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  1. Hey you bunch of sensatinal gamers, Our update is now live! To gain access to the Backer Beta, visit this (Forum Link) for step by step instructions. This is a Beta and will most definitely contain a few issues. Please report any issues you find here (Forum Link). We spent a long time going over everyone's feedback from the last BB Update and changed quite a few things around. You'll notice this patch is almost entirely system changes. A full breakdown of the changes are listed below. Jump in and definitely keep the feedback coming. NEW CONTENT Please note that older saves will not work on the latest patch! Apologies for the inconvenience. Save File location moved From - %USERPROFILE%/Saved Games/Pillars of Eternity 2 To - %USERPROFILE%/Saved Games/Pillars of Eternity II Action Bar revision - The HUD art has been revised for the action bar. We added a bit of flair to the empower portion specifically. Optimizations - Ongoing performance optimizations for GPU and CPU. Smart Camera - New toggle-able camera mode that has the camera follow the players movements automatically. This option can be toggled 'on' or 'off' in the options menu. Combat Slider - New combat slider added to the center of the HUD. You can now slow/speed up combat at your leisure ranging from very slow/slow to fast/very fast. Fast mode remains the same toggle outside of combat. New item Highlight - Items recently picked up that haven't been inspected by the player now highlight blue in the inventory. BB Content Changes BB character now begins with fine leather, fine mail, and fine plate All Grimoires in the BB now have 2 spells per level SYSTEM CHANGES Expanded Passive Abilities - To address feedback about the loss of Talents from PoE 1, we have added many more passive abilities to class trees and increased the number of abilities that single class characters receive at each power level (see below). Turn-Based ship combat - Ship duels are now conducted turn-by-turn instead of round-by-round. Half and full-sail movement actions are no longer restricted in frequency. Cannon re-balance - Cannon values have been re-balanced to make them strategic choices instead of upgrades Single Class characters gain 2 abilities at PL increase - All single class characters will gain 2 abilities every time they achieve a new power level. This change was made to address concerns that single class characters felt like they didn't have enough options at any given character level. It also allows characters to dip into passive abilities (which have been expanded considerably) more easily. Canceling cast doesn't take resource - Canceling an ability or item use, whether by movement, selecting another action, or simply hitting the cancel button, will not consume the resource associated with the ability. This makes changing actions much less punitive. An Interrupt will still consume the resources of an ability or item it Interrupts. Penetration re-balance - Weapons and spells have been reorganized around two penetration categories - average and high - instead of low/average/high. "Best of" weapons and spells typically have 1 lower Penetrations compared to other weapons and spells in their penetration category. Attribute Cap of 35 - To prevent the effects of Attributes from scaling away into infinity, they are now capped to 35. We chose this number based on both where we wanted the influence of Attributes to max out as well as what we believed was within the reach of aggressive min-maxers. Might/Resolve Change - Strength has been reverted to Might and affects Damage, Healing, and Fortitude as it did in Pillars 1. Resolve has also been reverted to affect Deflection and Will as it did in Pillars 1. We have added an additional benefit to Resolve: reduced duration of hostile effects (3% per point) on the character (increased if it is below 10). This was done in conjunction with capping Attributes to a max of 35. This does not address the primary goal of making Resolve more appealing for casters, but we believe it does make Resolve more generally valuable for a variety of characters. It also integrates into the system using mechanics that are already well-established, which is of importance at this stage of development. Thank you to everyone for your patience as we experimented with the attribute system and for the fans for continuing to discuss and suggest ideas throughout the project. Interrupt added to many rogue abilities - Most rogue abilities that are weapon-based attacks now Interrupt on Hit Weapon re-balance - Across the board weapon balance Druid Bonus Spells/Animist Subclass - Like priests, all druids now receive bonus spells at each power level. To make druids mechanically function like priests, the Animist subclass has been added and the "No Subclass" option has been removed.. Animists have no special modifiers other than access to a list of bonus spells. Martial Tree Unlock Level Adjustments - The levels at which the martial classes access various abilities have been adjusted, both to lower the overall requirements and to make a smoother progression as the characters advance. General Casting changes Shortened cast times of Very Slow and Slow Shortened Recovery of Slow Summon Weapon spells now Average cast Food/meal pricing reworked Cipher Buffs Cipher spells are all faster casts/ many were tuned up Cipher Focus gain rate doubled ('unedited' List of specific systems check ins) KNOWN ISSUES Lagufaeth Broodmother is missing a portrait and speaker tag Ranga Ruanu is missing a portrait Some items contain missing strings World map doesn't have BGM Veen is T-posing Save file thumbnail is incorrect Tikawara is mislabeled on the world map on first load. Abilities and weapon proficiencies are swapped in the character sheet menu (Mac Only) Boarding audio repeats. Restart the client to correct this issue. BUG FIXES Casters no longer passing up martial characters deflections due to Might/Resolve change (see above) Rogue - 'Gouging Strike' now shows appropriately sized numbers Corrosive Trap description now shows damage data Beza's corpse no longer has vision cone to detect stealth All Corrupted Adra Animat now all activate in the Engwithan Waystation Level Two Binding Mouse1 no longer locks character movement Gamma slider now functioning as intended Auto-pause descriptions now appear Assigning food to characters in the resting menu has been made easier Modals no longer duplicate on the action bar Can now target enemies on top of dead allies easier I got your back - SKing
  2. Hey you bunch of affable gamers, Our update is now live! To gain access to the Backer Beta, visit this (Forum Link) for step by step instructions. This is a Beta and will most definitely contain a few issues. Please report any issues you find here (Forum Link). Backer Beta Builds where and when? Mac: Steam and GoG are live now Win: Steam and GoG are live now Linux: Steam and GoG are live now We have some pretty hefty patch notes for you. Below you will find; New Content, System Changes, Bug Fixes, and Known Issues. NEW CONTENT Prepatch (Build 4) saves are not compatible and will not be available in the Save/Load Menu with this patch (Build 21). We are still ironing out some save/load issues on our end and don't want you all to run into unnecessary issues. A new uncharted Island - A new island has been added to the world map. Custom Party AI - Our complete AI system will be available. This system still has some rough edges but should be functional. Hit it and tell us what you think. Mac/Linux versions both on GoG and Steam - These builds are very 'fresh' with many unexplored pieces. We would love some feedback/bugs on these. Walk Toggle - The long awaited walk toggle has been added. RP your hearts out J SYSTEM CHANGES We listened closely to all of your feedback over the past month, and are rolling out some changes to improve gameplay. Injuries: Updated Injuries so that only some Injury types will reduce Max Health. When they do, they'll reduce it by 15%, rather than 25%. Players will still die when gaining their 4th Injury, even if none of the Injuries they have reduce MaxHealth. Here are the Injuries that affect MaxHealth: Fatigued Frail Major Injury Critical Injury Maimed Severe Wound Here are the Injuries that don't: Acute Rash Bruised Ribs Concussion Frostbite Burned Smashed Hands Sprained Wrist Swollen Eye System Shock Twisted Ankle Wrenched Knee Wrenched Shoulder Interrupt: Modified a couple of abilities whose primary purpose is to interrupt targets, so that they will Interrupt on Graze or better, rather than Hit or better. This affects the following abilities: Fighter: Knockdown and Mule Kick Monk: Force of Anguish, Wave of Force, and Skyward Kick Ranger: Concussive Shot and Concussive Tranquilizer Rogue: Sap and Perplexing Sap Other interrupt abilities `either always hit, or applied an Affliction and so already got a benefit for a Graze. They still require the character to have Grazes from another source (Fighter Confident Aim, Aware Inspiration, etc.) Movement: Reducing movement speeds to 85% of their previous amount. Attributes: In Pillars 1 and Deadfire (now), the Might and Resolve attributes affect the following: Might - All Damage, All Healing, Fortitude Defense Resolve - Concentration (Pillars 1 only), Deflection Defense, Will Defense Players have noted the following over the past few years: If you're a caster, there's often not much reason to invest in Resolve (especially in Deadfire). From a *~ roleplaying ~* perspective, it feels weird to have muscley wizards casting high damage fireballs because they can bench 350 lbs. So we are making these changes for the next Backer Beta build: Strength - All Weapon Damage, Fortitude Defense Resolve - All Healing, All Spell Damage, Deflection Defense, Will Defense For ease of use, "Weapon Damage" means anything that's an equipped weapon, from a sword to a bow to a gun to Kalakoth's Minor Blights. This also means there's a benefit to making a high-Strength wizard (i.e., being a psycho melee "gish" wizard). Spells: Slow cast spells will use the Fast (2s base) recovery time instead of Average (3s base). The Very Slow cast spells (typically summons) will now use the Very Fast (1s base) recovery time. Penetration: Modified the Penetration system slightly, along with how Penetration displays in the mouse-over tooltip in combat. When your Penetration is below the target's Armor, there is now a gradual reduction in damage. The current values are (and may be tweaked as we play with them a bit): -1 Pen = 75% Damage -2 Pen = 50% Damage -3 or more Pen = 25% Damage It's still 100% damage up until you are at double Pen, and then 130% damage from there. Along with this change, Penetration will now ONLY display on the combat tooltip when you are either BELOW Pen, or you don't yet know the target's Armor value for the damage type you'll deal. Attack Speed: Updated the attack speed of most 1H weapons to use an Average (3s) recovery time, instead of Fast (previously 1s). Fast recovery times are now 2s, rather than 1s. The overall result of these changes is that combat will have a slower pace as recovery times for 1H weapons is increased. Here are the 1H weapons that will have a Fast (2s) recovery time. All other 1H weapons are Average recovery: Stiletto Hatchet Dagger Rapier Club Flail Monk Fists As part of this change, we also looked at the overall damage ranges of weapons, with the goal of making 2H weapons a viable choice compared to 1H weapons. Recovery: Base recovery time for a Slow recovery attack is now 4s, instead of 5s. Very slow is now 7s instead of 8s. More importantly, we updated the recovery penalty from armor, as follows: 20%: Light Armor (Leather, Hide, Padded) 35%: Medium Armor (Scale, Breastplate, Mail) 55%: Heavy Armor (Brigandine, Plate) Graze: All attacks can inherently Graze. We updated the Aware Inspiration to grant 50% Graze to Hit conversion, and fighter Confident Aim also grants 50% Graze to Hit (meaning Fighters who have both will hit a lot more). Grazing will reduce damage and status effect / affliction duration by 50%. We might consider having graze downgrade Tier 3 & Tier 2 afflictions, like an inherent Resistance. Rogue: Rogue Escape ability. It now costs 1 Guile to use (previously it was 2). It is no longer removed when you choose Shadow Step/Shadowing Beyond, but it is a requirement in order to gain either of those abilities.Ranger: Ranger abilities Wounding Shot, Accurate Wounding Shot, Hobbling Shot, Concussive Shot, Concussive Tranquilizer, and Stunning Shots will now work with melee weapon attacks.Priest: Priests will now receive an automatic spell when they reach every new Power Level. For a single-class Priest, that's at levels 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 16, and 19. Updated Priests so that they no longer lose access to spells based on type. IE: Eothas Priests no longer lose access to Protection spells. Fighter: Mule Kick is now a standalone ability, not a Knock Down upgrade. It requires Knock Down to learn, but doesn't replace it. It now does bonus damage and will Disorient the target, and will cost 3 points to use.Ranger: Wounding Shot - Since Wounding Shot and its upgrades were reduced to 1 point, tuned down the bonus Raw damage a bit. Marked Prey - As with Sworn Enemy, Marked Prey will now work correctly w/ ranged & AoE attacks. Paladin: Paladin Orders like Priests, players were required to pick a Paladin Order during character creation. We've removed the drawbacks from picking the various Orders. Lay on Hands -Greater Lay on Hands and Hands of Light are no longer upgrades to Lay on Hands. They require Lay on Hands, but do not replace it. Their effects remain the same. Sworn Enemy - has been updated to work correctly with ranged & AoE attacks BUG FIXES Thanks to all you wonderful gamers providing tons of feedback/bugs. We spent this past month addressing as many of it as we could; here are some of the highlights. General Issues: (FIXED) Mild to severe drop in frame rate on first load. We are still in the process of optimizing our game. (FIXED) Some machines may crash on a black screen on first 'New Game' (FIXED) A few different creatures (Imp, Beetle, etc..) are missing audio (FIXED) Some NPCs will have abilities that activate after each transition (FIXED) Party will spawn halfway below the ground after destroying the Adra Pillar in Poko Kohara Class Specific: (FIXED) Chanter phrase count is not updating after Save/Load (FIXED) Multiclass Barbarian/Priest (Shaman) lose passives (FIXED) Wizard/Druid/Priest 'aggressive' AI preset will mainly auto attack (FIXED) Mercenary Wizard is currently listed as a dwarf and gains 'Hale and Hardy' but visually is a Human UI: (FIXED) Some menus are cut off in certain resolutions (FIXED) All tooltips regarding Action Speed, Recovery Time, and Reload Time are incorrect (Don't trust them) (FIXED) HUD elements may flicker/phase out of existence after a save/load cycle (FIXED) Adra Pillar in Poko Kohara disappears after Save/Load (FIXED) Player character portrait doesn't fill red to show damage after Save/Load (FIXED) Loading Error that kicks to the Main Menu transitioning after Save/Load Spells and Abilities: (FIXED) Spell Levels in Ability Trees and Grimoires do not match (FIXED) Bull's Will Passive can be obtained twice for Multiclass Players Miscellaneous: (FIXED) Off screen Character Position Portraits all display the 5th slot party member (FIXED) Animation controller issue with Blights and Spores. If you Knock Down/Up either of these enemies they will be put into a bad state and combat will not end. (FIXED) Players can obtain infinite money or debt by buying hammer and chisels from Vektor Combat: (FIXED) Mule Kick makes enemies untargettable and stuck in combat (FIXED) Enemies sometimes duplicate on save/load (FIXED) Weapon Recovery speeds are inconsistent (FIXED) Skeleton Sorcerers attack themselves in Poko Kohara (FIXED) Weapon Focus Barbarian ability is combat only (Currently being worked on) (FIXED) Kith (humanoid) enemies will sometimes attack themselves KNOWN ISSUES IN THE CURRENT BACKER BETA These issues are still a priority for us, but there is only so much time in a day and we didn't want to keep you all waiting any longer. All Platforms: Mercenary Priest level up summary has much larger text than other characters Items can be duplicated in rest menu 'Broodmother's Fury' Loading an autosave before starting the quest will block the quest from turn in at end Some machines may crash when quitting to the Main Menu from within the game The Game doesn't boot in native resolution after installation Ranger 'Ghostheart' summoned spirit companions will sometimes blend into the background Chanter will not have audio for their abilities (Chants or invocations) Linux: Loading a save outside of Tikawara and returning to Tikawara will open Character Creation Encounter between Ravine and Tikawara reappears New Game takes forever to launch character creation Mac: Crash when loading an encounter autosave from a different scene New Game takes forever to launch character creation
  3. upon finding out a few things i have become kinda confused about some of the choices they have made with poe. no ambient sounds or movie sounds sliders on release and wont be able to drop itemes on the ground??? I mean this is standerd stuff Wastland 2 you have all of this. whats really weird is theirs a space in the sound opens menu like they wher planing on it but cutt it out? sutch a huge shame How about you guys think poe NEEDS sliders and droping itemes on the ground? or is it crazy talk?
  4. I'd like to ask the backer beta players, based on their exp with the different beta builds, and their intution on how the classes will end up in the final build, to make a top 3 list of the most valuable classes, explaining the reasons they find them most valuable. Of course the top 3 will be subjective to one's playstyle (for example someone may manage without fighter's sticky methods, while someone else cannot picture playing without it) and to play difficulty (some classes may shine on hard-PotD, while others may become obsolete and hamper the player), but in general the feedback will be tons of useful to us non-beta players who didn't have the opportunity to play the game. Thank you in advance for your feedback
  5. Path of the Damned at its core seems at its core useless to me. If i was a lets player id be more useful but in truth why would you ever use it? to make the game super ultra hurt for no reason? I found in Temple of elemtel evil and Icewind dale that making your game ultra tough really diddet make it more fun it just made you half to do more of the same stuff over and over. And some times just flat out unfair and brokenly hard. If their was some reward to beat the game on POTD id be worth wile but as is i just flat out don't see any REAL reason to Ever use it. How many of you ever played icewind dale on heart of fury?
  6. Just wondering if their well be any? Their not exacly needed but a lot of peaple injoy them.
  7. A new Windows Backer Beta update has been distributed through Steam. We have made a lot of fixes and some changes since the last update. In addition to general fixes, the team has been hard at work making some changes based on a play week that we did a couple of weeks back. You may even see a few new Abilities for classes based on the team's feedback. You will also notice that many of the icons are now in place and we have even started to get some VO in place. We have not been able to get an updated Mac build, but we are hoping to put one out sometime in the next couple of weeks. One good bit of news for Mac users, though, is that the build should be able to run directly from Steam now. Here are some of the issues that have been fixed and some that are still on the list for fixes. Fixed Save/Load/Persistence Fog of War does now persists on Save/Load and transitions. - Thread Link BB Fighter will no longer become invisible after Save/Load. - Thread Link Uninstalling the game should now remove all files that the game created. - Thread Link Area Design Hendyna no longer wanders off to the forest at times. - Thread Link Spells/Abilities/Classes/Gameplay Medreth's Boar Companion no longer follows the party from scene to scene, causing combat issues. - Thread Link Hazard spells (Slicken, Web, Chill Fog, etc...) are no longer attaching themselves to affected targets. - Thread Link Creatures should now properly play death animations and drop loot. - Thread Link Fighter Passive Armored Grace has had its description updated to reflect its recovery modification. - Thread Link Paladin Auras, Zealous Focus, Zealous Charge, and Zealous Endurance no longer deactivate immediately when clicked. - Thread Link Fan of Flames level 1 Wizard spell, no longer plays a VFX with improper textures. - Thread Link Charmed/Dominated creatures no longer attack themselves. - Thread Link Crystal Eater Spiders, Crystal Eater Spiderlings, and Widowmaker Spiders are no longer bypassing 10 DT. Missed attacks in combat are still causing hit reactions and hit SFX. - Thread Link Art Hendyna's home has a visual shaking effect when entered and zoomed in. - Thread Link Morning Stars (of the non-Fine Quality) are transparent in game and character creation. - Thread Link User Interface Targeting reticles persist after death if the creature is killed while moused over. - Thread Link Winfrith and Tenfrith's shops do not have name and values listed for items in the shop UI. - Thread Link Savage Endurance tooltip is showing too many decimals. - Thread Link Character Creation buttons can have a significant delay when clicked. Opening and closing the Area Map shifts 2D UI elements (Including character circles). - Thread Link Temp Status icons are sometimes appearing during combat (White Squares with Green Circles). Known Issues Save/Load/Persistence Save/Load causes the inventory paperdoll not to show weapons and shields until another character is selected. - Thread Link Save/Load causes character shadows to disappear on the East and West sides of Dyrford Village. - Thread Link Saving a paused game, closing and reopening the client, then loading that game via the Continue causes the game to load in paused. - Thread Link Memory usage increases after loading the game (closing the client and opening it resets this). - Thread Link Memory usage increases after transitions (closing the client and opening it resets this). - Thread Link Enchanted mods disappear after loading the game. Memory usage increases by 300-800MB after 1-2 Save/Loads or Transitions, this does not appear to worsen further. Save files can become unreadable if PC loses power supply while the game is running. Area Design The Water Wheel in Dyrford Village seems to be rotating in the wrong direction. - Thread Link The Temple Skaen entrance is visible on the area map without first moving the statue. - Thread Link Boar companion is left behind when Medreth leaves. - Thread Link Dengler's Store cannot be accessed after returning to the Dracogen Inn. Spells/Abilities/Classes/Gameplay Trap Triggered and other similar bark texts persist for too long. - Thread Link Miss/Graze/Hit/Crit Ranges are off by 1 value. - Thread Link The Goldpact Paladin talent Enduring Flames is causing Flames of Devotion to apply a permanent DoT effect. - Thread Link Best of Weapons are not showing the proper damage type in the combat log. - Thread Link Talents Resilient Companion, Faithful Companion, and Painful Interdiction are not working properly. Some new class abilities have been added for the druid, fighter, paladin, and wizard. These abilities have missing strings and temp icons. If the Ranger or their Companion are knocked out near an enemy while the other is far away, they will repeatedly fall unconscious. If you hire an adventurer when you have a full party, the adventurer will be made with no items. On death load doesn't function if a entire party is knocked out while one party member is dominated. Changing difficulty level in-game doesn't scale the number of opponents correctly. Art The Health bar indicators feel somewhat unpolished and appear to overlap the portrait. - Thread Link Items Cape/Cloak items do not align with character's shoulders and clip through character models. - Thread Link The Sabre will sometimes strike for 0.0 damage negating the attack entirely. - Thread Link User Interface Assigned Action Bar Hotkeys are duplicating ability UI and not unassigning previously assigned keys. - Thread Link UI screen borders are shifted offscreen in higher resolutions causing quest updates etc to become clipped. - Thread Link The level up button in the character sheet appears available even if you cannot level up. - Thread Link "Best of" weapons do not display their change in damage type in the combat log when the alternate type is used. - Thread Link Paladin's description is missing the word "Health" after the health multiplier. - Thread Link Accuracy shown in the Inventory and Character sheet do not reflect the bonus for single 1 Handed weapons and Enchant/Mod accuracy effects. Character Creation attribute allocation arrows continue to make SFX sounds if clicked after they have disappeared. - Thread Link White damage values in the combat log only display whole numbers and not decimal values (Makes DoT effects misleading). Time stamp font is small in when viewing saved games. - Thread Link Traps and Hidden Secrets change the mouse cursor when hovered over (before they are discovered). - Thread Link Saved games are not ordering properly and are sometimes resetting their play time. Stash access in the Shop UI needs to be switched to page format. Item tooltips often appear behind the inventory and loot UI. Audio Combat Music is no longer playing.
  8. Update by Brandon Adler, Lead Producer Hello, everyone. It has been a little while since our last update to our backers and there have been some important developments (and additional goodies) of which I'd like to make you all aware. Additional Time for Polish and FeedbackThrough your help and feedback, the Pillars of Eternity team has spent the past two years creating a fun, fulfilling experience. An open development has enabled us to interact with our fans and backers in a way we weren't able to in the past, and this has really helped shape Eternity into a game that we all hoped it would become. Plus, with the Backer Beta, we have been able to get excellent feedback from our backers that we are using to shape Eternity into an even better game. We really can't thank you enough. To incorporate as much feedback as possible, polish every nook and cranny of the game, and make sure we don't ship a buggy game, Obsidian has decided to push the game's release into early next year. We are going to use the extra time to make Eternity shine for our backers, and a game that we were proud to call our own and would live up to your expectations. Once again, we want to thank you for making this all possible. With your help we can bring Eternity across the finish line. Speaking of Backer BetaWe are hard at work implementing feedback and bugfixing items in the Backer Beta. One of the major focuses for the team over the past few weeks was adding in additional character progression options and cleaning up UI to make combat a little less chaotic. You can expect everything from additional Talents and Ability selection choices to UI and HUD improvements in our next update. We are also very close to getting the Mac and Linux versions of the Backer Beta to you guys. It may even make it into the next Beta update. In fact, here is one of the Backer Beta requested UI changes - Infinity Engine-style targeting reticles. Physical Replacement for Documentary DVDs and Blu-raysA while back we mentioned that we were going to be removing the documentary DVDs and Blu-rays as physical rewards because we would be unable to include the end of production so the discs could be pressed in time for delivery. The documentary will now only available as a download through the backer portal. To compensate we have created a brand new memo-style notepad for those backers that would have received a physical version of the disc. Here are a couple of pages from the Pillars of Eternity themed notepad. Plea for SurveysEven though we have locked down backer rewards on the portal, we are still able to add in memorial and credit text into the game. If you have memorials or backer credits, and you haven't filled out your survey, please head over to the backer portal and fill them out. Italian LocalizationsMany of our Italian-speaking backers asked for us to include them in the list of languages we were localizing for the game. After speaking with Paradox about the issue it was decided that we would include Italian localizations. For those folks that have access to the Backer Beta, they should see Italian languages options (and corresponding translations) as soon as our next update. BEDLAM! What do you get when you mix turn-based combat, rogue-like inspired features, and giant armored machines? BEDLAM! Check out this new Kickstarter by our friends at Skyshine Games and get into the post-apocalyptic fun. It is inspired by games like Banner Saga, FTL, and XCOM. How can you go wrong?
  9. EDIT: I forgot to add that the Mac build is now available for download from Steam! The Linux build still has a problem with loading and unloading asset bundles. Unity knows about the issue and we will release the Linux build once they post a fix. Thanks for the patience. Hey, everyone. The latest Backer Beta update is now live. We hope you enjoy. I have included some patch notes. Thanks for all of the help in testing the game and providing useful feedback. Talents and Core Abilities Over a hundred Talents have been added to allow more options for class customization during the level up process. We've adjusted how the core class abilities are granted to allow for more flexibility within each class. Revised Skill Progression You can no longer spend points to upgrade skills during level up. All skill advancement is now done through Talents, and thematically grouped Talents will award additional skill points if chosen during level up. Your background choice during character creation will also reward additional skill points. Fog Of War The Fog of War has been upgraded to obey the sight visibility for the party members. No more cheating by looking over walls and closed doors in dungeons! Experience Points We decided to add a few more ways to gain experience points to increase the regularity that XP is rewarded throughout the game. We've added minor bestiary, exploration, lock, and trap XP rewards. Bestiary XP is rewarded when new entries are unlocked in the Bestiary page in the Journal, and will stop being rewarded if the entry is complete. Exploration XP is given out when new areas and landmarks are discovered in the world. Glossary An in game glossary has been added with explanation and definitions of game and combat rules. These entries are hyperlinked so you can easily find information on what you are looking for. You can click directly on keywords in the combat log, or open up the Journal's Glossary page. Hotkeys Hotkeys can be assigned to any ability on the hot bar and additionally be access through a quick hotkey menu. We still intend to revise how this system works, but please provide feedback if you like or dislike our direction. Additional Fixes Improved 2D trigger rendering. Added new targeting indicators. Added a tab menu to quickly change between full screen UI. Update the stash UI with separate pages for ingredients and quest items. Revised lockpick UI for better clarity. Fixed many save and load inconsistencies. Fixed issue with perception not effecting the range of spells. Characters with reach weapons should now attack at a proper distance. Many fixes to placed traps. Many, many fixes to spells and abilities. Added more hairstyles. Added more icons. Fixed Issues Save/Load/Persistence BB Wizard's Cape is no longer rendered white, this was caused or fixed by Save/Load depending on the situation - Thread Link Loading saved games while in combat or with factions turned aggressive no longer persists into the loaded game - Thread Link Fixed issues with game options not persisting throughout gameplay and closing and opening the client Save/Loading in Lle a Rhemen 02 (the lower area) will no longer cause you to be unable to access certain areas - Thread Link Save/Loading no longer causes enemies in the scene to be reduced to 0 DT Area Design Backer NPCs no longer have Missing Strings for their Soul Memory descriptions - Thread Link Examinable objects are no longer losing and/or duplicating their icons - Thread Link Spells/Abilities/Classes/Gameplay Dead party members are now being removed from the party - Thread Link Perception now properly affects the range of attacks and spells Placed Traps are now working properly Missed attacks in combat are no longer causing hit reactions and hit SFX - Thread Link Characters with reach weapons are no longer moving into melee range when commanded to attack from a distance - Thread Link Druid Spirit Shift forms are now attacking properly - Thread Link Stone Beetles will no longer stay underground when in combat - Thread Link Spells already in BB Wizard's or a looted Grimoire can no longer be inscribed a second time into the Grimoire - Thread Link Large parties, especially with Ranger pets or summons, should have an easier time with transitions - Thread Link Loading games no longer clears the resting bonus gained from an Inn Spiders no longer "teleport" past your front line or moving towards a character they could not have reached - Thread Link Art Rocks near the east side of Dyrford Crossing have had navmesh adjusted to prevent clipping - Thread Link Navmesh near the ruins in the southwest of Dyrford Crossing has been cleaned up - Thread Link Scouting Circles have new art - Thread Link Items Pollaxes are now being treated as best of Slash/Crush, instead of just Slash The BB Wizard's Cloak item is no longer floating significantly out of position Minor Stamina potion is now valued less than Major Stamina potion User Interface Abilities shown in character creation update immediately as different classes are selected - Thread Link Holding the Tab Key while transitioning no longer places Backer Icons on the screen permanently You can now split stacks of Potions, Scrolls, Traps, and other Quick Items - Thread Link Steps can no longer be skipped in Character Creation Paperdoll models are no longer disappearing from the Level Up and Inventory UI Other Changing keybindings in the control options will now unbind the key you assign from its previous assignment The Cyclopedia Bestiary values are now accurate - Thread Link Known Issues Save/Load/Persistence Save/Load causes the inventory paperdoll not to show weapons and shields until another character is selected - Thread Link Fog of War does not persist on Save/Load and transitions - Thread Link BB Fighter sometimes becomes invisible after Save/Load - Thread Link Uninstalling the game does not remove all files that the game created - Thread Link Save/Load causes character shadows to disappear on the East and West sides of Dyrford Village - Thread Link Saving a paused game, closing and reopening the client, then loading that game via the Continue causes the game to load in paused - Thread Link Memory usage increases after loading the game (closing the client and opening it resets this) - Thread Link Memory usage increases after transitions (closing the client and opening it resets this) - Thread Link Area Design Hendyna wanders off to the forest at times and is not at her shop - Thread Link The Water Wheel in Dyrford Village seems to be rotating in the wrong direction - Thread Link The Temple Skaen entrance is visible on the area map without first moving the statue - Thread Link Boar companion is left behind when Medreth leaves - Thread Link Spells/Abilities/Classes/Gameplay Best of Weapons are not showing the proper damage type in the combat log - Thread Link Talents Resilient Companion, Faithful Companion, and Painful Interdiction are not working properly Charmed/Dominated creatures will attack themselves - Thread Link Crystal Eater Spiders, Crystal Eater Spiderlings, and Widowmaker Spiders are bypassing 10 DT Art Hendyna's home has a visual shaking effect when entered and zoomed in - Thread Link The Health bar indicators feel somewhat unpolished and appear to overlap the portrait - Thread Link Morning Stars (of the non-Fine Quality) are transparent in game and character creation - Thread Link Items The Sabre will sometimes strike for 0.0 damage negating the attack entirely - Thread Link User Interface Paladin's description is missing the word "Health" after the health multiplier - Thread Link Savage Endurance tooltip is showing too many decimals - Thread Link Accuracy shown in the Inventory and Character sheet do not reflect the bonus for single 1 Handed weapons and Enchant/Mod accuracy effects Character Creation buttons can have a significant delay when clicked Character Creation attribute allocation arrows continue to make SFX sounds if clicked after they have disappeared - Thread Link White damage values in the combat log only display whole numbers and not decimal values (Makes DoT effects misleading) Time stamp font is small in when viewing saved games - Thread Link Traps and Hidden Secrets change the mouse cursor when hovered over (before they are discovered) - Thread Link Saved games are not ordering properly and are sometimes resetting their play time Opening and closing the Area Map shifts 2D UI elements (Including character circles) - Thread Link Temp Status icons are sometimes appearing during combat (White Squares with Green Circles) Stash access in the Shop UI needs to be switched to page format
  10. Hello, everyone. We have released an update to the backer beta on Steam. We are still working on the Mac and Linux builds, so they are not currently up there (we are working as fast as we can on them, I promise). We have lots of new changes and fixes. As always, please play the build and give us feedback on our forums. Here are the patch notes for the newly released Backer Beta Build 301. Important Information Regarding Saves Saved game location has changed. You can now find your saved games located in C:\Users\\Documents\Saved Games\Pillars of Eternity. Keep in mind that old saved games will not be automatically moved to the new location and it is suggested that users start new games instead of trying to load old ones. Loading old games on the new build may cause undesirable behavior. New Features Rebalance to Attributes: Might: Damage and HealingEvery point of Might over 10 increases a character's base Damage and Healing by 2% (penalties if under 10). Constitution: Stamina and HealthEvery point of Constitution over 10 increases the character's base Endurance and Health by 2% (penalties if under 10). Dexterity: Action SpeedEvery point of Dexterity over 10 increases Action Speed by 2% (penalties if under 10). Perception: Accuracy and RangeEvery point of Perception over 10 increases Accuracy by 1 and Range (for non-melee) by 5% (penalties if under 10). Intellect: AoE Size and DeflectionEvery point of Intellect over 10 increases the character's AoE sizes by 5% and Deflection by 1 (penalties if under 10). Resolve: Concentration and DurationEvery point of Resolve over 10 increases a character's Concentration by 3% and Durations by 5% (penalties if under 10). Stealth has been revised: The new stealth system relies on the distance of a scouting character from an NPC to determine how quickly the creature will enter Alert and Combat states. A comparison of characters' individual Stealth skill ratings and creatures' levels modifies this rate. N.b.: A character that does not have LoS on the creature is not considered to be "inside" their radius. When characters enter the scouting state, they gain a Stealth Meter. Currently, it's simply a solid circle completely filled with color (green or, if in colorblind mode, blue). This is a basic implementation and the art will change. Every NPC in the world has one of five stealth detection ratings (from Oblivious to Supernatural) that correspond to radii in the game. When a scouting character gets into a creature's stealth detection range, their Stealth Meter will start filling from green/blue to yellow. This informs the player of how much time they have before the creature will enter Alert and Combat states. If the meter fills completely yellow, the creature will move up to a constant-defined max distance toward the character (e.g. 3m). At the same time, the yellow meter will begin to fill red. If the meter reaches full red, the scouting state is dropped, the character is detected, and hostile creatures enter Combat. We will have a base rate at which these fills occur, but they can be modified by two elements: 1) the relationship between the character's Stealth and the target's level 2) the character's proximity to the target within the radius. The two modifiers both directly multiply the standard rate. While this system is fully implemented, it has not been tuned and does not have final art. Stamina is now called Endurance: The stat previously known as Stamina is now called Endurance since that seems clearer to more people. Additionally, we are no longer doing the behind-the-scenes conversion of a percentage of received Stamina damage into Health damage as the system was opaque to players. Now, Max Endurance is multiplied by a factor determined by class to arrive at Max Health. This does mean that Health values are much higher than a traditional "D&D range", but in practice these values were already used in the background. In this update, when a character receives damage, it's applied equally to Endurance and Health. Here are the current Endurance to Health multipliers for each class. "Front line" classes tend to have more Health as they are expected to be damaged and healed in combat with much greater frequency. Barbarian - 6 Chanter - 4 Cipher - 4 Druid - 4 Fighter - 5 Monk - 6 Paladin - 5 Ranger - 4 Rogue - 4 Priest - 3 Wizard - 3 UI arrows have been added to show active engagement. We are still evaluating their appearance and functionality internally, so please give us feedback on their usefulness. Hit effects for elemental damage, blood, and gibs have been added. Fire, shock, corrode, and frost damage will display visual effects on hit. Some creatures will gib when critically hit on death. Dead bodies now turn into loot containers and can be looted directly. New Talents.This is the first batch of new talents more will be added in the coming weeks. All icons for the new talents are temporary. New icons. New sounds. New portraits. Many, many rules fixes and bug fixes for class abilities. Fixes Spells: many spells have been tuned to have faster casting times, shorter ranges, do/heal more or less damage, apply different effects, attack different defenses, or do different damage types. Of note: Fireball, Jolting Touch, Minoletta's Bounding Missiles, Winter Wind, Talons' Reach, Returning Storm, all Restore ____ Stamina spells, Vile Thorns, Lay on Hands, and many others. Renormalized all attributes scores to 10 in character creation. Enemy AI will now scan for new targets when path is blocked. Caster AI can now investigate stealth. Improvements to AI instruction sets. Most enemy AI can now target specific party members, including back line characters and casters. Engagement is now cancelled on knockdown. Fixes to stat calculations in character sheet. Many fixes and adjustments to the combat log, including improved performance. Added many improvements to "feels" of action bar. Ranger animal companion, summoned creatures, and newly hired adventurers will not stomp on existing party members. Sound effects and music should not cut out during combat or during long play sessions. Improved footstep sounds. Improvements of character models and textures. Added highlight effect on mouseover for 3D objects, including doors and plants. Added 'G' for opening Chant Editor and Grimoire. Added exit button for character creation, level up, and adventurer's hall. Improvements to loot tables. Added notification for when stash can be used. Adjusted fog of war and view distances. Max wounds is now 10. Intellect deflection bonus is applied to Ranger animal companion. Changed many spells/abilities to be combat only. Many more fixes too numerous to mention. Known Issues Placed traps do not work as intended. Perception does not currently increase the range of attacks and spells. Three of the new talents are not working correctly: Resilient Companion, Faithful Companion, and Painful Interdiction.
  11. Update by Josh Sawyer, Project Lead Greetings, and welcome, at long last, to the Backer Beta! We appreciate all the support our backers have given us on the long road that started with our Kickstarter campaign. Now it's time to take a look at what we've been working on, shake it up, and see how things can be improved. Before you dive in, I'd like to talk a bit about the nuts and bolts of the Backer Beta, what content is available, what you won't be seeing, things we're most interested in hearing feedback on, and known issues. The Nuts and Bolts The Backer Beta is initially being released only through Steam and only for the Windows platform. We are working hard on bringing Mac and Linux to you guys in the next few weeks. Note that if you are concerned about linking the Backer Beta to the final product, you need not worry -- the Backer Beta is considered a separate product. If you want to participate in the Backer Beta, your final product will not be locked into Steam or Windows. The first release of the Backer Beta is the build we have put together for the Gamescom convention in Cologne, Germany. What you will be initially playing is what we are showing there. We plan to update the Backer Beta over time to test performance improvements, bug fixes, balance passes, and other changes we'd appreciate your feedback on. There are no NDAs for those who are participating in the Backer Beta. If you want to share images, videos, or general feedback on content with the public, we appreciate your thoughts and criticism. To keep up to date on the latest announcements and information on the Backer Beta head over to our Pillars of Eternity Backer Beta announcements forum. Beta Redemption Instructions If you have purchased the Backer Beta or if it is included in your Kickstarter tier (all tiers of $110.00 or above) you can now head over to your Account Profile to redeem your Backer Beta Steam key. On the account page, you will want to click the link on the left that reads "Products." This tab displays all of the products you have associated with your account that are now available. As we release additional rewards, they will appear here. Click on the "Pillars of Eternity - Backer Beta" entry to expand the entry. Press the "Generate" button. You will be asked to confirm that you would like to generate a key for the Beta. If you wish to generate a key at that time, press the "Generate Key" button. If you generate a key, you should see a banner at the top of the tab that confirms your success. Expand the "Pillars of Eternity - Backer Beta" entry again and you should see your key with instructions in how to install it on Steam. Enjoy your first experience in the world of Eora! Backer Beta Content The content of the Backer Beta encapsulates the village of Dyrford and surrounding wilderness and dungeon environments. You will begin by choosing basic difficulty settings (Easy, Normal, Hard, or Path of the Damned), optional modes (Expert and Trial or Iron), and building your character. In the Backer Beta, you have access to all character races and subraces, all classes, and all starting cultures and backgrounds. You build a character at 1st level, but you will start the game with enough experience to advance to 5th. While we have very few Talents in the Backer Beta, you should be able to get a very good idea of the core functionality of all eleven classes. It is extremely important to us that the fundamentals of each class feel solid before we implement more Talents or move Abilities around. In addition to the character you make, you will start with a list of four pre-made, intentionally (extremely) generic party members: BB Fighter, BB Rogue, BB Priest, and BB Wizard. The characters are lightly equipped with Fine (quality) gear and set to level 5. None of these characters are companions in the full game and they are under-equipped in terms of overall gear (rings, cloaks, booties, consumables, etc.). The quests available in the Backer Beta have an artificially-inflated amount of experience points associated with them to ensure you can advance from 5th to 8th level assuming you do everything offered. We want you to advance your characters significantly within the Backer Beta so you get a sense of how the different classes change from level to level. Other than exploration, conversation, combat, and loot-grabbing, there are other systems you can experiment with in the Backer Beta: Crafting and Enchanting - Crafting allows you to make consumables (food, potions, and scrolls). Enchanting allows you to modify weapons, armor, and shields. Even unique items can have additional effects added. Hiring Adventurers - If you speak with Dengler at the Dracogen Inn, you can ask to hire adventurers, allowing you to make additional party members. Camping Supplies and Inns - Pillars of Eternity primarily uses a resource-based rest system. While "in the field", you can rest using a limited number of Camping Supplies (the number in the corner of the campfire icon near the center/bottom of the main HUD). The number of supplies you can carry is limited by your level of difficulty. However, you may also choose to rest at the Dracogen Inn. Resting in the stables is cheap but provides no additional benefit. The more expensive rooms provide the party with long-term benefits in the form of buffs. What's Missing? First, nothing in the Backer Beta has a direct connection to the critical path/main story of Pillars of Eternity. We have intentionally excluded any spoiler content so our backers can play the beta worry-free. None of the quests are connected to the crit path and none of the pre-made companions are going to be in the final game. Second, the stronghold mechanics aren't in the Backer Beta. The stronghold includes a lot of additional maps, characters, and content, some of which are part of the critical path. Including them would have been difficult and the scope would have increased a great deal. Finally, no content above 8th level is in the Backer Beta. If some bits and pieces wind up in the Backer Beta data, they have not been a focus for us at all. You may, through the magic of h4x, find a way to access them, but they are out of scope for these tests. High Priority Feedback As participants in the Backer Beta, you're free to give feedback on whatever you feel like. However, if you'd like to be extra-helpful, there are a few areas where your thoughts would be especially helpful. Classes - Do all classes feel distinct and useful? Does the progression of their abilities seem consistent? Do any classes feel too high-maintenance? Do any classes feel too uninvolved? Races - Do the races and their subtypes feel distinct? Do their models and textures appeal to you? Do their bonuses and special abilities seem worthwhile? Attributes - Do you find any attributes invaluable, such that you would never build a character without emphasizing that attribute? Are there any attributes you consistently dump because they don't seem to have apparent value? Do the attributes seem to skew away or toward different classes? Equipment - Did you like or dislike the variety of weapons, armor, shields, potions, scrolls, and miscellaneous items? What items did you find invaluable or useless? Crafting and Enchanting - How easy were the systems to understand and use? Did you find them worthwhile? Conversations and Quests - Did you enjoy the conversations and quests in the Backer Beta? Were there any aspects of the aesthetics, presentation, or flow of conversations or quests that you didn't enjoy? Combat - Did you enjoy the overall experience of combat, especially pacing, difficulty, and mechanics? Did the basic attack/defense resolution system (Miss/Graze/Hit/Crit) make sense? Was the relationship between damage and damage threshold clear? Was the relationship between stamina and health clear? User Interface - Was character creation enjoyable and clear? Did each stage of the process give you all the information you needed to make choices? Was the main game HUD easy to understand and use? Were any portions of it confusing, poorly-positioned, or did they use visual language that was hard to decipher? Were the inventory, character sheet, and journal interfaces clear and easy to understand/use? If you would like to discuss the Backer Beta or give any feedback, we invite you to head over to the Pillars of Eternity Backer Beta Discussion forum. A Request for Decorum in Feedback As backers who have elected to participate in the Backer Beta, you are almost assuredly among the most passionate and detail-oriented people who will eventually play Pillars of Eternity. As such, we, the developers, fully expect that you will have very strong positive and negative opinions about many of the things you see in the Backer Beta. While you should not hold back in your opinions on a given feature or piece of content, please try to focus on constructive criticism that we can use to make the game better. It's useful to know if you don't like something, but it's more useful to know what types of changes would make you like it more. Known Issues Pillars of Eternity has been in its beta stage for a while, but it's a big game with a lot of systems and a lot of content. As we fix things, we often break other things inadvertently. There are also things we realized we needed after beta started and have had to address. And of course, thousands of backers are going to see combinations of classes, races, and equipment that we may not have tested internally. Even so, we do have a list of known issues in the Backer Beta. These issues range from minor to major but we wanted to let you know we are already working on solutions to them. If you find any issues, please report them on the Pillars of Eternity Backer Beta Bug forum. Please do not contact Support for bugs or technical issues - use the indicated forum. Support will be handling problems with accounts or Backers that are unable to access their beta. Pathfinding - We are in the middle of revising the pathfinding system. In the Backer Beta at launch, you may see issues with characters jittering, getting stuck, getting "bottlenecked" between other characters, and overlapping their selection circles with other characters in combat. Sliding - You may notice characters sliding in various situations, where their movement does not match their animation. This is a known issue. AI - Some characters (including party members) may not respond to a command. Alternately, they may become stuck in an attack or reload loop. We've also found that our initial batch of instruction sets for enemy AIs need additional functionality and parameters that we decided to continue implementing during beta. Selection Feedback - We are also working on the feedback you receive when selecting characters and actions for them to perform. It's important to us that the feedback is clear and immediate. Stat Blocks - Many spells, abilities, and items are not yet programmatically displaying all relevant information about them. We are in the process of adding that information to all appropriate interfaces. Attribute Balance - Testers have reported that Perception and Resolve are less compelling for their character builds than Might, Constitution, Dexterity, and Intellect. We are discussing different solutions for this. Stamina and Health are Unintuitive - We have consistently found with players and testers that the stamina and health system are unintuitive as presented in game. However, we have also consistently found that, once explained and understood, the system was well-received by the people who used it. We are working on solutions to this disconnect. Rangers are Buggy - The unique shared stamina/health of rangers and their animal companions has been a tricky system to implement and we are aware that their mechanics have a bunch of issues. Chanters are Overpowered - Yes, they are. They'll be dialed back a bit, but in the meantime, enjoy playing a game where the bard-type class is king. UI - Our UI is still being polished and fully implemented. Things like our death screen, stealth UI, and the engagement UI, are all being implemented or tweaked. Abilities and Spells are Buggy - We are working through all of our abilities, but you may find certain spells and abilities that are not working as they are described. Some Missing Assets - There are some pieces of the game that are still being implemented - like VFX, Audio, and Icons. You may notice that some assets are either missing or are temporary. Fog of War Working Incorrectly - The Fog of War is not currently blocking line of sight. Optimizations - We have not fully optimized the game yet. You may notice that load times and performance still need to be improved. Save and Load - We are still working through many save and load issues. Passive and modal abilities can sometimes double on a character after they are loaded. Also, the Continue option is still being worked on. It is best to use the Load Game feature instead of the Continue feature. Again, thank you all for everything you have done to make Pillars of Eternity possible and thank you for participating in our Backer Beta! With your help, we can improve on Pillars of Eternity and make the final product as fun as it can be.
  12. Hey, everyone. I just wanted to let you know that your Pillars of Eternity team is hard at work fixing up the game based on the bugs you have been reporting. I can't give you an exact date, but we would really like to release the patch next week, if possible. We have been focusing on save/load, pathfinding, AI, and class fixes. When we get the exacts nailed down we will let you guys know. Thanks for all of the hard work you guys have put into helping us with the beta. The extra eyes are invaluable!
  13. We have put the new Backer Beta update live. Have fun, guys, and thanks for all of the hard work you have put in when reporting issues. It really makes a huge difference and we are getting lots of great info. Fixed Issues Save/Load Items disappearing on save/load and transitions has been fixed Fixed a problem where quests/tasks are lost when loading while in a game Saving games no longer causes the zoom in/out feature to function improperly Currency, Quest items, Crafting items, and Camping Supplies are no longer placed in the inventory after loading a game Status icons no longer revert to temp icons and text after loading a game Spells/Abilities/Classes/Gameplay Adventurers can now be hired at levels above level 1 Characters no longer get stuck in attack or casting animation loops Health values are no longer the same for all classes Deep Wounds effect is no longer dealing large amounts of damage Paladin's Zealous Charge is no longer slowing/rooting characters after saving Fix to an issue where weapons would occasionally disappear on start of new game on slower machines. Wizard, Cipher, and Chanter receive talents at level 3 and 6 now Party member responsiveness has been improved New icons for first level spells Added new hairstyles Added new portraits Pathfinding is more accurate Improved pathing around creatures Scene transitions are more tolerant when switching scenes Added fades to transitions Fixed issues with ambient map levels being set too high PC being knocked unconscious will not end the game. Fixed maximum health issues on level up Many other spell/ability fixes (too numerous to list) Items Shops should have correct pricing now Items and loot bags no longer appear on the ground randomly Dropped loot no longer reappears after being looted The Skull Key can now be used to open the entrance to Temple of Skaen Added "page" system to the stash to improve performance when there are hundreds of items in the stash User Interface Inventory is no longer acting as though it is full when it is not Main menu options text is no longer disappearing Fixed a problem where players would lose control when closing the stash while holding a stashed item The Continue button loads the newest save now Right clicking portraits no longer moves the selected character Turning the HUD off and invoking a menu no longer locks the HUD as invisible Opening and closing the map quickly no longer allows you to see the entire area without fog Added UI indicator for Fast and Slow modes Updated look and feel of selection circles Added new death screen art The area map should match the look of the area Fixed mixed glyph issue with dynamic fonts. This was causing text to look LiKe It wAs MiXIng SiZEs Added scroll speed options in the settings Control mapping is now saved Audio SFX are no longer looping in slow motion, while pausing, or when knockdown is played Other Formations are now spaced properly/evenly Water no longer becomes black between 5 and 7 am Pace in the back of Dyrford Tavern is no longer translucent Added SetZoomRange console command On Known Issues List (that weren't fixed) Save/Load Dead party members will rejoin the party after transitions and save/load Spells/Abilities/Classes/Gameplay Problem with AI instruction sets where sometimes enemies will stop attacking Charmed/Dominated creatures will attack themselves User Interface Cannot cancel Character Creation, Level Up, or Adventurer Creation Character Creation buttons can have a significant delay when clicked Steps can be skipped in Character Creation There are many other known issues, but I wanted to list the ones that were on the known issues list that we are still looking into. We will continue to add to the list in the bug forum.
  14. Update by Brandon Adler, Lead Producer Hey, everyone. We have some important information for you regarding the Backer Beta and how to manage your pledge. We also have exciting news for you regarding Wasteland 2 keys and how you can get your key from the backer portal. Our next update will be focused on how to redeem your Eternity beta keys and special Backer Beta information. Important Backer Information A few very important changes will be happening on August 22nd. First, we will be ending the crowdfunding period for Eternity. This means that as of August 22nd, you will only be able to preorder the game and will be unable to back the game at reduced prices. If you have already backed the game before August 22nd this won't have any effect on you, but if you would like to back an additional copy of the game at reduced prices or buy any add-ons, please make sure you do it before August 22nd. Second, we are completely locking all tiers on August 22nd. This is necessary so we can start the manufacturing process for the various fulfillment rewards. We are going to completely lock down all surveys as well. We locked these surveys a few months ago for anyone that had in-game content (items, NPCs, inns, etc.), but we were still allowing people to enter in content for their credits and memorial stones. So, if you have any remaining credits or memorial stone surveys to finish, please do so before the 22nd. Wasteland 2 If you backed a tier which included a Wasteland 2 key we have exciting news for you. Starting now, you can head over to the Products tab in your Account Profile to snag your Wasteland 2 Steam key. Please note: Only Steam keys are presently available. If you want Wasteland 2 on GOG, that won’t be available until InXile has released the game. On the account page, you will want to click the link on the left that reads "Products." This tab displays all of the products you have associated with your account. Click on the Wasteland 2 entry to expand the entry. Once the Wasteland 2 entry is expanded, click on the "Generate" button. You will be asked to confirm that you would like to generate a key for Wasteland 2. If you wish to generate a key at that time, press the "Generate Key" button. If you generate a key, you should see a banner at the top of the tab that confirms your success. Expand the Wasteland 2 entry again and you should see your key with instructions in how to install it on Steam. Enjoy your post-apocalyptic experience! Backer Portal Additions Darren and the web support team have been hard at work adding some additional functionality into the backer portal to make it easier to manage your pledge and your account. Below we will discuss a couple of the new features and how to use them. Address Verification For those of you that will have physical goods shipped to you, you may now view your address on record. If you have a physical goods order, please verify that the address we have on file is correct. You’ll have some time to update us if not; we’ll let you know exactly when we need to stop taking address changes. Once you are on your Account Profile page, you can click on the "Addresses" tab and view your default address on record. If this address is incorrect, you can click the Edit link below the address to update us. For now this will bring you to a form where you can request that the Obsidian team changes your address, but in the future we will add in functionality for backers to edit their addresses directly. Add-on Purchases One of the cool new features we have been working on is the ability for backers to purchase additional add-ons without having to create a new order or cancel existing orders. This means if you would like to add a beta key add-on (or any other add-on) to your order you can do so easily. It is as easy as heading to your pledge management page and pressing the "Buy Addons" button. This will take you to a list of add-ons that we have available for purchase. Please note: Physical addons will no longer be available after August 22nd! Backer Beta Backer Beta is still on track to be released on August 18th. There were some key pieces of information I wanted to make sure everyone knew about, though: We will be releasing the Backer Beta on Steam only. The reason for this is because Steam makes the process of uploading new builds much easier than other platforms. This will allow us to put out updated versions of the game more quickly than we could otherwise. The main game will still be available on all previously promised options (Steam, GOG, etc.) You will be able to download your Backer Beta key from our backer portal. Once we release the Backer Beta, we will send instructions on how to get your key. The Backer Beta key WILL NOT be the same key that you use to get the final game. It will only give you access to the beta version of the game. The main reason we are doing this is so that backers are not locked into Steam for the final version of the game. For example, you can use Steam for the Backer Beta and GOG for your retail copy of the game if you wish. For feedback, we will be creating a special forum for Backer Beta discussions and bug reports. Our QA Lead, Matthew Sheets, will be on the forums often to collect data and get it input into issues for the team to fix. Initially, we are releasing the Backer Beta on Windows only. We are still working out a few kinks on Mac and Linux, but we expect that we will be able to release those a few weeks after our initial release, if not sooner. We want to get Mac and Linux players in the game as soon as possible too. That's it for the update. Our next update will be when we release the Backer Beta!
  15. Hello Backer Beta friends. The Beta will be going live at 3:00 PM PDT. I apologize for the minor slip on the time, but this should be the only one.
  16. Binding multiple commands to the same key/button will have both activate 1: Say you want to bind the camera to WASD. 2: If you do so by just modifying the camera bindings, the A key will both move the camera to the left AND toggle attack mode, since attack mode is, by default, bound to A. 3: In order to prevent this, you'll need to manually unbind keys if you want to put a command in it's place. I'm of the mind that if you assign a key binding, if the key was already bound, its previous binding should be "deleted", preventing you from binding multiple different commands to a single key. Main character "death" causes game over 1: Turn off "death" in the options menu if it's on 2: Go fight some stuff 3: Let your main charcter die, but keep the other members alive 4: You should get a game over screen, claiming that "the party has died." Since I have death turned off in the options menu, I would think I shouldn't be getting this game over. If the intention is for the player to lose if their main character dies, regardless of whether "death" is turned on or not, I believe the wording should be changed to reflect that. "The party has died" is kind of a silly message to get when my character is the only one on the field that fell.
  17. Hey, everybody. I just wanted to announce that we have decided on a release date for the Backer Beta: August 18th. We will discuss all of the particulars in a formal Kickstarter announcement, but we wanted you to hear about it first.
  18. Update by Rose Gomez, Associate Producer Hello backers! In today's update, we'd like to show off a few of our creatures that you might have heard us talk about in previous updates. With the end of production getting closer every day, we have some news about our backer updates, and we’re also pleased to announce a date for the upcoming Backer Beta! In our next update, we’ll get into more detail about that. First, let’s get to the creatures. Blight Blights are lost souls or soul fragments that have bonded with elemental substances. They are often victims of natural disasters (floods, rock slides, forest fires, etc.). They are incoherent, confused, and full of rage, an amorphous cloud that swirls endlessly and with great violence. Within the vortex, dozens of humanoid shapes materialize and vanish from moment to moment. Faces scream in silent agony while hands desperately clutch and claw at their surroundings, as though still trying to escape their tragic fates. Bîaŵacs, storms that can rip the soul out of a person’s body, often create blights. If souls are ripped free from their bodies and caught in the center of the storm, they may become stuck together and bonded with any other elemental substances in the maelstrom. They are pure chaos and confusion, and destroying them is considered by many to be a mercy to the souls trapped within them. Blights have been the subject of controversial research carried out by the animancers of Eora. On the one hand, attempts at vivisection have led to promising strides in treating patients who, for one reason or another, contain within their bodies two or more complete souls fused together, which has been identified as the root cause of a variety of mental and physiological disorders. On the other, however, some groups lament that there is a lack of transparency on the methods being employed in these experiments, the general concerns being that these might be somehow inhumane or present some broader risk to the surrounding populace. There are also some who accuse animancers of deliberately trying to create blights for study, but the veracity of these claims is difficult to substantiate. Xaurip This hairless humanoid is about the size of an orlan. It has an elongated snout and snake-like eyes, giving it a very reptilian appearance. Its legs end in three-toed feet, while its elongated arms end in three-fingered claws. Xaurips adorn themselves with the bones of fallen enemies - mostly xaurips from rival tribes. They also have an affinity for large feathers, which they hang and pin to their attire. Skin tones can vary from light green, to a rustic brown. Their elongated snouts (which makes speech impossible) and overly-aggressive behavior have hindered them from communicating with the more civilized races of the world. They live in secluded, tribal territories and are known for ruthlessly attacking any foolish enough to cross their path. Xaurips revere dragons as deities and build their communities around the lairs of these powerful creatures. It is not uncommon for a small tribe to wander until it has found a wurm to worship. Once a tribe dedicates itself to a dragon, they will defend it at all costs. Elaborate rituals, in which the dragon consumes xaurip sacrifices, are normal. As a dragon grows in age and size, these sacrifices become large religious events that cost the lives of hundreds of xaurips. The power and prestige of a xaurip tribe directly correlates with the age of its dragon. The most powerful tribes have existed for hundreds, if not thousands of years. Warriors and shamans of these large tribes typically paint their bodies to resemble their draconic overlord. Vithrack Extremely rare, very dangerous creatures with natural cipher powers. They are mostly humanoid in shape, slightly taller and thinner than humans, but with horrific, fanged spider-like heads. Like spiders, they are capable of spinning silk, though they use it to make their own very intricate and fine robes. Males and females are indistinguishable from each other. They are primarily spellcasters and mental manipulators, like ciphers, though they will also attack with their fangs when forced into melee combat. Despite their extreme intelligence and power, vithrack are not a major force in the world due to their extremely low birth rates. Given their arachnid appearance, it's no surprise that vithrack have traditionally used spiders as companions and minions. Though highly intelligent and socially organized, little is known about their culture as they are both hostile to outsiders and rare. Their psionic powers allow them to communicate mentally with one another. Like many social insectoids, their society includes a variety of specific roles, including scouts and defenders. While their low birth rates are likely responsible for their hostility toward other races, they have also made the vithrack highly altruistic when it comes to their own kind. They will defend their nests to the death. Update Schedule Hey, everyone. Brandon here. With production moving into the finalization phase for Eternity, the team and I are hunkering down to finish up the game over the next few months. Going forward, we will be spacing out our backer updates a bit more from now until the project ships. They’ll come a bit less predictably, but you can still expect updates as we have big announcements or special news for you. This will really help us focus as much of our efforts into putting out the best game we possibly can for everyone. In our next big update, we will discuss the upcoming Backer Beta in more detail as well as what it will entail and how to redeem your copy. Speaking of the Backer Beta... Backer Beta We will be releasing our Backer Beta on August 18th. As we mentioned above, we will get into all of the specifics about the Backer Beta in our next update. Be on the lookout for it over the next month. Documentary Reward We also wanted to let all of our backers know about a decision we'd recently come to about our Documentary DVD/Bluray item. We were faced with a bit of a dilemma when it came to the full documentary footage. In order to provide a physical copy of the documentary when the game shipped, we would be unable to show the final leg of production in order to have time to print all of the discs and packaging. We want our backers to be able to share the entire experience of making this game with us - from the earliest beginnings to the very end. To do this, we've decided to forgo making a physical copy of the documentary, and will instead release a digital downloadable extended version. We recognize that some of you may be upset by this decision, but we hope that you'll understand our reasoning. We will be replacing the DVD/Blu-ray with another reward though. Stay tuned for a future update to find out all of the particulars. That's it for this update, head over to our forums and let us know what you think.
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