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  1. I've already explained why it wouldn't make it to court anyway, and even if it did, it wouldn't succeed.
  2. I've very curious what the heck these numbers you're quoting are. I can't think of anything that comes anywhere near these (except the population of the planet, which is greater than 3 billion).
  3. Yes, well said. I'd like to clarify that my previous post was in response to the people have the more extreme reactions to this news. The disappointedness I understand.
  4. Oh. My. Freakin'. Gods. Just grow up people. It's a friggin' video game! I'm disappointed over having to wait to February as well, but it's just a friggin' video game. "They lied!" Did they? We don't know that. What we do know is that they said it would be a simultaneous release, but things change. We don't know that obstacles they've come across while developing the game, but if for some reason the XBox version is going to be finished first then they'd be idiots for not releasing it in time for Christmas, a huge sales month. They are a business, and to hold back a finished product to placate some complainers is the sort of move that gets shareholders riled up. "False advertising!" No, it isn't. I don't recall ever seeing any advertising promising a simultaneous release. I have seen statements made, but this is nothing new. Business release statements all the time that eventually change due to unforeseen circumstances. Crap happens. Truth in advertising laws are there to protect people from shoddy merchandise and being ripped off, not from changes in availability dates (unless of course the availability date is instrumental in use of the product, which doesn't apply to video games). "I'm going to sue!" Go ahead, fanboy. It won't even make it to court (see above). Remember the Trekkies who picketed Paramount to change the theme song to Enterprise? Laughing stocks. Trying to sue over this will have the same effect, and frankly science fiction/fantasy already have a big enough image problem. Trying to procede with a frivolous lawsuit (which is what this would be) is only going to compound that. That said, Lucas Arts does owe the PC fans of the game an explanation purely from a PR standpoint. This doesn't look good on them and it only makes good business sense to give a reason for the two month difference. If they don't have a good reason, maybe they are doing it as a favour to Microsoft (and they are within their rights to do this) then the idea of a petition is a fine one. They can choose to ignore a petition, but it would be bad business to do so, especially if there are enough signatures.
  5. That's going to be a problem with any game, there is no way to please everyone. Personally I get more excited with every new thing I hear about the sequel.
  6. It's one thing to suspend your disbelief for a game or a movie, but the fact that no matter what you did in KOTOR would get you nothing more than a brief chiding from your LS team mates was probably the only element in the game I found ridiculous. Now that they're changing it for KOTOR2, I'd love to see this if you're playing DS... As you slaughter the innocent NPC, the team mate stands by looking flabbergasted. When you're done, he or she says, "Wait a minute... you're EVIL!"
  7. "You had me at 'Mucha'..." "Of all the bars in all the cantinas on all the planets, she had to walk into mine." "I love the smell of wet Wookiee in the morning!"
  8. I can see the dialogue working if Revan plays a part somehow in the story line, but if it's just to determine cameos, why bother going through all that trouble, especially when that time and energy could go into more game-related conversations?
  9. My concern for this would be the potential cheesiness of the dialogue. I liked the character creation better in KOTOR than in Morrowind because of that, and it's not that there would be a lot of questions. Was Revan male or female? Was Revan Light Side or Dark Side? These questions would then trigger the following questions depending on the answers. Did Juhani survive your initial encounter? (She dies with a DS Revan anyway, so only the LS answer would trigger this.) Did Bastila survive the Star Forge? (She survives with a DS Revan, so only the LS answer would trigger this.) Did Carth survive the game? (He survives with an LS Revan, so only the DS answer would trigger this.) So at most there would only be four questions to ask, as Mission, Zaalbar and Jolee all die if Revan was DS. It would also allow for a "Surprise Me" option, though "I don't know" could be an option in dialogue (in fact, having a random option like this would be great either way for people who don't care or would like to be surprised or have never played the original game).
  10. Thank you and Darth Sirius for the welcomes. The franchise is suffering due to George Lucas losing touch with what makes for an exciting and compelling story both as a writer and director, but that's for another forum. I look at this like Star Trek: Voyager. Up to then, all the main character captains (i.e. not guest stars) had been male. Introducing a female captain was a pretty brave stand to take, and it worked. People didn't really have an issue with Captain Janeway as a woman. They had loads of other issues with the series, but the gender of the captain wasn't one of them (at least in anything I heard). It's not like it would be changing an established character from male to female, it would be creating a whole new character. It also wouldn't hurt some people with attitudes to see a strong female lead instead of just a strong female supporting character. It's all moot though, because there shouldn't be an official Revan.
  11. It makes sense. I was concerned that it was an issue with the subject matter, but as long as it's about the reaction that some people would have about the subject matter then it's kosher.
  12. Not wanting to get into an argument over today's military, a couple of things... Revan was a Jedi to start out with, and a Jedi really has a) no equivalent in our world what with the super Force powers, and is a mixture of military/police/arbitrator, and B) super Force powers that are gender neutral. And when Revan was instrumental in a war before falling to the Dark Side, it was as a tactician on board a starship, not as a front line trooper. Again, gender neutral and only an issue if people choose to make it so. I'd like to think along with all the advanced technology in the Star Wars universe there is also a more advanced society, at least in the Republics both Old and New. An advanced society that bases all individuals on their own merit and not whole brushstrokes based on gender.
  13. I think you misunderstood. The questionaire would be in the game itself, before or after you create your character. That way it would be only the gamers answers alone that would determine what had happened in KOTOR, and you could still change it around for new games.
  14. I apologize if this has been covered, but I tried search and only found it touched on in other threads so I didn't want to go off-topic. It sounds like the game is going to have possibly an NPC ask probing questions to find out how the original KOTOR was played through (gender of Revan, LS or DS, etc). Wouldn't just a straightforward questionaire be better? Maybe just before or after character creation and not integrated into the game? It would take just one page, and would ask the appropriate questions about Revan, whether romances were triggered, and whether certain characters survived (Juhani and Bastilla can die regardless of LS or DS, the rest would be answered by the LS or DS question). This would get it all over with, allowing the player to get on with the game, and would avoid potentially awkwardly worded NPC questions.
  15. In response to... Why not? Besides with, though I didn't trigger it (or the one with Carth for that matter) apparently Juhani develops feelings for female Revan as well as male in KOTOR.
  16. I was reading the forum then signed up just so I could reply to this. (First post, hello everyone!) "Tradition" doesn't always equal "right", and it would bother me greatly if Revan was made officially male because of "tradition". It wouldn't hurt the Star Wars universe to have a few more female leads, heck, it could only serve to help it. Sure most of the fans are male, but having a few more women as leads could only help to bring in more female fans and with more and more women kicking butt in movies and television we're seeing men get more comfortable with the whole idea (Ripley in Aliens and Sarah Conner in Terminator helped pave the way for Buffy, Xena, et al). So now that I said that and to stay on topic, no, there should most definitely not be an official Revan. While I might at some point play through with a male character to check out the Revan/Bastilla romance, I've only played through with female characters and so for me Revan is female. I find it disconcerting enough to read the forums and see people refer to her as "he". I know I can't be the only one, and there are many people who would have the whole KOTOR experience ruined if they do go with an official Revan.
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