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  1. You need to speak with your sister and her husband together all of you and try to work on it from there.
  2. The website seems te be very unusually slow
  3. IWD:How, Quest? This is so bothersome, I need to know if you are able to do this "quest". I've played around some and searched on the internet and I can't seem to find any info on this matter. Was this a quest, is it a quest? What was the story about behind it? I'm certain that it's not only me who has been wondering about that the last few years. hehe So all I'm asking is that someone who has the knowledge, please share some! Please!
  4. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Nice! Would be very nice! Funny name btw Lars "kikkeli"
  5. As i understand it BG3 was in development in Black isle studios, but then interplay was gone and. poff no Bg3.
  6. Please feel free to comment anything or add your beleifs Please dont kick this poll in the a*se The question is wich game gave you the greatest feeling of roleplaying?! :D
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