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  1. Oh I see. His use of the term "rest". I agree that is a bit confusing, but by "rest" he seems to just mean a short pause. As opposed to the lower level spells that you can just spam forever. He says that after you use a certain number of spells in a particular level you are locked out of that spell level for a certain number of 'rounds'. So let's say you sling a bunch of third level fireballs until the page for your third level spells greys out. You then switch to a different level for a while and after maybe a IE turn (10 rounds) your third level spells un-grey again. Again, this is in contrast to the maybe first and second level spells which are considered the equivalent of a fighter swinging his sword. By "rest" I don't think he is talking about 8 hours of sleep or anything because that would contradict the rest of what he says. I still believe that when Tim was talking about spell cool downs, he was talking about the non grimoire spells. If not, then I will fight alongside you for at least the option to have a system that makes spell casting an interesting and tactical challenge.
  2. From your quote of Tim "It's the higher level spells that have a certain limit on how many times they can be cast before the wizard will have to rest."
  3. A low level wizard might only have a basic attack. As a wizard gains levels, he would probably a few more tricks up his sleeve that aren't unbalancing, but still readily accessible. I definitely see where you are coming from, but as a gameplay mechanic, it all depends on how they balance it. Nobody can say that it will be overpowered, or under powered yet.
  4. Come on metiman, he said that was their starting point. Also, I still don't think that the cool downs apply to the grimoires. He specifically states at one point that you have to rest to renew them. Let's say you''re a low level wizard. Perhaps you only have one Grimoire. At X you get 2. At Y, 3. Neither we nor Obsidian know yet.
  5. Meti, Again it all comes down to the balance. If each grimore is only comprised of a few powerful spells then I think it could actually add to the tactical play of wizards, especially because I'm fairly confident that Obsidian genuinely wants to make an old school IE type game. Also you have to bear in mind that this isn't a DnD game, adapted into RTwP, but their own new system. There will obviously be analogues to DnD spells, but it will be a whole different system.
  6. Metiman, You may well be right. I was taking the level wide cool down to include all lower levels. I still don't see a problem with a basic low level magical attack for wizards, rather than equipping them with a sling. I don''t get the impression that the grimoires are supposed to regen until rest though. I think it could work, but it's all about balance. That's why I think it's important that you stay onboard. Obsidian needs to hear that some oldschool fans object to certain mechanics.
  7. Metiman, Okay, Tim start off by saying this is their rough concept, but your basic low level spells will be subject to a level wide cool down, ie once you cast a certain amount of level 1 spells you won't be able to use them again until they recharge which he says should be longer than a small battle, but could concievably recharge in a longer confrontation. The Grimoires sound to me like a specific set of spells. There is a cool down when *switching* grimoires, but if I'm understanding what he's saying, the spell sets themselves do not regenerate until resting. I could be misinterpreting that, but that sounds like what he's saying.
  8. I believe Tim mentioned that there was still a limit on low level spells. Even if there's a basic magic attack, it just replaces giving your mage a sling as a default attack.
  9. Without the memory limitations they had back in the IE days they can afford to render the areas at much higher resolutions. I think fans of IE games will be pleasantly surprised.
  10. Hey folks, we don't all have to have a big kumbaya here, but I'm pretty sure the reason we're all here is that we love rpgs, especially the IE ones. I'm sure we can all debate different systems without **** devolving into personal attacks.
  11. I hope you don't give up on PE on the 17th. This is all just the very start of the process, the initial stages of design. Nothing is set in stone.
  12. Metiman, from what I heard it sounds like a hybrid vancian cool down system. Not what you wanted to hear I'm sure, but it still could be interesting. It sound like lower level spells won't be infinitely spammable, but have a max count. The grimoires sound like a pre detremined (vancian) set of spells that only have set uses. Any thoughts on what Tim said about combat? I was fairly enthused about that.
  13. I like it, but as you said it may be beyond the scope of the goal. Also, folks might prefer a silent party so that they can project their characters' reactions.
  14. I'm very excited because of this update. Combat is sounding pretty good, magic system sounds interesting, and now mod support. Now if only we could get a softback copy of the artbook for under $250...
  15. As many others have said, I too would like to see fow with a reasonable area and line of sight.
  16. I an comfortable with rtw/p but I must say TOEE made a very convincing arguement in my mind for jut how amazing tb can be. It kicks a lot of ass.
  17. True, you could just as easily break up 10 levels into a 100 if you really wanted to.
  18. I've facepalmed every time I saw it. Maybe we should kill their healer first? Nooo, he doesn't look dangerous enough. But charm spells are fair game? Both sides should have a way to disrupt opponents tactics. I would be all for rogue-like classes being able to provoke a distraction on both sides. EDIT: with the caveat that once the caster/opponent dies that the influence ends. I always though it was pretty stupid that you had to wait for effects that are supposed to be caster dependant to wear off after the battle.
  19. Ieo, so we are in perfect agreement then. As I said, I don't have extensive experience with mmos, all I suggested was a mechanic that would allow the player to tactically interrupt the AI.
  20. Jesus. You do at least realize that you are NOT going to get this from Obsidian, right? At least not in a non-publisher project promising a BG2/PS:T remake. It is just beyond absurd to expect it. The only thing you should, maybe not expect, but hope for is good AI. Hoping for an aggro mechanic is just very wishful thinking on your part. BTW, if you haven't yet tried an MMO let me be the first to tell you that you will absolutely love them and never want to even look at P:E when it is released. If you want aggro game mechanics I can't think of a worse place for you to be than on these forums. Just a friendly suggestion. No matter what you do you should start playing WoW ASAP. That was a bit unecessary. All I'm talking about is essentially good AI, and good ol' DnD mechanics. The reason I dislike MMOs from my little experience with them is a lack of any non combat content, so thanks for the advice, but I think I may just stick with PE.
  21. It's hard to say at this stage. I don't want to burn through levels, but I obviouly don't want to feel threatened by a rat for any longer than necessary.
  22. I voted yes, having never played an mmo, besides about a week of DDO. As Ogrezilla pointed out, I'm refering to some sort of system that the player can use to try to misdirect the enemy AI. Call it aggro if you want.
  23. Large stacks and a system that having small amounts of special ammo not take up an inordinate amount of inventory space and I'm fine with limited ammo all around. It all depends on how the game is balanced.
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