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  1. I was baby and dogsitting for some friends one weekend and they have an XBox so I decided I'd rent Fable and see what was up, and maybe I suck but except for the fact that that I could only play with a male PC I liked it, and it lasted long enough for me that I couldn't finish it while I was there and that was playing the game for longer than ten hours. This means there is a chance I just may buy it for my computer.
  2. I don't know how to reply to that without breaking the TOS...
  3. It has to be no weapons, because that's in the poll dagnabit!
  4. 1. Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine 2. Morrowind 3. Tetris 4. KOTOR 5. KOTOR2 6. BG2 7. Free Cell 8. MahJongg - Game of Four Winds (an actual Mah Jongg game) 9. MahJongg puzzle games. 10. PacMan
  5. The first two are a couple of avatars I made a while ago, the last one is just a panel from Get Fuzzy. I think those pictures say it all.
  6. If you've been following the thread that started with a tragic story and fell into a debate over whether kumquatq3 could best a chimpanzee in a fight, you'll know what this is about. If you haven't been following it, good for you.
  7. Then the advantage would still be with the chimp. Sorry, but I have to counter the "alpha male" comment before your head grows big enough to crush the chimp, Kumquat.
  8. Considering where this conversation is taking place, I just had an image of Kumquat in this battle for the ages screaming, "No, I can't be losing! I have 60 more hit points than the chimp! Where's my health potions! AAAAAHHH! You can't bite off my fingers! Your teeth are only 1d4? I need a +3 rock! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! Stop it! Reload this game! RELOAD! WHERE THE HELL IS MY SAVE GAME?!?!?" Dude, you need to level up before you start attacking chimps.
  9. I'm so glad this thread is still alive as this is the funniest thing I've read in days! That, and I was concerned that Kumquat might have gone searching for a chimp and would not have survived the encounter. I kept searching Google News at work for chimp/chump (Ha! Ha! Burn!) incidences. Anyway, good to see you intact, big guy! Why do people keep thinking they know better than actual chimp experts?!? I'm reporting you for bad science. Heheheh... "Chimp/chump." I kill me...
  10. This could go on forever and I have to get to bed, so let's just say I hope you never have to find out I'm right.
  11. Nice random sampling of data that doesn't agree with each other. I'd like to know what they base those numbers on (BTW, if you are talking 8-10 times strong, large chimps can lift and carry around small cars) second, using Jane Goodall estimations, shortly before a chimp reaches maturity (I googled) it is stronger than most adult humans. Thats not "a hell of a lot stronger than me". but are we talking human adults who excercise, or just your average american who doesn't. Have to consider these things. Tho you have show that a chimp has a similar strength too me and that "strength" isn't a edge, but it can be a negitive factor. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Did you read the links at all? Zoos don't like to keep chimps because of their strength. On Jane Goodall's site, if you go just a few lines below the quote I provided... "As adults, chimpanzees have at least five times the strength of humans..." So unless you're out there fighting baby chimps, it's safe to say they're likely stronger than you unless you're out there doing strong man competitions, in which case they're likely faster and more flexible. I know it's probably hard on your alpha male ego to think of Bubbles or Bonzo ripping you apart, but jeeze, actual experts on chimpanzees say these animals are at the very least 5x stronger than humans and very dangerous. Do you argue with aeronautics engineers and explain to them why airplanes can't possibly fly?
  12. Another link This one only says 5 times... 8 to 10 times on this link! This is a good one. Jane Goodall dot org. "By age five they are stronger than most human adults. They become destructive and resentful of discipline. They can, and will, bite. Chimpanzee owners have lost fingers and suffered severe facial damage." It all adds up to they are a hell of a lot stronger than you. Google. It's your friend.
  13. Life? Don't talk to me about life! Here I am, brain the size of a planet...
  14. Seriously now, not kidding Ok, the monkey might have jumping and pure energy on it's side, but I got weight, strength in general, reach, and the ability to kick. Maybe two is an issue, but I gots to be able to take one chimp. I've talked about this in relation to rottweilers. I'd say the average health young male can take a rottweiler. In both cases I'd think the trick would be staying on your feet at all costs. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Clicky If you have eight times the strength of an average human, you might have a chance. At a 175 lb, unless you are very large, your weight advantage isn't going to mean much. And consider that's 175 lb in a 4' body, with likely very little fat. It would explain the 7x strength. As for reach, don't forget they have very long arms, and it's not like you'd be boxing them so that won't matter much, especially as their fangs are ripping into your arm.
  15. Actually Dantooine made sense as a planet to visit in KOTOR2 because that's where the Jedi enclave was before Malak had it destroyed. With Malak gone it would be a natural place to draw surviving Jedi. I know people are going to hate this idea, but if KOTOR3 is going to have anything to do with tracking down Revan and/or the Exile it would also make sense to go where they have been to search for clues. That's what you do when you look for missing people, start searching where they've been.
  16. What if you just don't level up every time the big L appears?
  17. Cyan is lik an Aqua/Silvery-Blue but I havent seen a Bronze yet...whered u find it? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I have no idea. It was all random.
  18. I haven't seen a cyan crystal yet, but my last time 'round I found a bronze crystal. The funny thing is, I couldn't tell the difference between that and orange. Maybe it's just my monitor.
  19. Yeesh. Now I'm wondering how many people here have even heard of the Mary Tyler Moore show let alone have ever watched it...
  20. I loved Mission and would love to see her back. It would be possible to do this even with a DS Revan, and would make an interesting twist in the character. With an LS Revan, she'd be pretty much the same Mission Vao, but grown-up. A definite Light Sider herself. Wanting to help her old friend, having her join your party would be way for her to do that. However, even with a DS Revan, she could have survived. Hey, when going for the Dark Side points, most people probably had Revan order Big Z to do the dirty deed. While he did obey, I can't see him doing it wholeheartedly. Heck, he could have even avoided actually killing her deliberately and deliberately struck to have her lose consciousness. Cut to however many years later, this Mission Vao is scarred both physically and mentally from what happened, and is far on the Dark Side herself now with a desire to find Revan and extract her revenge. And for this she will join your party as she sees it at the best way to help make this happen. It would add a lot of writing of course, to add two spins to one character, but dang, would it add replayability to the game.
  21. Don't even get me started on the Princess Leia fantasy dancer's outfit. It took me a good day to unroll my eyes...
  22. Pfff. I can't seem to Jedify or massively influence anyone other than Atton (I'm on my second game and playing DS this time, I want to see how Bao-Dur changes and I want to see if T3 gets all rusty or something, and when I played LS I wanted to see if HK gets less rusty and all shiny). Bao-Dur's voice though... Yum. That's one of the best voices ever, and not just in the KOTOR games.
  23. One thing the gaming industry needs is more women involved in the writing. I've heard that the male Exile is able to develop a romance, but I can't seem to get anywhere with Atton other than when he talks to Bao-Dur about liking me. I play Baldur's Gate as well and it really irks me that a male PC has multiple romance options but a female PC has all of one, and he left before we could get anywhere because I took too long to get to a quest. I'm not even going to get started on same-sex romances, I'm not going to hold my breath for that to happen. Kudos to Fable though for that.
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