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  1. And here I was hoping that my company desided not to send me this year... So if you go, will you get the pass so that you can go see people speak and such? If so, it may be worth it. If I were you I'd look at who was speaking and figure out exactly what you expect to get out of going before making your decision. You know, see if there was enough stuff there to make it worth your while. Otherwise if it's just to go in where there are company booths and such, I dunno. Yeah, you can walk around and meet people. In the career area (which is where I am) you'll mostly get to meet HR people and s
  2. I too hate people who try to convert me... Also I was at the beach trying to sit through a nice beach concert but there was a group of hari chrishnas ringing bells and chanting like 5 yards away... WHILE the band was playing. HELLO?? If we wanted to hear chanting and bells we'd be gathered around YOU not the band. Pet peeves: people who light up a cigarette when kids/babies are present.... well, people who smoke in general. I can't stand the smell. Impatient drivers Oblivious drivers (I once saw a lady putting on mascara while driving) I'm sure there are lots more... those are my big
  3. krazikatt


    Wow... all you lucky people with snow... we are having another Santa Ana today, and nothing is falling from the sky but ashes...
  4. I hate spiders... and never thought one could be considered "cute" until I saw this picture. lol... he just looks so dopey! Like he's the nerdy little fat kid in school who has big old buck teeth and a lisp. (w00t) edit: I still wouldn't want that thing to touch me though!
  5. I love this site... lots of new stuff since I visited it last :D
  6. I voted "yes of course"... I don't see why gay people shouldn't have the same rights as straight people.
  7. Nope - I got an email about it from a friend. Did you post about it? I didn't see that one
  8. I'm listening to www.pandora.com - this is my latest toy... it is AWESOME! I have all these "stations" set up. Right now it's playing Jack Johnson. Nice and relaxing.
  9. OMG that was funny... I have tears from laughing.
  10. ^ makes mental note to only eat in the ones where the kitchen is highly visible. Wow, I feel bad for her kids... nothing like getting sucked into the fast food lifestyle before you know any better. I couldn't imagine feeding my kids fries for breakfast. That's horrible for them. Have any of you (in the US at least) seen those commercials right now about this kind of thing? There is one where there are all these little kids asking for things "mommy? can I have a cup of sugar?" "can I eat a tub of lard?" "I'd like some type 2 diabetes" "obeisity" "to die young". It's a good campaign
  11. I think you have a good shot, seeing as how you haven't had a raise in 3 years. That is another point I would bring up...
  12. wow, if I saw my kid doing that I'd put him on computer restriction, and make him go outside in the sun and pet a cat or something. His heart's going to explode soon if he keeps that up.
  13. Every so often I'll get a telemarketer on my cell or at work... in which case I get really pissy towards them and have them take me off their list. I don't think telemarketers should be allowed to call cell phones. Well, I don't think sales people should be allowed to make any kind of phone call, period. I hate answering the phone to one of them. I'm usually the rude person who says they aren't interested and hangs up before knowing what they are trying to peddle.
  14. I hate cell phones... I hate stupid people with bad cell phone ettiquite. I hardly ever use my phone - but I do really like having it. It's nice to have that piece of mind when driving or something, that you'll be able to call someone if your car breaks down, or if something happens. I don't think I need it... because I was fine before I had one. But I do like having one, even though I hardly ever use the thing.
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