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  1. We'll try to do better keeping you updated on Britney's pregnancy. :D
  2. My real name gets Toxic Tears My usual alias when I sign up somewhere and don't want to give real info gets Glitter Girl. My real goth name that everyone knows me as is Dark Princess Esmeralda BrokenAngel Bloodmoon. :ph34r:
  3. I haven't read this whole thread, but how can this even be a proper poll or discussion without the awe-inspiring, chimp-mangling kumquatq3 being mentioned? He'd beat them both with one hand while writing soul-shattering sonnets with the other.
  4. Is anyone else surprised this thread hasn't been locked yet?
  5. Look at how much more popular Batman has become.
  6. I haven't argued that at all. In fact, I've admitted time and again that my opinion is in the minority.
  7. I called Mean Girls a "fun little movie". I approach a Mean Girls differently than I would approach a Citizen Kane. If I'm reading a mystery novel, I'll judge it on different standards than I'd judge a work of high literature. Anyway, a movie lives or dies in the director's hands. A good director can save a crappy script, and a brilliant script can die in the hands of a crappy director. A good director can coax great performances out of mediocre actors, and again vice versa. Jackson managed to bore me with Cate Blanchett and Sean Bean in his troupe. Maybe his problem was sticking as close to the books (I assume, I haven't read them) as he did, and should have strayed more from them than he did. That's something else a good director can do. A good director should be able to take a story and glue my ass to the seat making me want to see how it all ends. So I don't think Jackson is a good director. I know I can find review after review praising the LoTR films and Jackson, but they are not universally beloved. Linky Linky
  8. I disagree there, I really liked her in the first movie. I just don't think they gave her enough to use for her short stint in the sequel. But then I may be biased, being a huge fan of Run Lola Run.
  9. Much credit can go to the awesome Tina Fey. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I see she's written a few items for Saturday Night Live; that shows the merit of the show and her talent. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> She's the first female head writer there, and has helped transform it from a boy's club to inclusive of their female talent which is very apparent. For that alone she is one of my heros.
  10. Much credit can go to the awesome Tina Fey.
  11. I agree. It was a fun little movie. And thank you Kirottu and Musopticon.
  12. Of course not. It's just strange that it's a friggin' movie director that a dissenting opinion is getting people worked up over.
  13. I've been a movie buff all my life. I know what a director does and what a director is responsible for. I also know what I like, and I don't like what I've seen of Jackson's work so far. I'd like to think that I have enough posts in this particular forum (don't let my post count fool you, I've been more active in Way Off Topic than anywhere else on the site) to show that I don't go around trolling, but do have strongly held opinions. Yet from this particular opinion I've been attacked time and again. Strangely enough, I've been attacked more for not liking Peter Jackson than I have for any of my views on religion or politics. Strange what stirs up passions...
  14. Okay, here's a challenge... Go back to before I was insulted the first time and show me where I attacked everyone personally who disagreed with me. I see disagreements, but please, give me just one quote, keeping in mind a difference in opinion is not a personal attack. If you can not provide one, I would like an apology for the above lie. Thank you.
  15. Even with stupid villains, the writing was fairly crisp and the Doctor and Rose have been pretty consistantly fun to watch. I also have a feeling that the writers knew they were going with a deus ex machina ending for the finale because the god was literally in the machine. Of course, that didn't make it any less anti-climatic.
  16. It's amazing. "Gigli" is pretty much a universally reviled movie, yet you say, "No, i said it was good, and much better than the fools think" then you have the absolute gall to call me out for having an opinion that goes up against the majority? Wow, you hypocrite. Do I believe my opinion is factual? Of course I do. It would be bizarre to have an opinion that one believes is or may be wrong. My opinion is that there is no God. That also puts me in a minority. I have no issues with having a minority opinion. Just because a majority believes something doesn't make them right. So go along now and learn the difference between "your" and "you're" and stick to arguing with me on the topic up for discussion and not bringing it down to personal insults.
  17. Okay, that's a better insult.
  18. Having watched the whole season of Christopher Eccleston as The Doctor, I fell in love with the show all over again (and with Eccleston too ). Even the weakest episode was terrific. I was however torn on the season finale. There were some incredible moments (Daleks coming silently up behind outside the window was classic), but I couldn't help but feel a little disappointment. I was hoping for more drama and heartbreak in The Doctor's transformation, but as it was it seems like it was happening because he had a headache and not about to die. As for defeating the Daleks, it seems like the writers took "deus ex machina" and went for it with gusto. It was a little anti-climatic that Uber Rose was just able to "erase" them from existance like that. Ah well. I still enjoyed it and am looking forward to a new season and seeing what the new Doctor will bring.
  19. If you're going to try to insult me, at least have it make sense. How does not liking Jackson's work make me "self-indulgent"?
  20. Oh, quite normal, thanks! If by "great director" you mean "hack", then sure. I watched the first two, and part of the third. I never saw the end and have no desire to. If an epic trilogy can't keep you interested in seeing how it all ends, it's done its job poorly. I did enjoy Magneto's magic flashlight though! As for the millions of fans, are these the same people who continue to make American Idol such a smash hit while ignoring great shows like Keen Eddie or Firefly? Popularity is no indication of quality, my friend. And no version of the Hobbit can top Leonard Nimoy's "Ballad of Bilbo Baggins", where at least the cheese was fun, unlike BoTR. Maybe it wasn't "high" fantasy, but Star Wars was as much fantasy as it was science fiction, and the first three films were fun, a word sadly lacking from Jackson's vocabulary. Unless the magic flashlight was intentional. And besides, he filmed all three back-to-back, before the first was even released. Even if it flopped, he would have still have filmed all three parts "successfully". That's talent in grubbing for money, not in directing.
  21. His last three movies were overblown dreck that could have stood using a good deal of editing, and could have stood being a lot less unintentionally funny.
  22. I was wondering what you were talking about with the flooding, then I remembered. Wrong part of the province, I'm in Edmonton.
  23. I didn't have much hope for this movie, its hack director is one big strike against it, but from the trailer it looks pretty good.
  24. Well, it would feel different when you don't have to strap it on, I'm sure. :D
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