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  1. I had an earlier thread about this. I appreciate wanting to have some type of combat encounter associated with the stronghold that needs your attention, but if you are going to punish players for leaving it up to the hired help then have the encounter trigger while at the stronghold. Whenever you arrive or are exploring the endless paths have a chance that an attack is triggered. The way it works right now you could be in the middle of some epic quest, and it is jarring to have to stop that to go back and kill some rodents back at the keep because no amount of guards or walls is enough.
  2. Just as a preface I have been a lurker for awhile, I backed the game and checked the forums every so often. Love the game, love the expansions. I have no problem with attacks on the stronghold needing to be defended against in some manner. I am not asking for the stronghold to be risk free, but why in the seven hells am I punished SEVERELY on being unable to get back to the stronghold in a impossible to meet time frame. Recap: Leave for the new area in the whitemarch: Travel time 24 hours. Actually takes 3 days due to story. That is fine. See that I need to take care of bandits upon arriving decide I will do it after finishing area as it says three days. After finishing area see I have 20 hours left to fight bandits. Realize event was triggered while traveling and part of travel was already deducted. No chance of getting back so auto resolve only option Lose Both curtain walls, Western Barbican, and Bailey. So 14 days of rebuilding time and a significant amount of gold. WHAT!? I appreciate everything obsidian has done and love this game. I don't expect them to have time to rework this so I guess I am just venting. But I would like to know who thought this was a "fun" mechanic to deal with. I had security up to 38 and a full complement of mercenaries. Hell I had two party members still there although the game doesn't count them. I understand suffering some damage but this is obscene, and unavoidable on my part. I don't like getting kicked in the family jewels for no reason.
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