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  1. Overall, I like the sound of everything. Especially prisoners; that's something I haven't seen done before and it sounds like a pretty cool idea. I hope it will be fun to just wander around in your stronghold for a little while if you feel like it.
  2. Overall, I prefer the lighting and color contrast in Polina's concept, but like the detail added by Sean. Most of the human(oid)s don't look lit right; a shame that there seems to be limits to what can be done there. Otherwise they look alright.
  3. I really like the look of the Wild Orlans. Paladins: I like the lore and the overall approach you're taking to designing the class. I'm particularly interested in knowing more about their "personal viability" skills, as I'm not sure I'd like playing a straight buff-bot Paladin, useful or not. Will Paladins be able to select a cause to champion? If so, I think it'd be interesting if the choice had gameplay implications, if tricky to design (e.g., championing Philosophy X gives access to certain abilities or gives you some advantage against opponents of X).
  4. When we're paying for the development of the game? I hope for the game to succeed with people less familiar with the genre as well, but I think we have more say in this case. Personally, I'm not bothered with the use of purple for magic stuff.
  5. I don't like the dungeon concept much. Looks kind of generic and and there's a lot of gray and brown. Granted, I'm sure there isn't a lot you can do with a crypt in a somewhat grounded setting, but it doesn't look as interesting to me as the outside-of-a-temple shot we've seen a couple times now.
  6. Increase your display's contrast/gamma. I gave that a try. I did like the colors better when I lowered my gamma, but I don't plan to adjust my monitor settings each time I fire up the game.
  7. Interesting to hear what everyone is working on. I haven't read all of the comments in this thread, so I wouldn't be surprised if my comments have already been covered. The UI mockup looks like it makes a pretty good use of space, and it definitely reminds me of the IE UIs. No comments about the placement of the important stuff, as I'm sure that will be seeing iteration and I don't really know what I will want in game. However, I don't like the aesthetics of it much. I don't like the color; looks too drab. I don't know what I would prefer, but please no solid dark gray; there are enough games with that. I don't necessarily want a minimalist UI, but I think any space fillers should feel like they belong. The wooden pillars remind me of Polynesia, and the bookending statues look old-timey European. They may represent relevant influences for P:E's setting, but as far as I know neither element (the pillar or the generic statue) has direct relevance to the game. I would prefer, for example, if the statues depicted gods or goddesses in P:E's pantheon particularly relevant to the story of P:E or to the information they border (e.g., if there is a god of health, stick a statue of him/her next to the portraits). I have similar concerns about the wood grain. It looks nice enough, but wood doesn't really make me think "eternity". I think the UI sticks out from the environment too much. I think its the light brown strip on the top of the UI that's bugging me, creating a sharp contrast between UI and world. I'm also lukewarm on the scripted event mockup, but I can't decide what I would like to see. I think it might be a brown overload. Or maybe I'm just not a fan of the art. I don't know. Maybe it would look better fullscreen (hiding the regular UI, unless that has information relevant to the scene).
  8. I liked combat in both BG2 and DA:O. It's been too long since I've played either, though, so I can't point to specifics.
  9. I've been interested in your take on the monk since the Wounds mechanic was first mentioned, and it looks like it has interesting implications for gameplay. Neat. I'm not terribly concerned about the plausability of an unarmed, unarmored fighter being a capable member of the party. Being able to triple his reach and set his bare fists on fire without burning himself would be bigger issues, IMO. I like the overall more grounded aesthetics of P:E compared to some IPs, but I am not really bothered with some crazyiness. I'm wondering how the UI will communicate Wound-related information. Does every individual hit generate a Wound? If so, how does the "severity" and remaining duration of each Wound get communicated in a compact way, especially as new wounds overwrite old ones (assumption) once you hit your limit? And since it is important for monks to be taking damage, how will they get enemies to attack them? How will mob aggro work? I could see the monk being annoying to micromanage depending on these things, even with DA:O-style scripting.
  10. As others mentioned, it is interesting to see a godlike be more inspired by a creature related to the god's portfolio (presumably) rather than just being an elemental. The faun is my favorite of the four, but I do still like the elemental heads.
  11. If a little fourth wall breaking is ok: Arenji, god of luck and calamity. Arenji has a hand in all things involving chance, whether the outcome is good or bad. However, his work tends to go unnoticed when events are favorable; the beneficiaries usually see the outcome as the way the world ought to be, or attribute the outcome to their own skill. When the outcome is undesirable, Arenji's involvement is plain to the unfortunate. Thus, Arenji is a scapegoat for all manner of misfortune, and he is more frequently cursed than praised. Of course, condemning Arenji only invites further disaster. Sometimes.
  12. Combat barks from the party never bothered me much, but some option to turn down their volume or mute them might not be bad. The one thing from these games that always stood out to me (in a bad way), however, were your PC's barks. I didn't like any of the voice packs you selected from, and it sounded weird to have your ordinarily mute PC shout loudly in combat. I'm hoping for an option to disable PC barks.
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