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  1. Just bumping the issue. I can't play , got past the creation but the issue persist in game - any action (access char screen , inv) takes ~8s. Action or game screen work fine. I guess it is some UI issue- as for game load - there is none cores are <5%. If anyone had this issue and managed to fix it please reply.
  2. Bring it on! Since i'm purely interested in story companions the more of them there is the higher replay value. Wilderness areas? Surely there is nothing wrong with making the game bigger. As long as it won't delay release too much (month would be acceptable, pushing it to 2015 probably not) those strech goals are win-win.
  3. there is no need for realism but for reason. We have certain consciousness of how fantasy world works. Now they need to define the details and give some explanation if they go against common expectations. Like we assume shield is used to block physical attacks (classic medival thing) but they can have shields also being able to block spells and while we can imagine how real attacks are blocked (Fire ice so on) being able to block mental effect (like fear) seems abstract and "unbelivable". But they can say "when mental spells are cast there is link being created between caster and subject, a we
  4. don't railroad my character by forcing an age on him. That's just dumb. Would you like it if you were forced to play a human only character? Why would they force an age? Not everyone wants to be young. I'd rather be old. The young ones are loud and obnoxious. I hate those kinds of people. *hrmpph* darn young whippersnappers. I wouldnt mind being human only, actually in PT you couldnt set gender let alone race did that prevent the game from being great?Maybe we wont even know how old we are? maybe we will own special soul that when reincarnates keeps memory of previous lives? maybe we wont
  5. Custom age is unneeded complication for them and in general ppl want to be young ;] . You can probably pick portrait that will fit your age needs and that should suffice.
  6. I rather like V&W but PT shouldnt explore it. Even if they put just small sidequests that invole those groups ppl are gonna emerge asking " i want to be vampire/werewolf " " Why i cant conduct the disease"... We dont want that, it would require some bigger effort to include those properly and its rather beaten path that not everyone like.
  7. Wait ... did you just H&S BG2? coz all i can see "fight there and there fight there...". Combat in BG2 was awesome but obiously new productions are more engaging (easy to pickup, cool effects , you dont need to think much...). I absolutly loved every puzzle in the game, lore told by random bits , story and combat that actualy required some thinking beforehand. Obviously you can find some holes here and then but its best crpg to date.
  8. I think there is room for some awesome "instant kills" with this setting - like spells that rip soul from body or monsters that feed on souls. And then you could have spells to resummon soul that recently left its body or when you kill the monster recently captured souls that were not yet devoured return to their bodies (note: requires body to be rather undamaged , soul that left body due to its failing cant be returned)
  9. The last segment of your first sentence seems like, well... complete rubbish. Regardless of the choices made, narrowing the focus of a topic automatically reduces the range of interest. But the project seems to have survived the decision and we can only speculate about how much each element weighed into the final support. If you would ask around majority will answer that gunpowder weapons are not fantasy thing. If you say you make fantasy it narrows interest , then if you announce it will feature something that is not considered fantasy you basicly shoot yourself in the foot. Obviously
  10. I liked it. i want it. Lets make it clear i hope they dont make dumb game that you can finish no matter what choices you make in process. At most on lowest diff your characters could be immune to instant deaths. In BG2 you had instant kill spells but you had also protection against them, Protect from death, stone to flesh , Freedom (only problem there was that your followers didnt like being kicked from team and game considered when they were petrified or Imprisoned as being kicked). But i know that they wont make spells that will insta kill , probably there will be spells that
  11. i dont like tech & magic mixes and was quite sad when they announced it, i'm sure it prevented quite a few ppl from backing. My guess its better to go with the idea they have them forcefully remove less-liked parts that can hurt story in process. We will see how it will be, it can be a hit or miss.
  12. I hope i wont have to use it , they said you will be able to play with party size you like (1-6). So if i wont be able to fit my party with companions i will probably just take more exp per member rather then taking animal-like follower that has no opinion of his own.
  13. I like preset background , i belive its better for story teling you got some reason to be there where you are and do what you are supposed to do. In games like ES there is huuge question - why i want help those ppl ? make friends of some and enemies of others ? why wont i just return to where i came from ?
  14. Well, this is totally NOT skimpy. But I find it very sexy. edit: put under spoiler. too big. this made me sad, reminded me how much they mutilated the book.
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