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  1. Yeah, but from the PoE1 context sounds more that liches are something new (or something rediscovered recently) Yeah, it may be possible. After all between Caed Nua and the creation of the gods a lot of time passed. And Cabrio could consider to be on the climax and didn't care any more about improving the stuff. Two or Three Llengrath's lifetime . If I remember well from the dialogues. The previous incarnation of Llengrath knew Concelhaut when he was still a normal mortal (or, his words could have been intentionally not clear enough to hide Concelhaut's age
  2. I may be wrong. But I was with the impression that Concelhaut was the first successful lich in Eora. In part that is why his disciples were able to do things that even Cabiros (the fampyr at Endless Path lvl 8 that had all the Engwithan skills used by Caed Nua and an eternity to improved them) was unable to do (like improving the guls). And this also why other arch-mages were so worried about him. So, who freaking is that random Lich that you can find at PoE2 on the flooded cave? A random hidden mini-boss battle was good, but it feels like breaking the lore of the setting.
  3. I'm not saying the game is trash . I'm saying that I'm disappointed with Obsidian work. With this thread I discovered that Obsidian screwed their battle mechanical at the very end of their support. It was not bugged like this before of it. That is just... special. Anyway, the conclusion for me is very simple: Not more support to Obsidian from my part: not pre-order, not crowdfunding backer. And just buying their games with discounts if they are of my interest.
  4. Ah no. That is still going to happen. But, now that you make the question. It's bizarre, who is still working for RDC at that point ?
  5. On my opinion Maia's personal quest is super buggy. I delivered all the missives but at the end I had to kill everyone at RDC with her on my team, and she didn't even protest. On the final battle she was more than happy to kill his master Atsura without protesting. So... probably you don't need to worry too much.
  6. At the time they introduced the turn-based model they broken the original one.
  7. And yet they bet by adding the turn-based based mode which screwed the original one permanently in the process. If they invest like that after the support lifetime, they should at least guarantee the original mode was free of new serious bugs. And PoE1 & PoE2 were lesser risk as the main financial come from crow-funding (probably more the first one as I remember they were saying they had already a big save for the second one ).
  8. Erh, this is PoE1 question Anyway, for PoE1 a good cleric spell of low level for halting negative spells is Suppress Affliction (2nd lvl). One to reduce the time of hostile effects is Minor Intercession(priest 6th lvl too) The first one has the benefit that is relatively common to find rings which 2 uses of it per rest.
  9. A little late. I played this game for the first time this year. I tried first without the DLCs. The history added by them are almost irrelevant for the main campaign. Two of them have an impact with extra options at the end (one being very similar to that [in]famous Mass Effect 3 DLC ) . However, the resources that you can get from the DLCs make more easy the preparation for the mega-bosses encounters. In short, I would recommend play first without the expansions and then add them to see what they truly added to the experience.
  10. First, and most important. Sorry for my long silence > The Zamar quest line can be solved differently as well. If you simply accept to help him you can deal with the baddies any which way. Yes, That quest can be solved in any way. However, AFAIK it's only offering diplomatic approach for coercing and an aggressive approach for protecting. You don't have a rational, passionate, cruel or even neutral approaches. It sucks if your class can be affected negatively by those approaches This didn't happen that easily on PoE1. Uh ? Truly?! I didn't show any non-reach
  11. To be honest, It's more amazing that Maia accept to kill everyone at the HQ without protesting
  12. sure, but you don't leave the battle mechanics broken at its core. Not be able to drink potions is just too big to let it pass. It's not an uber spell or an ability of a class that is broken. It's something that affects all the long battles for all the characters. And as far as I can see on the forums, those bugs were known before the last patch done by Obsidian (E.g. Aloth's quest). As I said originally, with mods from the community most of those things will be mitigated. But the decay from PoE1 to PoE2 was amazing for me. Obsidian had a safety net from the successes of the crowd-fu
  13. TL;DR: This is going to be a rant that basically is focused on the lack of polishing on the finished product for PC from part of Obsidian. I'm a backer who felt greatly satisfied with PoE1. I have more of 7 characters on said game and had tested multiple variants for some of them. I consider the final version of PoE1 enough good to play it mostly on the vanilla version. I was more than happy to support the crowdfunding for PoE2. Yet, I was unable to play it until this year. And to my surprise, the current version of the game (V5.0) feels unpolished as if Obsidian just did not ha
  14. Thanks Karanith! Indeed, once I disabled the IA the potions were being consumed without issues.
  15. Ok! I had the most basic IA (just attack) but I'll try by fulling it disable it. But man... those type of bugs can destroy my estimation for Obsidian
  16. Hi! I'm trying the mega-boss battles, but I have noticed that my main tanks are having problems with the healing potions. Once the waiting action ends the animation of drinking the potions occur. But, after that there is nothing in the logs suggesting that they were interrupted or consumed at all. The number of potions on the quick slot is unchanged and of course the curative effect didn't take place. Is there any known restriction for drinking potions? Such as they don't work if chanter's healing chant or lay on hand is in action?
  17. I have played the game with a Paladin (before the third patch come out) and a Cipher ( after the patch 1.06) in the latest difficult setting, using the official NPC and everyone at level 12. So, this is not a topic about how to beat Thaos and the statues, but how they work with the game mechanics (WTF happens in that battle). The 3 entities are able to regenerate by means of spells, seem you can't destroy the statues as Thaos will restore their energy with a special spell, the statues protect Thaos with a special sequence, yet is possible to kill him before the special event trigger
  18. What does any of that have to do with this game? There's nothing that says I can't go back to my keep and finish clearing out the basement. Actually, there is a warning. When you begin the conversation for jumping/descending to the last dungeon there is a warning saying this is not returning point. Anyway, that is why there is a special save slot in that point, if you check your saved game you will find "Burial Island (PRE-END)"
  19. Having exactly the same problem. This is my second time with the game, first one (finished before the 1.05) everything was fine. I did the quest before duc meeting.
  20. I don't find many problem with the spells, after all here the things are different than in D&D. The spells from wizards, chantiers and ciphers affect the souls or the energy around the soul. The undead are souls, the elemental are souls, the bat fire is soul. So, yes, if the spell blind the soul, then everyone can be blinded by the spell, if the poison is against the soul, then yes, is raw damage to everything. The ozee become knockdown? maybe the hit was enough for dispersing (now, this is debatable) and as other already say it, you can knock an ogre, but good lucking doing it.
  21. Yes, I had a similar issue with this quest, after closing the game the next time is just "tVisitor", however the rooster still shown the NPC assigned to it and can the quest can terminate without problem.
  22. I have the same, though was with another effect (I think was the maggots from the druid spells) the former eventually dissapear or become "surpressed" but the blinded remain. Similar to other people, got after battle were multiple spells were casted and the priest spell that suspend was casted as well.
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