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  1. 1. Planescape: Torment - "What can change the nature of a man?" The Story, Characters, and Dialogue stand triumphant over all. The setting stands alone as the most unique and surreal. 2. Fallout - A Post Nuclear RPG Masterpiece: Open-ended, satisfying turn-based combat, SPECIAL rockz0rz my soxz0rz! 3. Total Annihilation -
  2. Yes it did. Because it's apparently like Ninja Gaiden. (Not Mortal Kombat/Tekken or Blood Rayne)
  3. The newer game > older game thing is really a case by case basis. For instance the older Thief games had more (and better) features. (relockable doors, rope-arrows, swimmable water, eatable food, seamless levels, sword fighting replete with parry) Same with the original Deus Ex (Localized Damage, exp points/skill system, different ammo types)
  4. 97-2000 During these four years, pretty much all my favorite games came out: Fallout Total Annihilation Baldur's Gate Planescape: Torment Half-life Thief System Shock 2 Jagged Alliance 2 Tribes Grim Fandango Deus Ex Homeworld
  5. Yea I was wearing the madmax jacket and had high luck and charisma. I was able to leave with Tandi without anyone caring. They think I'm there old leader so they ain't gonna stop me.
  6. I have a luck of 10 and I'm wearing leather armor. I just got the Tandi quest now but the Father thing takes precedence. The moment I talk to the leader he filps out and wants to kill me again.
  7. I rolled in there and all the raiders are tripping out. Blabbing about how I'm a ghost, the Death-Hand returned. When i talk to the leader he thinks I'm his father risen again after he had killed him. What the hell did I do differently to get this kind of reponse? I never got the standard rescue Tandi bit.
  8. Please... Baldur's Gate was my first crpg too, thats NO EXCUSE!!! :angry: By the time you finish Fallout and Torment you will be born again.
  9. This is not always true. QA more so than not does their job aka "covers their own asses." It is ultimately the Producers decision to push the a game through with all the bugs left unfixed to meet ship dates. Remember, QA just documents the bugs. They can't fix them. That's the programmers job, and the programmers can't fix them if they aren't given the time to. The idea that lots of bugs are left unfixed due to time constraits (sometimes even "A" bug crash/locks) is a reality.
  10. Quite frankly I've had enough of the tired Blizzard RTS. I want to go back to the days of TA when RTS was more fun.
  11. Fallout was kinda boring. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Such Blasphemy! Anyone in their right mind knows Fallout is better than Fallout 2. See what happens when you play Fallout 2 first?
  12. Baldur's Gate+TotSC -Low level game (which i like) -More open-ended than the rest -Almost every building you see can be entered -Using the charm spell is fun
  13. Well technically I'm in the same boat as you. Baldur's Gate was my first cRPG. The initial experience is strong, yes! Only I know Fallout is better. And it is my perfered choice despite not being my first. This is a testament to it's greatness.
  14. Scenes I thought were done well in the film considering the source material. -Bilbo's Birthday Speech (most of the Shire scenes were fine) -Strider smoking a joint in the Prancing Pony (like deganawida pointed out) -The Ringwraiths at Weathertop, where the witch-king stabs Frodo. (one of my favorites from the book) -Moria, specifically the maiar stand off on the bridge. (Gandalf's priceless dialog) -Gandalf's fall with the balrog and the battle atop Zirakzigil (Glamdring the Foehammer is one cool sword) -Gandalf's return in Fangorn Forest (I'm back and Its time to kickass and chew bubble gum) -Flooding of Isengard (Ent pwnage) -Theodens Charge (Although not as good as in the book) -Shelobs Lair (Although I wish Sam used the One Ring like in the book) The Voice of Saruman was one of my favorite chapters from the book, the film version in the extended edition was a lot different, but still entertaining.
  15. RPGcodex (lurker/active) TTLG (lurker/active) Gamerswithjobs (lurker/unactive) Starmen.net (active) Sorcerers.net (unactive) Winterwind (unactive) Gamefaqs (unactive) TAUniverse (unactive) Bioware (unactive} Mistress' Lair (unactive) No Mutants Allowed (just registered/unactive) QuarterToThree (unregistered/lurker) I might have a few more unactive ones though I can't care to remember.
  16. I really would like to see where you are getting this information. A link perhaps? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Most of it is obvious. There are more casual gamers than hardcore gamers. The console market is much bigger than the PC market. As far as the games being played the most, Sports titles (Madden) and action titles (GTA, Halo, Metal Gear, etc...) generally seem like the most popular. Toping various sales charts and the like.
  17. The majority consists of casual console sports/action gamers.
  18. Easily Arda wherein lies middle-earth. This has more to do with the fact that I know more about it than any other. D&D as far as a "world" is non existant. It is a rule set. Unless you mean Greyhawk, Forgotten Realms, etc... Star Wars is a given for any geek. Planescape, Fallout, Shadowrun, and Arcanum are all very interesting settings I would love to see used in more crpgs. Also the world of the Thief series was very well done. Sort of a dark medieval steampunkish camelot. Theres this whole nature vs. technology scene going on. And a secret brotherhood trying to mantain the balance of power.
  19. Fallout. Great game, but I'd still choose Torment if I was stuck on a desert island. I'd need Annah and Grace to help rub one off.
  20. Torment = Fallout > Baldur's Gate > Fallout 2 = Baldur's Gate 2 = Arcanum > Morrowind < r00fles > NWN
  21. Toss up between Planescape: Torment and Fallout. Simply the two greatest cRPGs of our time.
  22. Ellester: I was born in San Diego but my parents are both from the midwest. (Illinois) San Marcos (which is still within the county of San Diego) is about 30 minutes north of Mira Mesa (which is in San Diego proper) where in lies a few game company locations. (SCEA, SOE, and Midway)
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