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  1. Don't know how I got this bug, but general sequence is as such: Get Macredd bounty. Complete bounty by using persuade option, turn in flamethrower for quest completion. Get Happiness is a Warm Ship quest. Go back to backbays, no peaceful dialogue option for Macredd shows up, it's missing. I had to look up a quest guide to make sure it was supposed to be there, and it is. But I talk to him and the dialogue option is just missing, even though that's my active quest.
  2. Found an audio bug that will have a kind of "scroll closing sound" that I'm pretty sure is common put on repeat for eternity. To get it to stop requires saving and reloading, and it shows up about every 3 minutes, and I can't quite pin down what causes it. Considering I'm running off a realtek high definition audio built in mobo piece and no one else has reported this yet I suspect either my drivers are out of date and/or this has something to do with running Windows 10. I'll try to update my drivers and see what happens.
  3. I love both ways of going about enchanments, but for a PoE type game I'd prefer more thought out, handmade enchantments. In Diablo or Borderlands I can find a new thing and go "oh cool, whatever, more stuff!" Because those games are all about stuff, stuff stuff stuff, piles of loot reaching to the sky, and numbers that should go ever higher and do the same. For a more story driven game I'd... well I'd personally prefer if the enchantments and magical had more "story" as well. I always read the little descriptions on the unique items in BG2. Always made it feel more special than "Sword +1"
  4. And it's really jarring, to go back a decade or more, to totally static trees. I've suggested before replacing foliage and leaves with lightmapped billboards of the same texture. Little performance hit and you just warp the billboards a little to create the illusion of movement. Otherwise the backgrounds look great, but that one part is just plain jarring.
  5. Yes. Will the beta have Moon Wizards? I hear those are hot right now.
  6. There's actually four layers - final, depth, albedo, and normals - all 32 or 24 bit. They are all compressed, but in a way to preserve as much detail as possible. Decompression is quick, and most of the load time is spent loading the textures off of disk. I don't have the exact size, but the game is going to be average download for today's standards. I honestly wouldn't mind if it took 500GB to have the game uncompressed. so long as the graphics are better. I really hope the compression doesn't take away any really noticeable details. I also noticed in the video, the characters look l
  7. We do have dynamic directional light shadow maps. Those are the shadows that are being cast by the spheres and characters. We do not have point light shadows, which can be more complex, and for us is challenging because of our psuedo-2d/3d situation. It's something that I would love to do moving forward! It didn't look like it! It looks like it's only for dynamic objects, while you could easily do a proper shadow map for static objects that's just a static set of of depth maps tiled and streamed like the background. That's just my impression though. As for point light shadows, jus
  8. Well that's really disappointing, all you need for environment shadow maps is a tiled pre-calculated shadow map. That's it, no need for lightmapping or other oldschool stuff. Just create a planar shadow map from your static sun/moon source and output to streaming tiles the same way the background works. Also just turning SSAO on should still work out well with depth information and etc. Unity has a nice enough built in SSAO right off the bat.
  9. A 2d game for the Rift... BRILLIANT! I demand this, DEMAND! I'm a backer so I'm in charge of everything! In fact, this should be like a tabletop simulated 3d. With your characters in 3d and the backgrounds as a 2d tabletop, and then the game should support co-op and you should be able to look around the virtual table to see other players. I demand the entire game be re-written as an Oculus only D&D tabletop simulator.
  10. Sony Conference: "Please welcome, Obsidian's Josh Sawyer." Sawyer (Walking out on stage) "Hey great to be here. You know Obsidian was founded by the same people that created some of the great tactical party based RPGs of the nineties like Fallout, Baldur's Gate, and Icewind Dale. And with our project Pillars of Eternity we aim to bring that feeling of deep tactical combat in an expansive, isometric story based RPG back into the modern day. And we want as many people to come along for the ride with us. So today I am proud to announce that Pillars of Eternity will be coming to the Playstatio
  11. Considering it's an isometric perspective game where you really need to center around your party, I'm not sure I'd see it as a priority. That being said it would be damned hilarious and I hope it happens, just so someone with like 6 4k 30" monitors can show off their sweet set up with it.
  12. They've said that's yet to be decided, and any editor they've made is there's to distribute. I mean they could NOT distribute it, the SDK for Unity itself is fairly easy to distribute (there's even a free version!) so I'm pretty sure something could be worked out with Unity. Meaning it's basically up to Obsidian to deliver.
  13. Assuming there's a proper editor at some point, or at least the settings they use available, it'll just transform your rendered scene into the proper format for you.
  14. Huh, I'd never seen that before I suggested it. But it's not surprising. Really just a natural progression of pre-rendered background stuff for the times.
  15. Those two interior shots are exactly the high resolution Infinity Engine style environments I was imagining, great job! Also that beach scene looks a lot better than the mostly average and kind of bland wilderness environments mostly already shown. See if that's the kind of work for a wilderness environment would typify I'd have been much more supportive of the proposed extra stretch goals a while back.
  16. He listens! Or at least has similar ideas. There was a thread about this a few months back, and this exact problem of "the pre-fight routine" was mentioned. Good to see it's not going to be in there. I get reaallly tired of casting the same what feels like a hundred or so buffs on all my party just before entering every difficult combat scenario.
  17. Oh come on, it looks mostly good. Yes the spaces could be filled in. Yes they are a bit useless. But all the moaning is literally over a pair of small gaps. No need to be dramatic about it.
  18. Don't really need Supersample that much, though support isn't that hard. Honestly now that I think about edges... I guess you'd have to store 2 samples for each edge pixel where there's super sampled depth discontinuity. One for the foreground depth and one for the background, and then you'd have to depth sort. Which will suck, but will be the only way to make it work unless you're doing a post process like SMAA. What's Unities lighting like again? I remember using it, and I know it supported light pre-pass deferred. "deferred lighting" (as opposed to deferred rendering, where the lighting
  19. Now... this is mostly useless as you'll not be looking at actual geometry for the most part. Toksvig normal map anti aliasing and correct mipmapping would really, REALLY be appreciated with the ability to zoom in and out. Or you could just play it at native res and it'd be fine. As for just plain ol anti-aliasing, ensuring selective edge multisampling for dynamic entities, the only actual geometry onscreen, would be cool though. Mmm, 16msaa would help those characters fit right in with what I can only assume is a highly supersampled background. Speaking of which, for the final, shippin
  20. It's a nice enough background bit if music. It seems to strike somewhere around the right balance of sounding pleasant and evocative without ever getting in the way or being too annoying to listen too a hundred times. It also sounds a little scattered, there's a lot of slow, single instrument parts where we get some new instrument part we've ever heard before, and it's the only thing going. It feels like it's suddenly a different track, meant for a different area. I also wonder what you're going to do for the theme. A strong theme song is something I'm always a fan of, something stronger a
  21. Don't worry, someone without the internet who runs only OS2/Warp will still complain. I don't know how. Probably via handwritten letter postmarked from a cave in Siberia.
  22. There are always too many undead in any fantasy game. Seriously, how many endless tombs are there for necromancers to go through, and how are there somehow a thousand times more dead people in all of them than living people anywhere? And those tombs! Geeze no wonder everyone's poor and living in squalid little huts, they just save up for labyrinths of incredibly fantastical tombs and mausoleums and sarcophagus to bury every last member of their family in. A small town's cemetery is usually several times bigger and fancier than the town itself! And how do these things get built? It's got to
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