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  1. All this misogyny is making my brain bleed... I love how a group can be oppressed for centuries, and because of that oppression hasn't had a chance to build up as much of a "storied" history as the oppressors, then when the shackles are finally being thrown off members of the former oppressors are still saying crap like "look at history! We r0xx0rd n u sUxx0rd!" Every president of the United States has been a white, Christian male. Do you use the same criteria you've seem to have chosen for women in the military or a female Revan and say that only white, Christian males have what it takes to be the president of the United States? It would be horribly wrong to think that, but hey, it's only women who are being badmouthed here. The girls can take it! Look at history. Once men grabbed the power, they made the rules. The only ways to change the rules would for men to change them, and so many men even today still love the power, look at the Taliban (and oh, is religion ever a big part of this), or to grab power, and men had the guns. Even then, most women don't want to go to an actual war against their husbands, fathers, brothers, and sons. So we were screwed until more and more men realized that, holy crap, we're human! And smart at that! It's so nice to come to a message board as I sit here in Canada in the year 2005 and read about how I suck because I'm a woman, and to read ignorant spewings from some men who apparently lack the ability to put history into context. Maybe a few years in a burqa would help clear your head. Revan's sex should always be a choice for the player, but because of crap like I've read here today, if LA assigns one she should be female just so it sticks in your misogynistic craws. One final note: The vast majority of murders, perverts, sex offenders, and serial killers today and through history have been male. I'm talking about a very overwhelming majority. Chew on that then come back and tell me women can't be leaders because we're "too emotional."
  2. I'd rather play as a new character who goes off in search of Revan and the exile and finally finds them near the end of the game. There could have been a Jedi/Sith following Revan surreptitiously and ensuring that her fallen NPC's were only "mostly dead". Master Miracle Max.
  3. A couple of other things... I noticed this the first time I played through, but in one of the apartments on Telos someone actually got peeved you were stealing your stuff. It wasn't like Morrowind where you have to be careful not to be seen all the time, which is good, I don't want that, but just to have the one guy notice was a nice little touch. Now that I'm playing DS, they are doing something that did kinda bother me in the first KOTOR when I played that way... Having someone question why the heck they are helping in the slaughter of people who didn't do anything to us. While Atton is aligned with the Dark Side now, I'm enjoying seeing him question why he's doing it. It's keeping me on my toes choosing the right conversation choices.
  4. I'm playing a DS game now for my second go around, and it's nice to not have to be a thug this time.
  5. With all the negativity about the bugs and the story turning to mush near the end, there were positives in the game. I liked how they handled the introduction of influence in the game. Granted I'm not much of a gamer, so I don't know how often this kind of thing happens, but I loved that influence wasn't just a new gameplay element but part of the story. I liked some of the little touches of characters and stories from the last game, like Bindo's Band and another mention of Jolee when a discussion of past Jedi took place, and Freyyr's Warblade (Zalbaar's papa, but strange that Big Z never got a mention (and the one that upset me the most, no mention of Mission)). It was great to see Carth play such a huge role (as an LS female with an LS female Revan, so I don't know if they replace him with someone else, just started a DS game), and the visions of Bastila and Revan were handled nicely. Speaking of referencing the last game, Dantooine was done nicely as a planet recovering from what happened. The new upgrade system. I love it. Talk about customizing a kick-butt lightsaber. Or heck, it looks like someone could go through the game using nothing but ranged weapons for the PC if they really want to. T3 with personality. Again, it makes sense because they've established that the longer a droid goes without a memory wipe, the more quirky its personality gets. When we met him on Taris he's still pretty new, and now this is five years later with apparently no memory wipe. Not only is it character developement, for everyone who disliked him in KOTOR, well, that explains why he was a little bland. Fast travel on Telos. Any more sequels with hopefully bigger worlds, I'd like to see this again. Note on the title: I know that's not the exact phrase, but I had limited character space.
  6. You know the names of Nihilus and Sion the way you know the names of everyone else, the PC mouses over them. I remember Sion being mentioned by name at one point, it's possible Nihilus may have been mentioned by Visas (or her sister, Mastercards) over supper one night on the Ebon Hawk. As for Nihilus, my understanding is that he was almost "created" by the exile when she destroyed Malachor V and tore herself away from the force. That energy and shockwave affected many of those on the Dark Side. As well, he and Sion were allies (master and apprentice?) at one point and were with Kreia as well, but for some reason they turned on her. They're Sith, they don't need a reason. I can't help you with the rest. The story just fell apart near the end, like Spielberg quit as a director and they hired Ed Wood in his place.
  7. The thing is, it's probably already recorded. They would have recorded every line mentioning Revan by gender twice, just as they would have every line mentioning the PC by gender twice (which also got botched at least once that I've noticed).
  8. So I knew there would be cameos by former NPC's other than those in the current party, but I can't believe how happy I was to see Admiral Carth Onasi! Now I'm only on my third planet, but I'm hoping Mission shows up at some point. By the way, with all the boos being sent in Obsidian's direction the past few days, I'd like to say how happy I am with much of the voice work. I particular love Bao-Dur... Edited because I named Carth in the thread title. :">
  9. I know this is a minor quibble compared the crashes and skipped dialogue and not being able to open doors, but when you have time, and if you're doing patches, please fix it so that the NPC's can remember Revan's sex! Everytime I come across a character referring to her as "he" it pulls me right out of the game, and yes, I answered the questions correctly (this isn't a spoiler, it was widely known before release that it would be a series of questions that determined Revan's sex and alignment).
  10. I just wanted to add that a VERY good reason to KOTOR1 first is that you can play it all nicely patched, then when you're done hopefully the first patch will be out for KOTOR2.
  11. Its Future Shop and Best Buy <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes, the store I didn't name was Future Shop. Thanks for clearing that up.
  12. I know one store here in Canada that has an online shop I was checking has changed the release date from 02/08 to 02/10. I just called one of their retail outlets and they're not getting it tomorrow, and the sales associate couldn't find when they will be getting it. Amazon.com still has it listed as being released tomorrow though, though Amazon.ca doesn't have it listed at all which is strange. I just tried calling another chain, CompuSmart, and they don't even have it in their computers yet. Frankly, I'll be surprised if anyone is playing this on their PC tomorrow.
  13. Could it be a blacklight-saber that makes your white robes glow a funky purple colour? So why would the light emitted need to be visible? Why not ultraviolet or infrared? Ultraviolet would actually be a good reason it would be considered a "black" lightsaber, with just maybe a hint of a visible purple glow around it for aesthetic purposes.
  14. Yes, how many people play female and male? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I always play with female characters in KOTOR, Morrowind (and oh am I looking forward to the next game, Oblivion), and Baldur's Gate 2 (which are essentially the only major games I play anyway). I just can't dumb myself down enough to play a male character (KIDDING!). I might actually play through with a male character in KOTOR some day just to try and do the Bastilla romance though.
  15. Because it should be a surprise when you discover Mandalore is really Canderous. (Before anyone kills me, that's purely speculation. I don't have an X-Box, I'm waiting patiently for February.)
  16. Probably "Khererabyliabib Pretaniosinasiadra". Unless I decide to go with a male character, then it'll be "Chip Nelson".
  17. ahem.. lightside link please! <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ah, you don't need one. I followed that link and am already mostly lightside.
  18. Pfff, look at how anxious everyone here is anyway, so a demo isn't needed to get us to buy it. However, one to tide us over until February...
  19. I cared for them and would love to see them all back. After helping save the galaxy, is Canderous leaning a little more LS now? How far has the Revan/Carth romance gone? Is Juhani a confident Jedi now? How about Bastilla? Did Zaalbar go back home to help rebuild his society? Has Jolee rejoined the Jedi, seeing a need for the order and is he helping rebuilt after the slaughter on Dantooine? And finally Mission, my favourite character. Finally with a stable family of sorts, what's she up to now? A little older, a little more mature. And having survived on Taris for so long, at so young an age, even with Zaalbar at her side, is she a little Force sensitive? That would be nice to see. The only two I haven't mentioned are the droids. We know for sure that T3 is back, but now it's looking like HK will be too, so there will be no need to wonder there.
  20. It's called "making a mistake." And dagnabit Darth Sirius, LA should be paying me! Obviously they need a little PR help right now.
  21. For a business to sit on a finished product for two months, especially past the busiest sales month of the year, would be insane just to coddle some gamers who are afraid of spoilers or sulking over broken promises. Releasing it in December means it's a new game that will be at the top of lists. Releasing it in February means that by next Christmas it's old news.
  22. The number I've been able to find as of the end of 2003 was 13.7 million XBoxes worldwide, 8.6 million in North America.
  23. Because as a business that would be a stupid thing for them to do. The number of games that will be sold isn't set in stone. By releasing it for Christmas, you get the consumer that are buying gifts for people they know have an XBox and want to get them the latest release.
  24. There is nowhere near 50 million XBoxes in the US. Maybe worldwide, so you're actually hurting your argument by estimating so high.
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