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  1. great read thanks for the post I can't wait for the Beta now, Also you know they have to be glad to see how well Divinity has been selling on Steam, bodes real well from this game they could make a killing.
  2. I feel like games like Divintiy Original sin prove they should make it and it will sell well, that game has never left the no.1 bestseller sense it came out over a week ago. Clearly people like to play old school RPG'S.
  3. It seems I don't have the Vip badge or the K and I gave 110$
  4. Hey if they are good then go for it I would be down it looks very good from the Video they just put out.
  5. Can we just let the mmo die no body likes em so just stop please, I would way rather had Kotor 3 and 4 over the stupid mmo any day.
  6. I say as much as we can we are the ones funding this game we should know whats going on.
  7. Oh yea those Streams were both crazy and when those girls actually posed for the camara I kind of felt sick.
  8. Im always going for the eyes with Boo! that said I have the preordered.
  9. I think it makes it from what I have been heaing it really picks up towerds the end.
  10. I am paying over 120$ for this game Paladins better dam well be in this game.
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