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  1. The only real problem I had with KotOR was the tedius interface and the combat abundance. Everything else was livable and functioned as designed. Uber items and powers can be self-regulated, and the powergamers can go wild with it. I won't nor care. I tend to role-play so if it doesn't sit with my PC, I don't use it.
  2. Always time to take another pot shot at Bioware eh? While I believe Obsidian's KotOR will be better than Bioware's, I don't believe it will be any closer to the rules, and even if it is that doesn't automatically make it better.
  3. Most definately. The female image reminds me of a certain succubus priestess. Her demeanor on the other hand seems more rigorous.
  4. Mashed, Fried, Baked, Barbecued, Toasted, Roasted, Mircowaved... I'm game.
  5. roguefrog


    Yea, J.E. Sawyer is over there working on the new Gauntlet. It's funny what he's known for.
  6. Quite. The fact that this is a sticky in the Delaware forum should remove all doubt. Not saying like there was any to begin with. <_<
  7. Anyone know the level cap on this board? I know MCA is level 22, whats Feargus?
  8. Romance dialogue options: "First you wanna kill me, now you wanna kiss me. Blow!" "Oh that's just what we call pillow talk, baby, that's all." "Gimme some sugar, baby." "Honey, you got real ugly." "Lady, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to leave the store." "Yo she-bitch, lets go!"
  9. I just want to be able to attack anyone. Friendly, Hostile, and Neutral alike. Party NPCs too!
  10. Hmmm, I heard he original shot everything in color but the House of Blue Leaves scene was just too bloody for an R righting so they had to tame it with black and white. (or something to that effect)
  11. Soule's best work is the Total Annihilation (RTS) soundtrack IMO. (It's still amazing) Mark Mogan or Michael Hoenig are good choices.
  12. No doubt, but I'm sure the rest of the team is up to snuff even if MCA isn't the lead. His "areas" are usually right on point. And if Delaware turns out to be Bombay maybe we'll be more interested in some of the other devs special talents, at lease the less known ones, and what they brought to the table.
  13. I don't think this is much of a issue with MCA on board. Although I don't know his role in Delaware for certain, I hope for engrossing dialogue and captivating characters.
  14. I'm QA for another company. Currently inactive as I'm stuck in a gap between projects.
  15. That is one reason why I consider BG1 their best game to this very day, despite certain flaws like game ruining quests and the Flaming Fist death squads. :ph34r:
  16. I sue for non-linearity as well. KotOR was too straight forward.
  17. The Name: I use to be a console gamer and thus I played console RPGs, Japanese in origin. There was a game called Chrono Trigger which showcased a character named Frog. A knights lacky turned amphibian by a dark magician on a quest for vengeance for the death of that same knight by that same dark magician. Anyway a long story short, by 95' I was getting into PC gaming with RTS games like C&C, and when Baldur's Gate came out I took a prolonged hiatus from consoles. Suffice to say I never really went back. A rogue in a way, and since I originally used Frog as my alias, I changed it to roguefrog. The Avatar: I drew up a pic of Frog with a hood, gave it some ink, lighting, and a lens flare, and there you see it now.
  18. There were some kids on Taris bullying an alien dude. Killing them wasn't an option though, petty. (I would have it I could) The thing that sucked about KotOR is you couldn't just attack anyone you wished. Everything was locked down and secure, and the whole game for the most part was linear (until about the last hour). It was still a decent game, but I rather not see the console RPG influences.
  19. So wheres Chris, Chris, and Chris? Did I leave one of them out? I know theres at least three of them.
  20. Sounds true enough. Especially when you consider the "X" in "Project X."
  21. I came because only I know the secret to creating the perfect CRPG. Without it all will be lost in a few short years. How? I have seen beyond the monitor screen. There is a place... Anyway to make a epic story short every single CRPG developing studio will spontaneously combust. Think its called Armageddon. Anyway yea... talking out of my arse.
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