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  1. I hope we can make $3.5m. I really want that 2nd city. I think it's gonna be tight.
  2. She's got some great talent, to be sure. Looking at her portfolio, she hammers the isos. I just don't like this one monk character concept.
  3. I don't want a "cool design beard" ; I want him to look like a hobo that bursts out into awesome and educates people. Of course, it's all up to the art director. Without knowing the world, it's hard to gauge the concept.
  4. kenup, I agree. I think that there could be a wide variety of 'monk' type people throughout the PE world... I'm just not crazy about Forton's design with what we know about the character.
  5. The hair by itself reminds me of a clown wig. I believe you can make a monk that doesn't look asian or friar tuck and still be kick ass.
  6. That's why I think it's a bit weird that he's clean shaven, unless it's just an ethnic lack of facial hair. Doesn't seem like he'd bother to shave very often.
  7. I don't know Ignatius. I can instantly think of a quote from every companion in PS:T, where I can't say that for even a couple BG or BG II companions. That being said, the BG games have a good balance between crawl/brawl and 'quest' content.
  8. Even if you ignore the initial video about Obsidian wanting to meld all those elements together, one of the first updates was all about non-combat roles. I actually just finished another replay of IWD and my only real disappointment is that I can''t continue on more adventures with my party.
  9. PS:T style all the way. If PE is going to be iso on a comparatively low budget, there's no way that they can add countless voice overs and animations for minor encounters and I'd argue that there is no need either. Let writing do what it does best.
  10. Hypevosa, I love the idea of being able to try to bs or intimidate your way out of a confrontation if you fail a skill check. I always thought it was stupid that some random peasant would go hostile and start attacking the town heroes or the most dangerous people that they had even seen if they caught you with your hand in their pocket. Personally, I'd love an option to pretend that I was just making a pass at them. It could make for some fun dialogue. edit: basic grammar.
  11. $200 Physical tier with a softback artbook and I'm there. $140 is already way more than I should be spending right now, but I will do it for you crazy cats.
  12. This clears up a lot of quetions I had about the casting system. http://www.formspring.me/JESawyer/q/378965687013505643
  13. That makes me think think of a sentient iron ration or potion that regales you with it's close encounters with consumption. The tale the 300 year old ration.
  14. I don't remember enemies warping in in DA:O. It's been a while since I've played it but I think BW was on track with that one. Was it the spiriptual suceessor to BG? No, but I could at least feel them trying to get back that lovin' feeling. Oooh that lovin' feeling. Then there was DA2.
  15. With prerendered backgrounds this will be a very gorgeous game. Making it look a fraction as good in a 3d engine would cost far more.
  16. My friend convinced (blackmailed) me to buy Borderlands 2, as of now, I've played a total of 3 hours. I love animation of all kinds, but it just hurts my eyes when playing. I'm still gonna fiddle with the fov and whatnot, but this has been my only straight up regret purchase in years...
  17. I think that WL2 won't suffer from this as much as people are making out. It was a very early tech demo to show off that it's capable of iso and top down. However, Shadowrun seems to be embracing a more animated style even in its concepts, and it's overall art direction.
  18. Tim mentioned two types of spells, "low" level and grimoires. But he aslo went on to describe what I feel were two seperate systems; the level based cool downs and grimoires. Again, I could be wrong, but the impression I got was that grimoires were supposed to be your most potent spells, that you wouldn't want to risk wasting. (I believe he says something to that effect) It doesn't make much sense to me that you would be worried about using them if they regen. Once more, this is all up in the air. If they are planning on grimoire regen then we can tell them how much we think that it's a terrible idea. We know that they're going to include a bamf mode, with as many toggleable options a they can in normal. We're in primordial ooze stage here. This is the beauty of letting the devs talk to the players from the start.
  19. I know you've probably heard enough from me at this point, but I'm assuming that wizards will still gain some non grimoire spells, which are still governed by level. The wizard will never run out of the most basic (level 0) spells, but will suffer a level wide cool down of their non G spells after a certain amount of use. The amount and selection I'm assuming are based off of how powerful the wizard is. The grimoire count is also based on the wizards level, but the spells contained within are single use only.
  20. An interesting interpretation. While that still ''sounds' over powered to me, I am sill limited by using the DnD spells as my primary frame of reference.
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