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  1. A little bit annoying that it keeps giving me And returning to https://eternity.obsidian.net/store/address Will try again another time to see if the problem is fixed.
  2. Mods are great for multiplayer games and can really extend their longevity and then get questions raised about X game is destroying the industry cause everyone only plays that, not new ones. Of course that's quite irrelevant to this discussions. Mods for single player games on the other hand are not so important. Unless the game itself already has good longevity, by the time good quality mods start coming out, most of the player base will have already left. I have personally made a few mods for a few games, and do enjoy playing around with mods from time to time. The only single player ga
  3. Not really. A few asides, first... LoL and Dota are not strategy RPG's. They are Moba games, which is a dumb name for Multiplayer Action Game. They are designed to be fast and brutal, not slow and tactical. Screen space as a result is less important, but their UI's are still crap anyway and anyone who understands design can give you a laundry list as to why. As for complaints about why a 16.3% brick covering the screen is no different than the 5-8% of floating icons in a strategy RPG... well all I gotta say is uh..... if you think it doesn't make a difference I doubt you have ever act
  4. Additional comment about multi monitor systems. Where are you going to put a sidebar? Its really obvious where you put a bottom bar, bottom of centre monitor. Sidebar not so simple. Edge of centre screen creates a scrolling discontinuity. Putting it on the edge of an edge screen makes it extraordinary annoying to use. Thumbs down to sidebar from me as if that wasn't obvious.
  5. As mentioned by centurionofprix any UI that only partially blocks an edge of the screen causes minor problems with scrolling. Either need to make sure nothing can ever get under the hidden part of the map (which will cause issues with transitioning along edges of maps), or let you scroll past the edge of the map (ugly). Another thing chances are the UI will be at a fixed resolution designed for widescreen monitors. If you placed the UI elements that were the same size on the edge of the screen, it takes up exactly the same amount of area on the screen, if the monitor is the standard 16:9.
  6. I think the UI looks pretty good. However really not liking the Ctrl-c Ctrl-v infinity ability icons. Something newer and different would be much better.
  7. A simple bonus isn't going to be something that will convert pirates. The idea doesn't sound well thought out as the *bonus* requires a form of DRM to work, or else it not a bonus. We'd need to be authenticating the key on an online server or something (even if only once, its still DRM) . If the bonus doesn't use need a form of DRM, such as release day DLC for registered owners, then there wont be anything stopping pirates having it. If it does use a form of DRM, it would be cracked. I think that there is some serious underestimation of what happens in 'the scene' going on. Time and money
  8. Good looking dynamic shadows are extremely demanding on the graphics card and wouldn't fit well with the 2D nature of the game. PE has a big a advantage being Pre-rendered. The artists can go and tweak the shadows generated in Photoshop if they don't quite look good enough. If you want shadows to be realtime dynamic there will be a decrease in quality. That most games out there do not even attempt to do day/night cycles or large scale lighting changes. Its one of those things that's really difficult to do real time. I'm quite impressed by what I've seen. Especially with the way that depth
  9. Copy protection is largely pointless and only buys you time before your title is completely cracked. Pretty much doesn't matter what method is chosen the crackers will find a way to get around it. The only exceptions are always on DRM where you play on a server like say Diablo 3, or certain types of hardware based DRM that can't be emulated. Having messages appear or changing content/gameplay for pirated version can backfire. Been cases where copy protection has acted on legitimate customers who when attempting to get help from the community have had the community turn on them and accuse t
  10. I decided to make a few simple html pages to demonstrate somewhat how the games scaling will work (from what I understand). Things aren't ideal of course as there has only been one screenshot released and its only at a fixed resolution. Would be really nice if we had one showing more around the edges (like a 2560x1440 image at the low DPI) so these sort of demonstration work nicer. *sighs* Anyway, this first page simple selects the image for your window size. Best viewed fullscreen (press F11). This second page scales the image by half and designed to demonstrate how different resolut
  11. Bad puzzles that are too hard/annoying to solve are often cause save scumming. Can't lay the blame with one specific sort of puzzle type either. You'll always get someone who just isn't as capable as someone else solving a puzzle and they'll just resort to trial and error. I personally find riddles and word plays particularly annoying. Language just isn't my speciality.
  12. l prefer a system thats a combination of both. The player can if they want can increase a crafting skill so they can make exotic items OR they can spend currency and get an NPC to do it for them. It would be nice if there is a good balance between crafted and found items. If one is always better than the other, it makes the other pointless. Nothing wrong though with using crafting as a shortcut to generic better items then found items, and the finding uniques that are bettter. I personally didn't like the BG2 system. The ingredients were too hard to get and by the time I could get the items ma
  13. High triangle counts on the characters shouldn't be that much of a problem. Normally games need to split the rendering budget, for example, between characters, clutter, decals and the environment. With the environments being prerendered in PE it will free up a lot of resources for other things, such as high quality character models.
  14. I'm probably one of the few people around here not planning on buying it. I am disappointed that as enhanced as it is, I was hoping that they may have considered improving the interface to match more modern titles... like not an interface covering 3 sides of the screen and adding action queuing. Even the improvments that Black Isle made to the interface in IWD2 were nice and I would have liked it if a similar interface was used here at least. *sighs* Seems like a missed opportunity to me.
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