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  1. Ellester: I was born in San Diego but my parents are both from the midwest. (Illinois) San Marcos (which is still within the county of San Diego) is about 30 minutes north of Mira Mesa (which is in San Diego proper) where in lies a few game company locations. (SCEA, SOE, and Midway)
  2. Never seen the Postman. Now I have to see it. So whats the full title to the new PA cRPG? FailSafe: Quest to the Dirt States. (nice ring to it) Is Midway in pre-production yet?
  3. Well one of my former co-workers from the midwest (Detroit to be exact) kept touting how Californians aren't really living in the real world. There living in la la land, they don't know what the real world is like. This of course was when he was bummed over the fact that his wife was forcing him to move back to the midwest.
  4. I'm not too thrilled over moving to Oceanside ethier but thats where the cheapest condo is. Unfortunately I don't have a basis for comparison since I lived in San Diego/North County my entire life. In other words I've never lived in the real world. (i.e everything outside of California) I hear we have great weather. To this I must concur.
  5. Why, cost of living? I commute from San Marcos. 30min to an hour drive. Moving to Oceanside in Feb though.
  6. And to think, the Midway San Diego offices are just down the road from where I work. We're practically neighbors. ^_^
  7. I agree level grinding was mostly tedius and slow, but early on in UOs lifetime before all the patches and stuff the thief class was the greatest. You could steal from other players, and even if they catch you, just run off screen and hide. Then wip out the good old disguise kit and a new set of cloths and approach the same sorry fool and he would never know you were the thief. He'd usually ask me if I'd seen so and so and I'd just steal from him again. And if he no longer had anything of value I'd play along and ethier point him to nowhere in particular or start shouting anti-thief slurs to gain his trust.
  8. J.E. Sawyer (Icewind Dale 2, Jefferson, and Van Buren) Dave Maldonado (Fallout 2, PS:T, Icewind Dale 2) Tom Hall (Anachronox) Warren Spector (Ultima Underworlds, System Shock, Deus Ex) They need to rally together and make something supa.
  9. Barring Romero, Midway now has too much talent for it's own good. And to think it's all wasted on a mindless gauntlet hack n' slash. The gods must be crazy.
  10. I wouldn't count Guild Wars as an MMO. More like a bitch-bastard of a MMO and a diablo clone. I can only say Ultima Online beta since thats all I played. The Death of Lord British is priceless.
  11. No, not really. In fact I originally read it thinking you ment consisted but wanted to roll with it.
  12. Assumptions are all I can go on since your post consistent of calling people cry babies who complained about legitimate issues. You didn't exactly put forth a strong argument. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Post consistent? 1 post out of 5 isn't consistent. This is where you and me differ. I've developed a strong tolerance given my job. :cool:
  13. You are making far too many assumptions here. On my computer the game doesn't play like that of an Alpha build in any way. (I work in QA, I know exactly how an Alpha build plays) In fact the game is highly playable on my 3 year old system that barely meets the minimum requirements. It is choppy in most places, yes! It has some long load times, yes! But it wasn't as bad as some people make it out to be. I will argue against it being unplayable. The reality of it is, most people complaing probably have low tolerance for any sort of chronic technical issues. And I'm conditioned to hell and back having been putting up with all manner of jankyness for over a year. And the game is good. Not shoddy at best.
  14. It is critical to have a strong combat skill. The flamethrower even with max ammo only drains the whore half way.
  15. You're a business' favorite type of customer. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> But what if I'm a pirate? ^_^
  16. Cry Babies I played the game, no patch, with choppiness up the ass (Although my CPU did make its fortitude save vs. crashing at Leopold's) and still enjoyed most of it. (The last areas of the game aren't on par with the rest)
  17. Ahh yes the two chits with the megaphone got pwned
  18. "Size matters not. Judge me by my size, do you?" "But now we must eat. cumm, good food, cummm..." -Yoda, The Empire Strikes Back
  19. It's an over-exaggeration. I own over 100 PC games and none of them took 6 months of patching to work properly.
  20. For those still wanting to know what games Jennifer Hale has voiced, MobyGames to the rescue!
  21. For kicks and jollies I did a search. It's Black's Beach.
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