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  1. I agree that the ME3 (and FO3) ending were very disappointing because I had expected a FO1/2/NV style epilogue showing the long term consequences of your choices. That's not to say that PE needs to use that ending format, but it's one that I''m fond of. It really depends on how big a role the pc plays in the global affairs versus how personal the story is.
  2. I'm also not following your logic Gatt9. You will still get xp from exploration. I think some folks are jumping to the wrong conclusion when they hear objective/goal based xp. These won't be only tied to the main story, but rather every thing you do in the game. Every encounter out in the world will have an xp reward tied to it.
  3. Yeah, but that's only from profits after the game is released, not the KS funds.
  4. Kick it Forward doesn't come out of the KS funds. It's only given from profits after release.
  5. Rabain, In a battle the whole point is to eliminate the threat. Once someone is out of action, they are no longer an active threat. After the battle, the victors have plenty of time to go around and finish off their opponents.
  6. Tamerlane, Now that sounds like GD to me. Everything is terrible, every action futile...
  7. Thanks BatNat, I'm sure I'll be adding something soon. This whole KS has been a pretty big distraction in thee back of my mind. I need to purge some arts all over your faces to get back on track.
  8. I think we may have different definitions on what we're trying to talk about. The DA series was most definitely Bioware's 'darkest' attempt, but they were still fairly light all things considered.
  9. You may have a point there, just from the Manson trailer... but as bad as the game was, it didn't feel that artificially lathered on, except for the mandatory serial killer bit.
  10. For ME? It still wasn't a dramatic tonal shift (save for the ending) nor particularly dark.
  11. There's nothing I would consider in the ME series as an attempt to be GD. DA went a bit darker, but still not bleak.
  12. I wouldn't go by the TV tropes definition too much. When I hear "grimdark" I just picture WH40k.
  13. $140 + $20 for the expansion and + $8 for the Order. Way too much already, but I kept hoping that they would add the physical art book somewhere under the $250 mark...
  14. Especially because of the limited budget, pretty much all of the publicity for PE has to come from social media. Let's embrace that and use it to benefit PE.
  15. I know it's hip to hate on facebook, but it is a great tool for spreading awareness of things online. There's a reason why oppressive regimes block access to it; once something takes off there is no way of stopping it. Even if 99.9% of what occurs on FB is mindless drivel, the sheer size of the network is greater than all of the forums on a particular subject combined.
  16. I've already pimped this out as much as possible, but oh how I want that 2nd city.
  17. I hope so Macbeth. I think we might end up at around $3.3m, unless we get a big push on the last day.
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