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  1. If it's grim and gritty and dark throughout, I'll be bored. That's part of the reason I never really got into Diablo. You can be realistic/authentic without being grim all the time. We laugh in real life, even when we're not supposed to--and sometimes that's the scary thing. People laughing at the theater as they watch on-screen people get slaughtered? Yeah. Getting kinda off-topic, though. Real life runs the gamut of emotions, and so should a game that's not particularly focused on creating one emotion.
  2. I wouldn't be opposed to it just staying Project Eternity. Nearly everyone I know has heard of Project Eternity. That's what they know it as. The ones who didn't fund it during the Kickstarter are probably going to forget about it till it's released, and if it's still Project Eternity, it'll be pretty easy for them to find. Then again, if you really want a traditional CRPG, you'll probably be on the lookout for one anyway, and most people will probably keep up with it to some degree--at least to the point of reading about on Escapist or Kotaku.
  3. AGX, did you skim the OP? He actually clarified that it shouldn't happen for every fight. Obviously, if you die fighting a pack of wolves, they're going to eat you. But if you die fighting guards who easily overpower you, it makes full sense for them to imprison you rather than kill you. I like the narrative second wind idea. I think it would work wonderfully if handled right. I think I remember some older games having that (King's Quest), but not so much anymore. It'd be nice to see it revived.
  4. I'd just like to see the naming conventions printed somewhere, like "X culture likes double vowels and soft consonants (e.g. Aaron)," or "Y culture likes consonant-heavy names ending in a vowel (e.g. Nigako)," or even "Z culture steals all their names from a holy book, so here's the holy book in question for you to browse." That and/or a random, culture/race-based name generator.
  5. While I'd personally love to see a fantasy full of brand new monsters, I do know how much work that requires. The traditional monsters are fine, but I'd also like to see some new ones mixed in. Whatever they do, I think Obsidian can make it well, so I'm not too concerned.
  6. In a single-player game with no online interactions, I don't care what others name their characters (unless they're exceptionally funny, brilliant, or stupid). I'd like a first and last name slot, because, for example, if I enter a first and last name in one box and a character who's supposed to be, say, my character's love interest, calls me "Jared Tinson" rather than just "Jared," I might feel a little awkward. Unless it's polite for lovers to address each other by both names in the Project Eternity universe. Pretty much what Kabaliero said. Also, a name generator would be cool if I
  7. I think the real-life approach would work: people you meet start off making broad, sweeping generalizations about you based on your race, age, sex, religion, etc., and then slowly start getting more personal as they get to know you better. What the NPCs think of your character beyond their original stereotypes depends on the player's words and actions--mostly actions. I think this has been done. I'm not sure. I haven't played an RPG in a really long time. Also, if this has been said already, I skipped pages 2 and 3. Sorry.
  8. I don't see a problem with it as long as it's optional. As for how to pull it off without the kid being an annoying brat, I think Jim Sterling laid it out pretty well: you have to choose to let the child become the focus of the story (or side-story). The child can't be forced on you, and if s/he is, s/he needs to not be annoying. I made up that last bit. But yeah. Jim said it best.
  9. Bandwidth caps ruin the digital download idea for me, assuming the game's more than 5gb. Good thing there's a boxed version. Also, splash effects when characters go through water would be cool, especially in a 2D game.
  10. I backed it with $25, and yes, I do feel bad about giving so little. That said, I'm happy to have pledged anything--I didn't think I'd even have $25 to spare between college and gas. Like others, if I had the money, I'd be designing a character right now.
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