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  1. as long as Bioyouknowwho keeps its hands away from it......
  2. It can only get better now right?...........right?
  3. Hell, just put a big arrow in from of you like a racing game would have! A toggle switch is enough, works well in Dishonored, satisfy both who want it and those who don't
  4. I don't mind fetch quest when there is a reason and something to get at the end. IE go find different parts for a magic sword that I can use Or get 7 magic balls to summon a dragon As long as it's not overdone
  5. Loot Drop mentioned there was an issue closing it, and already submitted to KS support.
  6. Just started playing Divinity 2 for the first time, picked up the Director's cut from GOG. Really liking the story and characters Taking a break from XCOM, getting ready for an Ironman 3rd playtrough after 2 unsuccessful ones.
  7. They asked for a lot less than 4M, I'm confident they have enough to do whatever they had in mind and more.
  8. They could always put violence sliders, from "no blood" all the way to exploding heads
  9. This, sure we know which are the best RPG's ever made, but gotta think about the future if there is only 1 left in the world, how many times will you beat Planescape or BG2 in a year, how about the next year. In this horrible future there is only one, NWN is as good as the people making the mods for it.
  10. Skyrim overdid it. First Dragon: OH #%#$ a dragon, run! Second Dragon: The dragon is attacking the tower, join us so we can kill it, It'll be a hard battle but we'll get him. 10836th Dragon: OH #%#$ a dragon, don't move so I can one-shot you with my Exquisite diamond slingshot.
  11. Is it even legal to call DA2 an RPG? I laughed so hard at that picture Almost glad EA made the game just for that.....almost
  12. ahem... I'm with you there... $500 tier Though I made my own pledge to not buy a game until I beat another one
  13. AHHHH just went up to $268 (+$8 OO + $10cards) From $20 > $35> $148 > $268 Let's make this happen people!
  14. A magical hourglass so they can spend whatever time they want making the game and still deliver it in 2 years. A Delorian will work too Honestly I think they have enough in their hands already.
  15. these 3 are my favorites. Specially the fatigue (stamina and health) system That surprised me, not that I'm tired of the "normal" way but it looks very interesting. I wonder how poison, disease and other afflictions will affect stamina and health.
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