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  1. Tough one. I'm having a hard time deciding, so I'll just list all my favorites: PS:T: Morte, Dak'kon, Annah, Grace, Vhailor, Nordom BG: Jaheira, MInsc, Edwin, Imoen, Jan, Sarevok, Mazzy KotOR: Kreia, HK47, Visas, Handmaiden, T3, Jolee DA:O: Dog, Shale NWN1: Deekin Honorable non-companion mention for Strauss from Vampire Bloodlines.
  2. Posting stuff like this (and using CAPS, oooh), I don't think you really need my (or anyone else's) feedback. I'm sure you think it adds to your point, but it doesn't. And it makes me care even less about your posts. But I'll say this. The Fallout mention is just an example to illustrate a point. Which is, a timer that adds a sense of urgency and difficulty to the game also implicitly categorizes in-game content. whatever doesn't relate in some way to the timer is secondary, and going against this order of things will be penalized (in FO1 it likely meant losing the game). In the end, the g
  3. From something that Adam said, I glanced that paladins aren't the typical paladins, while clerics are the typical paladins, only they use firearms. No, I'm not liking the class' concept so far. But it's a very early stage still, so things might change.
  4. I don't think so. For instance, if I'd rather search for Bassilus than going straight to the Nashkel mines (and maybe get wayward while doing so), penalizing me for not following the timed quest plot makes for lesser gameplay than it could be. Or, if everyone I know will die if I don't find the water chip, it's not realistic that I simply go wandering endlessly in the opposite direction (assuming of course a degree of empathy with my vault's plight). With this in mind, chances are I probably won't care about the people and quests I come across if they don't somehow relate to the water
  5. I don't mind time limits for "normal", non-mandatory quests, but I dislike them for main quests. I find that whatever "realism" is gained by following a specific plotted-timeframe, is more than compensated by the loss in gameplay quality. I'd rather the pace I explore the gameworld is set by me rather than the game (within the usual parameters of course, I'm not advocating for infinite resting or anything of the like).
  6. Actually, we didn't pay for it already. All KS funds are supposed to go to the base PE game proper, and the expansion is supposed to be developed with post-ship funds. At least that was the last I heard from somewhere... This, I think, was to separate the expansion from the bad feelings about "day one DLC" where stuff is actually cut from a base game to be resold later. From the Kickstarter page: I believe you're both correct, you're just saying different things. The ones that got the expansion add on, they paid for the right to have it when it's out (Hassat Hunter), they did n
  7. I'd guess two years, give or take. I don't think they had in mind the second city when they posted the april estimate date, A few months delay is perfectly fine by me, I'd rather wait a couple of months than having a rushed game. Even more so now that there is no developer's pressure.
  8. Something like this is present in Cyanide's Game of Thrones, where after a while you can offer some of the prisoners to be released if they agree to take on the black. Not much comes out of it, but the interaction is somewhat nice and is there. I wouldn't mind a similar thing being included in P:E's stronghold.
  9. Pity. I rather enjoyed playing pazaak. I think the issue was less that he did not think the mini-games were fun, but that they did not contribute enough to the game and considering the unfinished state the game was released in, those resources (man-hours and money) could have been spent in better places. That would make sense, yes. But I thought the game was rushed by LucasArts' initiative? I mean, Obsidian couldn't have possibly known that the resources spent on minigames would be needed afterwards because of publisher's meddling...
  10. Thanks for sharing. The orlan cipher sounds interesting, looking forward to that one. Paladins are not paladins, and clerics are paladins with guns. This doesn't sound too good. On the other hand:
  11. Pretty much this. If it bombs, no publisher will want to touch it. If it does good, and they went to a publisher for the sequel, Obsidian would be renouncing a share of the profits for no apparent reason. If they were short on funds for the sequel (unlikely if this one goes well), they'd just do another kickstarter.
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