attacks and powers, and this triggers extra basic attacks.
  6. But fast weapons have significantly lower damage. What benefit? Taking pistols and sabres seems like a no-brainer (but I've not had time to experiment), how's this balancing? I'm sure someone will crunch numbers. Beckoner summons were there and gone, lol. They got one move and one or 2 attacks only. Keeping up the minions would appear to eat up the actions, making beckoner multi less appealing.
  7. Has anyone tried the Warlock? https://www.reddit.com/r/projecteternity/comments/8hgoqy/thoughs_on_warlockswizardbarbarian/
  8. As shallow as the desert. As shallow as the last molecule of water that's about to be boiled out of the pan. As shallow as their dying breath. As shallow as the mirror they behold themselves unto.
  9. Went to the Sanitarium without speaking to a Justicar first. Statue got me to speak to animancers. went outside and spoke to a justicar about where the mad are kept Came back in and statue asks me about what the hell happened down there as if all fighting is done.
  10. Well off the mark. Hunters could afford arrows but they'd not be able to afford a sword. Swords were about status much more than usefulness. When Henry V succeeded the throne, he immediately began restocking the royal armoury in the Tower of London for a foray into France. He set the fletchers of England to begin making arrows, and we have a record of a contract for 12,000 arrows that cost the Crown £37, 10s, which translates to about $25,000. http://www.reddit.com/r/AskHistorians/comments/1e7xa3/how_expensive_were_arrows_and_how_many_did_your/ So (economy of scale for a big order though
  11. This is really worrisome. I share your concerns. For some reason, I want a single attribute point to be important. Why place them on a plain linear scale? How about a logarithmic scale or something? Because then you'd need to weight the point buy system. I get the impression they're a little bit more interested in crash bugs than balance just now.
  12. No, I fully understand that. The problem with might is that it's abstract while the other attributes are concrete. The thing is souls aren't abstract in this world, nor are the ways they tie in to your overall physical condition/abilities. Oh, in this world souls have muscles, I guess. And there will be 2 portraits in the game - one for my character, another for my soul? Unless you're a godlike...
  13. In its present state, it would probably be clearer to call it "Power," which carries less association with purely physical strength. But then players only used to RuneQuest might say they are confused as, for their sensibilities, POW shouldn't be giving a damage bonus to melee.
  14. Well this feels a lot more like an IE game than DA:O did. I like the innovations done here with the mechanics, unbalanced and buggy though they currently are. The game I'm apprehensive about for combat is the new Torment, because I'm not a fan of the PnP Numenera rules. But I still funded it because I was a huge fan of the PS:T story, it was my own favorite RPG ever.
  15. It's got more content than the D:OS Alpha did (Alpha in Dec) and that was released in Aug. So D:OS took 8 months (with all the usual balancing, bug fixing and reworking, plus a whole new skill tree) to get from Alpha to release. Obsidian have a lot more staff than Larian (I've been told 250 compared to 40 by my GF), so I think they'll be fine.
  16. Wow that is pretty disheartening I hated what 4E did with wizards and I hope this isn't what PE did to them... You are saying his spells are too weak to be worth using or the selection he comes with stinks? Call me crazy but a wizard + rifle shouldn't be doing more than his spells lol... Weapons, especially heavy vs light ranged need serious balancing. This has been brought up already. They don't want a wizard with a rifle to be useless though... Well compared to older D&D, I liked what they did to balance classes in 4e, even though the wizard, combat speed and ease of RP
  17. Oh, you know a lot of RPG games with party-based real-time + pause combat beyond IE games? Dragon Age, Dragon Age 2 (washes mouth out), NWN, NWN2, Drakensang, Drakenang 2, A Farewell to Dragons, Aarklash Legacy, Confrontation, The Ultima 7 complete remake on the Dungeon Siege engine (recommend that last one).
  18. Well I count 6 powers on a 5th level fighter. Here's a comparison to D&D: Each encounter you get 2 knock-downs (a bull rush equivalent) and a nice defensive ability (potion of defense equivalent) 3 times per-rest you get a stamina regen power to get half health back from an attack (potion of healing equivalent) So you get to knock enemies over and the equivalent of some free potions. That is not really a lot to manage compared to most PC RPG games.
  19. The stamina/health system is doing something important though. It's giving the player something to measure the use of per-rest abilities against. If health is an indicator of how often to rest, and the use of abilities does the same, then it encourages you to start using those abilities as health goes down. This is something that all D&D games have a problem with, some players saving their dailies for encounters that don't happen, or burning out their powers and forcing rests too often. Health/stamina is a good way of giving a guide to the dispensing of powers, yes it's a bit clunky and ta
  20. This right here I think is gonna be what people are worried about. BG2 gave awesome gear for warriors, some overpowered even*cough*carsomyr*cough* What PoE looks like it is trying to do is keep the scaling the same, but make fighters' abilities what strengthen them, and not the loots Exactly. The power-up weapons did their job in giving the front-liners some agency, but each weapon tied them to particular effects. To get the to-hit bonus of the next weapon, you had to give up the powers of the previous weapon. That is not good design.
  21. Resolve could increase Fort, Ref and Will because it makes you more able to resist or shake off effects. It could lower duration of negative effects or increase duration of positive ones. Perception could increase Deflection because you see the blows coming. Could change Dex to give a small bonus to accuracy and a larger one to deflection and have Per do the opposite.
  22. They just need to increase rate of fire for low damage weapons. They need to balance the weapons, not change the Might stat.
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