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  1. The problem is not with Unity (then GOG couldn't make a ~80mb patch while it is ~850mb on steam). GOG makes a diff patch, so only changes has to be downloaded, not full files etc. I have no idea what Steam does, but sometimes I think even Valve doesn't either.
  2. Then we would need a kickstarter for the Unity engine. The reason behind the large "hotfixes" and patches (also seen at Wasteland 2) is the Unity engine, which makes it impossible to do small stuff without having to update everything else. so go, tell Unity they need a kickstarter for better patching experience. I doubt they'll listen. ^^ The problem is Steam, not Unity.
  3. Next generation gaming system = PC Last generation gaming system = Old PC's and new consoles
  4. I'm not sure what it is you doubt and want a source on. Are you saying that modern CPU's can get too hot even under optimal conditions, running within specifications? They can't in general and it normally only happens if there is a hardware failure or a bug in the CPU (it happens). Any CPU worth its salt will of course also throttle down if it gets too hot for whatever reason. The problem with laptops is just that. Laptops. They aren't always made in a way to uphold the cooling requirements of the CPU. The manufacture of the laptop is to blame for that, not the game developer using the hardwar
  5. This topic comes up in almost every single forum at a games release. As always the answer is that a game can't make a "CPU run hot". It can use it at 100 % (sometimes without a good reason) but that doesn't make a CPU run too hot. If the CPU gets too hot there is a hardware problem somewhere. Dust, broken/cheap fan, etc. Even a dedicated burn-in piece of software can't make a CPU too hot if nothing is wrong. Now with that said, many games do use too much CPU with no good reason. This game though almost make my I5 yawn so either not happening to everyone or not a Pillars problem. I'll bet on th
  6. Wow, unlimited stash and no ammo? What is this, the console edition forum I found?
  7. Why do people even use a monitor with a refresh rate way higher than their computer would be able to manage? The update rate of the monitor should be in the area of FPS that the PC can deliver steadily.
  8. Does everyone have the same name on here or is someone spamming?
  9. Seems a lot of people used backing to get the game at both half price *and* for two people. Cheapskates. Anyways, no reason not to ship two times. Collector editions isn't wrapped anymore anyway so people complaining about that can just get a friend to put the disk in the box for them if they don't want to see the inside themselves... Pillars 2 should be digital only. Who even use disks these days? That's like walking around with a diskman instead of a smartphone.
  10. Well, I for one was put off from this forum after seeing all those "my sausage is bigger than yours" posts, like some of the replies to the video. I'll go away from here again and just play the game instead when it is out. Talk about bad modding. Those posts should be deleted.
  11. You're wrong though. That was exactly what most people wanted. What you describe is what the games that came later was like and the whole point was to go back to this.
  12. I'm all for making the game look good in the future, if it doesn't cost extra, but is 2x DPI free in computer power? I might be ignorant on the topic, but with Ultra HD/4K at what? 3840 x 2160? That'll be fun to pair with a PC, when the CPU speed benefits have close to halted and new development is more about power consumption than speed. An overclocked last-gen Intel I7 paired with a Radeon HD 4890 can hardly run ArmA2, a game from 2011, at 1280 x 1024 in half-assed quality, with a very low ~35 frames per second (no, the GPU is not the bottleneck). So if this cost any extra load on th
  13. No The "keyboard is innately superior than a mouse in speed and precision" is only in some specific applications - like excel - but in games more often than not it is far from the best tool. I'm sure you wouldn't play Call of Duty or Counter-strike with keyboard only and hope to survive. It is mouse only, joypad only, joystick and keyboard or keyboard and mouse that is superior -not keyboard only- in almost every single game. Most applications of keyboard only superiority is when you only have to do one thing over and over again (like typing or working in excel cells). I'm a power use
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