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  1. So I often play PoE on the airplane, where the connection is shaky, and sometimes when I end it I don't have an internet connection at all. It seems like when I do this, while saves work fine while I"m playing, when I play again when on-line, I seem to have lost all my old local saves. This is very frustrating. Is this expected behavior? Is there a workaround?
  2. So I had this weird combat situation where while the combat 'ended' kana's summon stayed put, and sagrani kept the debuff from itumakk dying (even though itumakk correctly regened at the end of combat) So I saved and reloaded and this problem went away. But now I have realized that a drake randomly spawns on every map I walk into. Which is . . . quite amusing. Saved game and output_log here: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B1g7Kx2ysBWAY3ljZmNXdTU3M1k&usp=sharing
  3. So I don't see this keep happening, but it looks like I DID once lose a weapon when I removed kana and re-added him, the weapon from his SECOND slot disappeared.
  4. Final Note: Things SEEM to have unglitched when the kidnap quest ended. Again let me know if there's anything more you need.
  5. I have added a StrongHoldActionsFirst picture to show the "tVisitor" designation achieved by first loading a save, and a output_log.first.txt of that very first load. Presumably the relevant stack trace is: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at UIStrongholdActionVisitor.Set (.StrongholdVisitor visitor) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at UIStrongholdActionVisitor.SetKidnappedRescue (.StrongholdVisitor visitor, UnityEngine.GameObject escort) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at UIStrongholdActionsPage.Reload () [0x00000] in &l
  6. So last night I got the stronghold kidnap quest for a prestigious visitor at my stronghold, and I assigned someone. Everything seemed fine and I went on, I saved my game a little ways into things, and went to bed. (Reluctantly, who wants to sleep when they can play PoE!) This morning, I moved to the new area (cilaban ruig) and then was curious how long the quest had left. (The other thing impacting my stronghold is I got the troll to agree to be a hireling, although I didn't hire him, because I think he's overpriced for a net +0) My prestige score seems screwed up (I'm pretty sure its
  7. Log, plus several saves: the quick save, the odd auto-save, and a manual save in the area. Just try any of the exits (siege, or outer ramparts) on a shared google drive folder.
  8. Glad you could get out. Doesn't work for me. I'm debating fiddling with savegames, but I'd rather not. I'll probably wait a day or two and see how fast the first patch takes. If I was running the team, probably the first weekend (when you finally get real feedback, betas are cool but there's probably been more hours put in the game in the first 24 after General Availability than was put in in the entire beta period) I'd have the team on hand. Dunno though, we will see.
  9. I am experiencing this same issue from a quicksave. I ended up in the dungeon, and if I try to go out the sewer entrance, or to the lower ramparts it crashes. Staying inside the keep seems to work.
  10. So I've thought about it. And read this entire thread. And I think it makes sense. You're opening the backer portal, and seem to have a plan for limited scope stretch goals. I think this is reasonable. I won't be likely to contribute more, but if this incentivizes others to contribute more or new people to do so, thus resulting in more funding and a slightly bigger better game, without a loss of tight polish, it makes sense.
  11. You know, I find it hard to decide what to vote on this. I like the idea, from a theoretical perspective, of a good balance between BG1 and BG2 on wilderness areas. Although I think BG2 mostly did okay . . . the nice thing about BG2 in wilderness was that rather than have a lot of them, I remember them as being fairly large areas that you had to traverse to get to a specific goal, as opposed to BG1 where we were just exploring. And here's the thing.... BG1 came out a long time ago, I am older now, and frankly, while I play games to entertain myself, I want the entertainment density pretty
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