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  1. I would like a baby dragon companion. Aside from that I want big dragons. Dragons that take up a map just for their body.
  2. Okay, I like that. I guess I tend to expect tie-breakers to end in everything being rosy. I do like the idea of ostensibly good options. Although I still want choices without any factor that tips the scales in one direction. I don't think the majority of choices should be like this, just some of them should be. I am talking more about a moral quandary than an evidentiary one. The previous Witcher example seems like an evidentiary one. At the moment I cannot think of a good moral quandary, but if I think of one I will post it.
  3. That sounds absolutely wonderful to me. Although without the tie-breaker. I agree that moral quandaries are hard to implement. But I think their sparsity is primarily due to only a minority of gamers actually wanting them in their games. I have a tendency to expect something like what you wrote when "ambiguous moral decisions" are advertised in a game. Unfortunately, I am perennially disappointed. I hope that will change with this game.
  4. If I play the beta, I will play a psychopath with multiple personalities. That way I will not be doing anything I would in the normal game. I will try killing as many people as possible. Basically, I will try doing things that most people would not.
  5. I agree. I want more obviously good and evil decisions. Most games tend to give justification to the major evil decisions (if there are any). Or "evil" basically amounts to being a jerk. With the assassin's guild in Oblivion, I felt they tried to make it palatable. It seemed like you were only killing other "bad" guys. However, I also want moral quandaries that the player will struggle with. I have not found any game which had such a decision. Although, I tend to give my characters a code which they live by. That tends to make most decisions easy.
  6. I agree that the game should use unpaid volunteer labor. Unfortunately, many people would decry what I consider to be unpaid volunteer labor as slavery.
  7. I should be able to play the super-sexy Baron Harkonnen. Instead of being supported by a device, he should be supported by magic.
  8. If there is an option to play a real estate tycoon, then there should be the option to have ridiculous hair. I also want the option of summoning (or dressing up as) a monster to scare people out of their property. That way you can buy it cheaply.
  9. If done right, then this could work. It would require the game to be fundamentally different than most other MMOs. The plot would have to be integral to the game, rather than just a reason to kill things. You would not see people doing the exact same quest that you are. The game's plot would come from the interactions of the various players, rather than a script. You wouldn't find a group just to be able to kill big things or get better equipment. Basically, it would be similar to a table-top game, just with many more people. The game would be one large "roleplaying server." It would require a melding of the minds between both the developers and all the people who play the game. I think it is unlikely that such a thing would happen, but if it does, then it could redeem MMORPGs.
  10. That's strange. I haven't had problems doing those two things. Although I have had problems with the computer slowing down while doing other things.
  11. I didn't like how they did that either. Being left-handed was iconic for Link. I completely agree with this topic. Left-handed characters need to be in this game. In fact, the social system should be structured around a person's dominant hand. Left-handers should be at the top. Ambidextrous people should be in the middle. And right-handers should be at the bottom. It mirrors real social systems as the majority of people are at the bottom, with a few at the top. (Alternatively, I remember reading that in the past left-handed people were considered satanic. That would be a interesting detail if it was included, especially considering that gods are known to exist.)
  12. I am in favor of unapologetically evil antagonists. As well as the obviously crazy ones. I find them much more entertaining than ones with some justification. I am tired of the fallen hero archetype. As well as enemies who escape just as you would kill them. And ones who are constantly just outside of the player's grasp. Finally, I do not want the game structured around the antagonist. I want it structured around the protagonist. Ideally the main antagonist (if there is one) will be determined by the player's actions.
  13. That needs to be accompanied with this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZcJjMnHoIBI
  14. Are they still taking only 5% or did they up it to 10% to "compensate" for Amazon not getting 5% any more? If they still take only 5%, then god dangit if this had happened before Project Eternity, Obsidian would have about 200,000$ more in the budget. I was mistaken. For UK projects (which Sui Genesis counts as even though it is Italian), Kickstarter handles credit cards directly. However, for US projects they still use Amazon Payments. I found the information here.
  15. I remember reading something which said the game starts with the main character witnessing something horrific. That could be what spurs the protagonist into adventuring. Before that they could be almost any regular person, like a farmer or a noble.
  16. We should also try to not make the game ableist. Some of the companions should have disabilities.
  17. I like this idea. I enjoy playing characters who are older than 20. Plus we could have fight scenes like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=63Wv4e_k0nw
  18. It is perfect that he is also wearing skimpy armor. Fat, romanceable, and in skimpy armor- the Project Eternity forum trifecta.
  19. I am going to make my Forton a sumo wrestler. That way he will live up to his true potential. Plus combat would be more entertaining to watch. One more thought: if a person is fat enough they can be used as an impromptu boulder for rolling down hills at enemies or as a siege weapon. A really fat fighter could take out most of a group of enemies.
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