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  1. I wonder at the feasibility or fun potential of a Sorcerer using Evoker and Lifegiver. So having those available nukes and access to strong healing. *ponders*
  2. Haven't Obsidian already said that they are going to be having the DLC set after the main story this time around as well? (also random question, but does anyone else have the problem on this site where when you publish a post it just goes completely blank? As I have to manually edit the post and retype everything i put in.)
  3. I would honestly be surprised if they don't have some kind of recap in it regardless of whether we import a save or not as I think its already been mentioned for those who aren't importing a save / going into PoE II as their first game, they get to make a decision on how key events played out?
  4. This thread alone is really increasing my overall hype for the game <3
  5. Yeah I can't say I've ever seen a version of this portrait without the half-mask :c It'd be so lovely without it. What? https://i.pinimg.com/474x/95/82/fc/9582fc2ecd6cfb72cd2abfef8aa200ff--character-creation-character-ideas.jpg Oh, so there is? xD.... Well ya learn something new everyday.
  6. Yeah I can't say I've ever seen a version of this portrait without the half-mask :c It'd be so lovely without it.
  7. And with all the amazing complete mods out there for the game now, you can truly be in for an amazing experience.
  8. One thing I'm curious about so far, what multi-class options are coming across well right now / standing above the rest? When I saw the name list for the multi-classes and just the general idea of it, a Cipher/Chanter (Spiritualist) appeals to me from an RP standpoint but I'm now wondering if it will actually work well as a class combination?
  9. Aramintai, if possible I'd love to request one of this guy ^^ And if possible, though unsure with this one due to the effect in the hair. Please and thank you
  10. And people say romance is dead! Romance will never die, not if necromancy has anything to say about it Having just finished PoE properly for the first time today after restarting so many times, I will say that I'm gonna miss being down one companion but I do trust in Obsidian to at least still give us a great experience with who we take with us. Either way... Eder and Aloth are never leaving my side <3
  11. I wonder if its something they'll even significantly change or improve any more at this point, even just having more npcs wandering around like having people in the library or in the ground floor in Brighthollow so it just felt a bit more lived in. When it comes to PoE 2 and they do "own your own castle." again, I hope they've learned a lot from this, it would be nice if it was more tied into the story or had a stronger radiant quest system implemented.
  12. You basically need to exhaust her dialogue and at certain times pick the correct choices to push her story along and learn more about her, to get new dialogue you need to use supplies for resting to enable more dialogue once you've rested enough for the next part to trigger. I don't think her story requires you to be at any particular ACT as far as I'm aware so hers can be done quite early really. She's an interesting character to have a long.
  13. Whenever I've tried changing the attributes of companions in the console it sticks until I save the game and load that save afterwards, think IE Mod stops that though, there are people trying to figure out how to get it working again but only time will tell. I do hope when Obsidian makes PoE 2 they give a bit more freedom to modders and make it more open to modding.
  14. He sounds exactly like someone I know who lurks on the Gamefaqs forums >__<;
  15. You need to do the quest called, The Champions of Berath where you need to beat him as an undead (he appears as a Deathguard), he will also send undead attacks against the stronghold. I imagine it will be that? Source - Collectors Edition Guide
  16. So far I'm mostly looking to keep him at medium-long range, and focusing on his spells
  17. Whats the most ideal armour and weapon set-up to go for on Druid and what are the ideal talents to focus on?
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