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  1. Just watch the making of's on the OT-DVD or use google to search for the Star Wars script... The word Sith existed right from the beginning, Lucas even talks about it in one of the documentaries. Even at the time where Luke was still called Starkiller and Mace Windu was in the original movie as well. The word wasn't in the movies, because there was no need for it. The first time it is mentioned in the script, it describes Vader, but describtions rarely make it into movies. As for Vader not being a Sith in the pure sense, that's not true at all. Vader is the epitome of a Sith, he is the first Sith Lucas created. Jedi-teachings mean nothing, in this case the movies count more, and the movies (or better the scripts) make Vader the original Sith. He basically defined the Sith, even though he didn't end up as the first Sith in the timeline, as anybody can tell.
  2. The term "Sith" is NOT from the EU nor was Vader ever a dark Jedi. The first mentioning of the Sith came in Lucas' first synopsis of Star Wars. The word then came up in the movie script as well, calling Vader the "Dark Lord of the Sith". As for the canon-debate: Everything apart from infinities is considered canon. You don't have to like every story, but that doesn't mean that you can decide what's canon an what's not. First come the movies, followed by everything that belongs to the movies and then comes the rest.
  3. Iran isn't Iraq. There is quite a difference between a country that was controlled (and weakened) for over a decade by UN-sanctions against pretty much everything and a country that could buy anything it wants on the world market. Not to forget, Iraq was ruled by a secular ruler, unlike Iran. In addition to that, Saddam wasn't exactly popular in parts of the population. I think you could expect the Iranians to defend their country a bit more fanatically than the Iraqis did, especially if their government plays the " the west wants to destroy the Islam" card.
  4. Yeah, some answers seemed to be a bit off, but you have to remember that not everybody goes from light to dark in a single moment. Some might not even notice that they are falling to the darkside, in that case it would look quite stupid, if someone who doesn't like killing innocent people would suddenly like it.
  5. The people on Korriban only recognize your lightsabre while you talk with them, not when you just stand there... I think I made it pretty clear that it's all about the engine/game mechanics. You always have weapons in your hands, but that has nothing do to with the story, only with the engine/game mechanics. Don't you think that all the Sith soldiers on Taris would attack you, as you are a non-Sith carrying a weapon in public? The reason they don't do it is simple, for them the weapon doesn't exist, just like Bastila's lightsabre doesn't exist. There is no holster for your blaster, you can't put your weapon away. But common sense says that you would put it away, if the game would allow it. Talking with someone is something totally different. Now the game is supposed to show your weapon, the developers want it that way. They don't want it that way while you are running around, there was just no way to have you put your weapon away. As for the ruins... They are sealed and I doubt that many people can open them. Even if they weren't, you might as well say that everybody who tried to get in there died a long time ago, so there is nothing left of him. It's not like Dantooine is a densely populated planet.
  6. I don't really see a problem with Bastila going unnoticed on Taris and Manaan. It's not like everyone knows what she looks like, just because you search for someone, doesn't mean that you know anything about the person. Regular troopers wouldn't recognize her, only the elite Sith or the "bountyhunters" Malak sends after her. Apart from the one Sith in the basis on Manaan, there aren't any Sith on Taris+Manaan who seem to know much about Malak plans. Korriban is something entirely different, as you have many leaders of the Sith on that planet. Uthar, for example, should be one of Malak's "inner circle" and know pretty much everything that is going on. Carrying weapons doesn't mean anything, as everybody carries them in their hands. Engine-limitations don't have much to do with the story. As for anyone recognizing Revan...why should they? Neither Carth, nor Juhani or Canderous met Revan before. The people on Dantooine aren't exactly close to the Jedi, either. I don't believe they know any Jedi by name. If they remember some of them, it would likely be the masters, not a simple Jedi. Apart from that, there is no prove that Revan didn't wear his cloak or the mask before he went to the war, so you might as well say that no one ever saw him.
  7. As stupid as it sounds, but Anakin Solo was killed off because of his name... One of the authors was talking about it when there were still a few books left. Many people confused Anakin Solo with Anakin Skywalker, although I have no clue how you can do that. Luke didn't look powerful to me, quite the opposite actually, he and Mara seemed weak compared to other Jedi. The series jumped around qutie a bit when it comes to strength of certain characters or races. In the beginning neither the Jedi nor the Republic could do anything against the Vong. Of course they should get better at killing them over time, but it was overdone. They went from fighting for their lives to killing them in masses (Ganner), without any real change in the way they fought. Just because you know how to kill them, doesn't mean that they should be bantha fodder from now on. It seemed like the main characters on both sides were changing all the time. It led to some inconsistencies in the story.
  8. You could use a blaster as well Just take one shot, run away and repeat. Not exactly the best way, but if nothing else works this will help.
  9. I prefer Taris, simply because there is more going on. Overall I like heavily populated planets more than the empty ones.
  10. No, not at all. The only reason the robes in KOTOR weren't like the one in the movies, is because of the engine. They were able to change that for TSL. It has absolutely nothing to do with the different time setting. If they had been able to, KOTOR's robes would have looked like the ones in TSL. I don't think that there were too many references to the movies, especially not in regard to quotes. It has nothing to do with ripping something from the movies, they are just using things that are known to star wars fans. And there is a good reason for it, it is a Star Wars game!
  11. Some of you are really overestimating the influence of internet-message-boards. A huuge majority doesn't even know about the cut material, nor do they care about it. -TSL got excellent reviews and some RPG of the year awards -TSL got pretty much the same user grades as KOTOR Why do people always believe that their opinion is shared by everyone? Just because some people on a message-board didn't like something, doesn't mean that it's the common believe of everyone else, too
  12. I don't see where Disciple talks about Revan going to Kae before he left the Order. He only mentions that Revan went to Kae before she (Master Kae) was exiled. There is no absolute prove for anything, Kreia could be Kae, but that could be totally wrong as well. So I go with the behaviour of the characters, which pretty much say that Kreia is not Kae.
  13. I don't think HK planned anything against the remote. Would be kind of redundant to kill of GOTO if his goal is to eliminate the remote. There isn't really a taunting remark against the remote, especially not in Goto's end scene.
  14. It's nothing really, just an old rumour... It says Obsidian will develope KOTOR III, it will use the Unreal 3 engine and will most likely be a xbox 2 game... They use another german site as source. The site reported about this: http://www.obsidianent.com/jobs/ , but doesn't really say anything meaningful about KOTOR 3. They thought it could be for a new KOTOR, but have no information. I think one of the developers already mentioned that these job offers have nothing to do with KOTOR. The site you linked to, misquoted another german site, which thought about the possibilities of a new KOTOR, that's all.
  15. One small question: What is the Exile doing in your story? Is he simply "not there" like Revan in TSL or is there something else?
  16. That's only your opinion of course and neither does your comparison make sense nor are the numbers you give remotely true.
  17. Midichlorians are like mitochondria, you can't simply clone them, it wouldn't work. It's all about the concentration. It isn't really possible to double or triple the concentration of a whole body. The concept of midichlorians isn't stupid at all and doesn't change the force in the slightest...
  18. Go to Bioware's KOTOR I forum ( http://swforums.bioware.com/viewforum.html?forum=76 ), who knows what you can find there *hint* *hint* Should be close to the end of page one.
  19. This is Star Wars, you can't really compare it to Baldur's gate. BG might be the more known game-series but it is nowhere near the brand that is Star Wars. LucasArts has made it very clear that they are happy with the KOTOR-series and don't plan to stop the franchise right now. It's not like this didn't happen to a Star Wars game before. Either the Episode III game or another of the relatively new games was first developed by LucasArts but changed over to a different developer because of the "restructuring". We don't even know what the fired staff was working on, heck, it's not even official that there was any developement of KOTOR III, so this doesn't mean anything for the future.
  20. The "Nihilus = evil Exile" story would have been a bit obvious and was done before. Maybe they didn't want to go that way, because they would have been criticised for using such a story again. If they ever had that idea that is...
  21. You do get such a "bonus" for making him lightside. Darksider get a holo of Bastila talking about the Sith, lightsiders get Carth as Republic Admiral and a cameo of the living Bastila close to the end.
  22. You can't drain something that isn't there. He could have drained his "slaves", but that would have been like Malak and similar to Sion. Not everybody needs a special force power that works on everybody. Making him a bit stronger would have been enough. Then Visas trying to disconnect him would truly have meant something instead of saving his ass while he got beaten.
  23. From what I can remember, Nihilus is pretty much like you. If you beat him and get his mask the describtion says that he was "created" at Malachor, just like you. You are like a black hole and you don't channel the force like other force users do, Vrook tells you so much. The Exile is getting stronger by killing all the people who stand in his way, that's from one of the three Jedi masters as well.
  24. He doesn't try to choke you, he tries to feed himself from your power. Just like Visas, Kreia and Col. Tobin say, he drains other people. This worked perfectly against any other Jedi, Sith or normal being, but not against you, because you are like him. That's the reason why he collapses and that's the reason why he is weaker than he should be. Not to forget: There is a difference between the story and game mechanics. Story wise they can make him all-powerful, but you are supposed to beat the game without playing the main fights again and again. Every enemy might seem a bit weak, but that's nothing new, Malak was the same. It's very hard to balance someone's power in gameplay without making him either way too strong or too weak.
  25. Never ever believe something that comes from supershadow... There most likely will be a re-release in 2007. Some of you might have read about the improvement of 3D-technology that Cameron, Lucas and some other directors promote. They even found a way to make a normal movie into a 3D one. All Star Wars movies will be released in 3D, starting with Episode IV for the 30th anniversary of Star Wars in 2007.
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