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  1. My name is "Atomic Space Vixen". That alone should make me super qualified to join "The Atomic Death Force".
  2. The jokes pretty much write themselves at this point.
  3. At a news conference following the incident, the Vice President shot three reporters and his press secretary in the face, shouting, "Come on! Any more of you punks have any 'questions' for me?" After calming down, Cheney excused himself, muttering something about "the most dangerous game." He was last spotted driving toward the vicinity of the Golden Sunset Retirement Home.
  4. Dang, you're right. :"> It's been a while since I've played last, but I do remember that I could always get her to full influence and that she could use a lightsaber, which is probably why I thought I Jedified her. Which means that so far the only one I've been able to convert is Atton...
  5. Wasn't LS Male Revan made canon already? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Yes <{POST_SNAPBACK}> One of the many reasons I'll avoid anything and everything KOTOR related other than the first two games, and if there is a third I'll have to wait to see how they'll handle it.
  6. Atton and Visas are the only two I've been able to Jedify in any play through. This time around I swear I will get Mira to join.
  7. And that's why Mission being alive for KOTOR3 would work. :D
  8. Because in the logic of the game, he'd make a useful muscley pawn until the time is right. You use him to watch your back until you get the power you need. Forget about how useless he may be as an actual NPC, but the smart DS thing to do is use him until you can lose him.
  9. I have an argument that Mission could still be alive regardless of Revan's alignment. With an LS Revan, she lived to the end. With a DS Revan though, she was "killed" on the whatchamacallit planet, right? Maybe not. I don't have any numbers available, but I'd assume a good proportion of people who played DS ordered Zaalbar to kill Mission. If that could be made "canon" for the DS Revan, then Mission could have survived. Sure, Zaalbar obeyed the order somewhat, but in defiance he didn't land a killing blow. Revan, with everything else going on and Carth still alive, didn't notice this. Hey, she was busy with trying to take over the galaxy! Or if she did notice, she could have just decided to leave Mission laying there to bleed to death and besides, there was nothing that waif could have done at that point to thwart her plans (edit: I didn't think of this part before, and I like it much better than Revan not knowing - it's darker to let Mission bleed to death and it would show Revan feeling unstoppable by that point. I also neglected who saved Missions life, and that could be either natives or stranded Republicans from a downed ship). Fast foward to KOTOR 3 - Your PC is searching for Revan, and has been given directions to go meet someone on a certain planet who may be able to help. If Revan was LS, you meet the Mission we all know and love, but older, more mature, more experienced, and a definite asset to your party who wants to help find her friend. I'd also like to think she became a Jedi, but that isn't important. If Revan was DS, you meet a very different Mission. A dark and scarred version who has revenge on her mind, and so has been training and planning all these long years with one goal in mind - killing a specific Sith Lord. And depending on what alignment you're playing, you could cultivate her darkness or help her find peace and redemption. So yes, I'd like to see Mission come back if there is a KOTOR3 too, and as a very useful and interesting party member.
  10. I don't know if it's the patch or the upgraded video driver I've installed since my last play through, but I'm crashing more now than I ever have before. I'm going to try saving my savegames and reinstalling the game without the patch, see if that works, but I'm getting very frustrated now. If that doesn't help, then I need to reinstall an older driver.
  11. How is Janelle scum but April isn't? April has been one of the biggest hypocrites in the game, and it was her and Jennifer who started the crap about Michael being a sexual predator.
  12. Anyone else voting for Janelle to win America's Choice? That would be a lovely slap in the face to the Cult.
  13. Beau last week, April this week... Who woulda thunk it?
  14. That's tragic. I really feel for that family and the poor girl.
  15. You can win it back-to-back if you make final four, and he has more chance of making final four with Rachel, Howie and Janelle (well, whichever two are left after Thursday). The final three always all compete, so if you make final four that's one of the most important HOH competitions there is. If you can win the two in a row, you get to choose first the two weaker players, then you get to choose who you sit beside in final two.
  16. Notice they didn't show James underwater? Apparantly there was some controversy, he has admitted there was something he didn't do right, but they let the win stand. It would have been nice if Janelle had won though. It's a tough call who they vote out, but if they vote out Howie I'll take comfort in the thought of Jennifer being stuck alone with him for a week. At least she'll have her creepy photo to keep her comforted, the one she wore around her neck like Kaysar's bloody heart. And speaking of creepy, I didn't think the veto competition was weird, because that honour goes to the little move into the HOH room by the Fiendship and the bizarre shrine to Eric.
  17. Season 1 of the American BB was much the same with the public voting who to evict. The problem with that was it got really boring. I did enjoy it and watched the season, but what kept me coming back from season 2 on was watching the strategizing (or lack of) and trying to guess what move the HOH might make and thinking of what would be the best move for them to make.
  18. First off, I've said for years now that "reality show" is a misnomer. Survivor, Big Brother, The Apprentice, et al, they're game shows. I think a lot of the criticism could have been avoided from the start if they avoided the "reality" tag. That said, argh! The stupid moves this season! Yes, you can't trust James! So what? That doesn't make him more dangerous than the other team! You just take that into account! The Sovreigns were so focussed on getting rid of James and Sarah, that they missed a golden opportunity to get rid of Maggie who was the Fiendship's glue once Eric ("I have integrity! I play with integrity! I make soup with integrity! I stab you in the back with integrity! I make racist, homophobic remarks with integrity! I have integrity-ridden sex with integrity!") was gone. But nooooo... The there was Kaysar's stupid move. Oy vey. Don't even get me started on Jennifer's stupid move. Sure, she got rid of Kaysar and got her precious photos, but she would still be in the house right now if she put James up instead. The S4 would have let her putting them up for nomination slide if she still kept her word there. Now she's gone. I'm actually feeling sorry for her. If you read her HOH blog at the CBS site, she said she thought she was doing what America wanted her to do. There are actually hate websites up about her now. As for the rest of the Fiendship, they thought Kaysar was only voted back in to stir things up, and they do believe they are America's Sweethearts. I'd love to see some follow-up interviews done about a month after the show is over. What gets me season after season is watching people that you have to wonder if they've ever watched the show before. Big Brother, Survivor, and Apprentice, I keep seeing the same mistakes made over and over. Yeesh.
  19. Nope, Germany has said war is off the table for them. When you don't have force as a last measure, you don't seem to have a convicing arguement in this case. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Maybe they're looking at the inroads Iran is making by itself towards open democracy. A LOT of the populace is striving towards change. Look at how unhappy they were with the clerics not allowing certain candidates to run during the last election. It might be taking time, but attacking Iran now will just undo this and polarize people towards the invaders and set real, lasting reform back in that country by decades.
  20. I got the info from the Lost message board at the ABC site.
  21. It doesn't matter, because according to whatshisface all a director does is point a camera and shout action while actors mull around and read the script verbatim. All the footage is then glued together at the editor's sole discretion. I envy writers, having so much power over those whimpering buffoons called directors who can't alter or edit the screenplays in any way. That's why there are so many famous screenwriters and the writing Oscar is one of the most coveted, and directors are nameless schlubs who get their Academy Awards at the earlier technical ceremonies. (w00t)
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