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  1. When I first played BG1 I made it to Baldur's Gate and then stopped playing - maybe because I felt the urge to visit every single unimportant home to see if I could find something valuable in a barrel so I was overwhelmed and lost interest. Still I really liked the game. But then came BG2 which I played through 4 times in a row. I loved it. A few years later I replayed BG1 and BG2 together and today I'm in the middle of my second BG1 playthrough with lots of mods. I have a 3rd character planned and will take all 3 of them through modded BG2 as well. So what I want to say is you should really t
  2. I don't care if the ending is either happy or sad, but I'd like to have an ending that is not "you saved the world!" Give our characters and npcs motivations and goals that aren't completely overwritten by the need to stop the great evil that threatens all life.
  3. I just have to add: please not Jeremy Soule. I can't stand his generic and cinematic music scores. Sure it's quality work he does, but I want my RPG music to be memorable and underlining the mood and atmosphere.
  4. I see there are a lot of ideas that try to be pretty close to the real world. I like that and my approach is similar. I have been working on a roleplaying system and thinking about problems like simulating the effects of armor for many years. The statistics of each piece of armor should be balanced and diverse, so you start thinking about what type of armor you'd like to wear. These are the main categories I would use: Type. Pretty simple, fur, leather, studded leather, chain mail, and so on. You know them all. Weight, for full body coverage this would range from about 3 kg for lea
  5. I don't think there has been a statement that excluded stamina from being a resource for non-magic skills/abilities apart of being the non-lethal hitpoints. And I see how this can be balanced rather well by giving warriors skills/stats that increase their stamina by a large amount, like hardiness or endurance as a passive skill.
  6. I think people still didn't get that when you are hit, you get hurt (health goes down) and you get exhausted (stamina goes down). When your health reaches 0, you die. When your stamina reaches 0, you can't fight on and fall unconscious.
  7. The "power to endure [...] fatigue". There you have it, stamina is correct.
  8. And there's another problem. You find a great new weapon, now you either lose the familiarity bonus or the great new weapon. Choosing weapon/armor proficiencies are enough limitations on equipment choice already.
  9. I like the idea of diplomatic avoidance of fights, though from a story-telling perspective some villains should be near impossible to pacify. I don't mind having to fight my way through encounters, but I'd like them to follow a few rules. 1. I can understand some NPCs (and PCs) having out of the ordinary powers, like the Baalspawns with their special abilities. If I meet an antagonist that is strangely mutated, half-dragon or whatever, then give him something to surprise your party. While you're at it, add some abilities like these to the PC character creation or to be obtainable list thro
  10. Also remember that full plate armors were not worn when traveling through the wilderness for miles on foot. Encumbrance is for me a more important aspect than historically correct appearance.
  11. I loved quests that sidetracked you a bit from the main quest, ideally like in BG1 where for a while you didn't even know what your main goal was, so you started out just exploring different paths. For example I remember a quest in Amberstar, where you found an abandoned wizard's home, fought a few smaller monsters that he seemed to have left to protect his home and eventually got into his cellar. In this cellar you found a teleporter and a snowglobe-like device that showed a small island with a house, where a skeleton lay in the grass in front of the house. Now you had to figure out that the
  12. Someone falling unconscious usually stays down for a time that is longer than a fight lasts. I don't think the stamina regeneration should make them wake up at this point so as long as the whole enemy group is down (no hostiles present) the game might count them as defeated. You now could either kill them or take them prisoner (well, maybe) and I imagine a button in the loot screen to finish them off or pick them up being not much of a hassle for the player.
  13. I can imagine a hit to my full plate hurting my 'stamina' more than my health, as in making me fight worse afterwards due to light bruises and the strain to withstand the blow. I can also imagine being able to regenerate stamina in combat, fighting defensively pausing for a moment while trying to anticipate my opponents next move. That kind of regeneration would be quick compared to health regeneration, which should be so slow that it won't matter in a fight that doesn't last for more than a few minutes. I won't have a problem with very rare magic items/potions/spells that increase the reg
  14. I like the idea of stronger potions with shorter durations. Don't forget drinking animations though. Since PE is going towards a more realistic health system, you shouldn't be able to empty a bottle in no time at all. Again, The Witcher does that pretty well.
  15. I think Diablo 2 did really well to depict a non-asian martial artist in the assassin class. Remove the claws if you want, but keep elemental damage added and you have a reason to use your fists and feet - they're pretty fast, so a good way to spread the (elemental) love. Also, if your spirit is the source of magic it sounds reasonable that fabricating elemental (or other combat enhancing) effects out of your fist is easier to do than putting it on a blade.
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