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  1. In a game like PE I'd prefer a relatively simple upgrade system to a full crafting system. For example, you can find certain rare items that let you improve the equipment you already have, with the type of item determining the bonus you get and what equipment it can be applied to. As nomotog mentioned, souls could be used for that. Upgrades should be permanent so the upgrade item will be consumed in the process, making when and what to upgrade a meaningful choice. This could be combined with artisan NPCs which have the required skills for certain upgrades, but will only help the PC if they
  2. If you want to make die rolls persistent for every (non-combat) challenge you might as well assume that the skill check itself is fully deterministic when playing the game, but that the success threshold for each challenge has been randomised just once. Which is fairly easy to implement using just a single seed value in the savegame. In fact you could just assume that this randomisation has already been done by the designer. In such a system you'd always know that if you fail a test, you'll fail it again unless you boost your skills. Which does have some advantages.
  3. One problem in IE games that works counter to a "gather intelligence, pick spells based on that information" mechanic is the implicit tie between resting and memorization of spells. It is impossible to come to an area, scout (potentially using a spell like Invisibility), then pick the right spells without having to fully rest again.
  4. From a realism point of view, when someone is injured or ill it makes sense to rest for a longer period of time. But for a game I think the problem with rest spamming or auto-recharge is that it comes at little to no cost. It doesn't matter how badly you fought the last fight, you can just rest a bit and you'll be just as well off as if you had fought flawlessly. And generally, when you lose a fight you reload, so there is simply no difference in outcome - with the notable exception of any consumables you may have used. Learned spells and health thus become free resources. Which is odd giv
  5. The game allows you to pause as much as you want. The designers already have to take that into account, but as PE is not an action game nor an RTS clicking faster or more precisely should make no difference. You could play PE with a crappy trackpad and still give your party as many commands per game time as anyone with a high precision gaming mouse. I'm really not sure how you think this "changes the options for play style".
  6. I'd prefer the full map to be either in hand-drawn style, or simply for it to be the highest zoom level without switching to a different screen. And I want to be able to annotate the map.
  7. Please explain. Given the limitations of the human visual system there is no reason not to go lossy. You simply need to make sure not to go overboard, and no one will be able to tell the difference.
  8. If larger OLED screens were to be stuck at current pixel density levels for that long, it seems likely that many users would opt for high-res LCDs instead. Looking at the mobile space where OLEDs are relatively common now, OLEDs do trail LCDs a bit in terms of pixel density, but the Galaxy Note II still comes with a highly respectable 267 ppi 5,5" screen. Pet peeve: You probably mean TN (twisted nematic). Practically all active matrix LCDs and OLEDs are TFTs (the thin film transistor layer is the active matrix).
  9. Infinity engine did in fact support tiles. Not everything in those games is unique. No need for guessing, the IWD image is a 4.13MiB JPEG image, which means it's a little more than 3 bits per pixel, or 13% of an uncompressed 24bpp image. And it's still very high quality. So yes, 45MiB of on-disk storage for 8 times the pixels would be plenty. With optimised compression you could probably get below 2bpp.
  10. With combat you have a string of tactical decisions and dice rolls, and a bad roll can add to the tension, might make you use that expensive scroll or potion you saved up for a rainy day, and generally adds to the feeling of overcoming a real challenge. Non-combat parts of the game need to take a slice from this. Bad rolls are ok if at least something interesting happens. Instead of a single check failure leading to "I don't like you, I'm never going to talk to you again", at least give the player some opportunities to respond to a bad roll. Maybe you can do the NPC a favour to win back th
  11. I'm not sure it's odd at all. What else would you do if you're badly injured, if not rest and tend to your wounds? The only problem I see from a game perspective is that the cost is too low.
  12. Windows 8 is meant for all kinds of PC, and touch is not limited to Metro apps. By the time PE is released there will be millions of touch-enabled Windows 8 PCs, That most of them will probably use the tablet form factor is neither here nor there, they should all be powerful enough to run PE. PE does not rely on particularly fast or precise input, you can always pause. Thus no rebalancing is required. IE games can be played almost exclusively with a mouse, a keyboard is not necessary except to name your characters and savegames. PE will likely be the same. Pointing can be emulated we
  13. I do agree it's important to properly support high dpi, but the existing variety of screen sizes, resolutions and viewing distances already is enough to justify supporting a large range of scale factors for both the UI and the world view. And then there are tactical considerations for zooming in and out of the latter. The level of detail shown in the 2560x1440 screenshot published is amazing. If they can increase the detail beyond that, great! But even if it were to go slightly blurry when you play it on a large high-dpi display and/or when you zoom in, that would be nowhere near as bad as
  14. Agreed, though the reason I want to be able to adjust text-heavy elements is so they don't stretch over the whole screen. There's a reason newspapers are printed in columns. A collapsible, RTS-style minimap could be useful if the area is large, particularly in towns. Other than that, I'd like there to be a touch-friently mode for the UI.
  15. I like the idea of items with associated lore, but those items should be rare and manually placed. Some might be held by powerful NPCs and can be obtained by defeating them or helping them, while others are well hidden, And they don't necessarily have to be more powerful than everything else, though they are likely of high quality and they might have a very specific unique bonus/ability that is consistent with the lore. I also like the idea of items gaining special status by using them while performing a heroic feat.
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