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  1. I have this issue with the Steam version. However, with me it seems to occur on a per-game basis and is not necessarily affected by network configurations. Meaning that I started three separate playthroughs, and on two of them, Calisca had broken speech, but on one of them she didn't, and I hadn't changed any settings at all between each attempt. One fix I have tried since then is to use Windows firewall settings to block the PoE exe from outgoing connections, but this didn't seem to fix it.
  2. I still have the PoE beta in my library, but Steam shows that I still do not own the full game. When did you receive your key and where did you get it from?
  3. The game releases tomorrow, but backers have still not been issued keys. Does anyone know when we are supposed to receive them?
  4. I would obviously be very grateful for this option, especially since the early voting shows my preference is part of the minority.
  5. It's not even a close call for me - Wait to ship the physical game until it has reached 1.0. This is a choice between a fleeting moment of satisfaction (being able to play the game with the physical assets on launch day) versus something that is much longer-lasting (having a complete, finished game box in my possesion). I don't plan on opening the box - It will remain on my shelf as a collector's item. So to have it be incomplete, without the actual game inside, would be really disheartening.
  6. Yes, because when someone is standing in tall grass, they're legs should appear obscured, but not vanished. The NPC wearing silver armor in this picture doesn't look like he's staning in tall grass, it looks like his legs have been amputated and now the top half of his body is propped up on the ground: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/45354133354460029/7083A398418D918B6B7AFC4F4953F1AA5F2BCCB4/
  7. Based on the developer's explanation in this thread, it sounds fantastic what they are doing in regards to the conversation system. I just hope you comminicate it to all the other players in the final game so they will also understand it.
  8. I agree with the OP on all points. The music has been praised by most, but for me it makes no impression at all. I don't necessarily think it needs to have "grandeur," but some of it (like the title track) should at least be memorable. Ten years from now, we should be able to hear the theme music from the game and be taken back to our time playing it. As it is now it sounds too much like any other fantasy game. Here is one example of the problem with the visuals. The party member in the selection box in this picture is standing under a tree, but it looks more like his head and shoulders are growing out of the top of it: http://cloud-4.steampowered.com/ugc/45354133354454019/F4840BE72BE1F84CF59BEE06AEA8465CBF3DF068/
  9. A few of the subrace bonuses do seem very minor at first glance. The Pale Elves, for example: "The damage threshold for all Pale Elves are increased by 20% for all Burn and Freeze damage." Unless there are frequent encounters throughout the game with these types of damage, this seems like a bonus that would never be noticed by the player, at least compared to other bonuses like the Nature Godlike's 25% faster stamina regeneration. That is only a first-impression obviously, without having experienced any significant play time. It's just something I thought when I was looking through the class options.
  10. The developers are way ahead of me, it seems. Thanks for pointing that out. In this case, I guess my only suggestion would be to make "Show unqualified interactions" toggled off by default. I can't even really think of a reason someone would want to know of these choices if they couldn't select them anyway.
  11. I am very much against the way the conversation system notifies the player of a possible conversation choice that they could choose if 'x' stat were high enough (the options that are colored red in-game). This seems wrong on a number of levels. Primarily because it acts as a spoiler of sorts for future playthroughs with characters using different builds. A lot of the joy of discovery is lost if you already know every dialogue option that is available whether you can currently select it or not. In addition, I'm also not a fan of notifying us of the dialogue options we can choose because we have a certain number of points in 'x' stat. I know that this has become something of a standard feature in most RPGs, but I really feel that it works to keep me at arms distance from the game world, so that I never become completely immersed because of these constant reminders that it's all just numbers and stat-checks. I understand if the developers want to keep this format in place for players who prefer it, but at least make it a toggleable option.
  12. I hope that a fog of war is planned for the final game, similar to the Infinity Engine games. So areas that we haven't yet explored would be blacked out when we first enter them, and then revealed as we explore them. This makes it easy to know at a glance which buildings/characters/etc. we have already encountered.
  13. I very much appreciate the various difficulty modes available, particularly the Trial of Iron and Expert Mode options. Those should be nice challenges to undertake in the full game. I think the races look nice, particularly the Godlike. But the ears of the Orlan look odd... almost like tree branches. Is that what they are intended to resemble? The text in the various character creation screens could be more readable - for example, bolding or changing the color of the names of class skills in the description box to make them stand out from the rest of the text When I click on an NPC to speak to, it appears that my created character (in slot 1) is always the one who "does the talking," meaning that character's attributes are what determines which conversation options are available, even if I have a different party member selected when initiating the conversation. Is that intentional? In the final game, if my created character has low Intellect, can I use another party member's higher Intellect to affect the conversation? I'm not sure what method would be best, but I hope it is made clear when we play (with a tutorial message or something similar). The ambient sounds are very nice For NPCs that only speak a single line of dialogue (e.g. Villager: "Most who pass through nowadays are refugees or bandits"), I think it would be better not to first require the player character to have to run all the way over to them to hear it, which feels like it makes the pace drag if we're the type of person who likes to click on everyone at least once. If it is possible to simply hear the dialogue with the PCs standing in place, I would prefer that, while still having to approach NPCs that involve full conversations.
  14. I'm a little wary of having to enter in all my personal info to Obsidian as part of the checkout process, especially since Obsidian's privacy policy allows them to share our personally identifying info with their "business and promotional partners to further their business interests." Will Obsidian commit to deleting all that information from their servers once our order has been completely fulfilled? EDIT: Also, why don't my KS/backer badges show up under my name?
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