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  1. Hello my fellow PE/Obsidian supporters, I haven't seen any specific thread for FanArt so far, if there is, I apologize...and get some glasses ASAP. Seeing some people already showing a bit of their creative potential in different threads and the KS comments section now and then, and expecting more to follow, I thought it would be nice to maybe gather the creations in a specific thread, instead of just stumbling upon them by accident while browsing some topic. Just for example: We already have a few members who provided great custom avatars and badges. It would be a lot easier for people to find them, if they were collected in one topic and not just strewn around. Besides, I for one would be interested in seeing the things people in favor of this project come up with as time progresses and more about the world and its inhabitants gets revealed. And so you don't think I just demand others to entertain me, I'll share my very first finished creative piece of fanart ever, if you can call it that. Some members of the Obsidian Order might recognize the poem, as I've posted it in the OOoE-Thread a week ago. In the meantime I got LordCrash to help me put the words in a more fitting setting! It's basically a proclamation to recruit more members to the Obsidian Order of Eternity... Thanks again to LordCrash for visualizing my ramblings so beautifully!!! Version A Version B Hi-res: http://i48.tinypic.com/sxyscy.jpg Hi-res: http://i46.tinypic.com/fn7j82.jpg Alright, I've done my part, now it's your turn! BatNat Jester of the Obsidian Order
  2. You're lucky, I'm in a forgiving mood today, my Lord. So get outta that corner already! And no thanks needed, it wasn't a complete selfless act. For a second I wondered if I should rechange the pledge and call it a jest though, but I don't think that would have been wise...
  3. Just posted this on the KS page, thought I'd share it with you here too, in celebration of the $2 million! Ahem *raisesmug*... A toast to all backers, be their pledges large or small, Project Eternity can use every single coin after all! May the numbers keep rising until the final call, so we can see every stretch goal crumble and fall! CHEERS
  4. Great song and wonderful voice, Armand! I can't choose a favorite song, I like them all equaly.
  5. BatNat raised his pledge to 1k and brought us over the 2.0M. Now he can think about his NPC.... She sure will!
  6. Thank you all so much for your kind words! Hehe, thanks Kabraxis, but I´m quite happy being the Jester. Lyrical outpourings are quite draining. I rather chime in with a (hopefully humorous) sarcastic comment now and then while dancing awkwardly and jingling with my cap and bells.
  7. Oh my...looks like I´ve been gone too long...page 21?! Holy crabby Chad! This really hit off guys & gals! Well...first off...thanks again to the Order´s founder Farudan for the awsome idea and work that went into this! Of course also a big thank you to dlux and everyone else who was involved, not to mention to Obsidian for the wonderful reception and the awsome member titles!!! And a big WELCOME to all the new members from me, too!!! I gotta admit though, there´s a reason it took me this long to get back to you all...I kinda worked on something... Let me just tell you beforehand, I´m not really the creative type. I´d like to be, but I´m too much of a sloth usually to really give things a shot. But this project and being in the company of such a nice bunch of people, which I´m really not used to, got me into a rare mood. So I actually sat down and tried to put my appreciation to good use. I hope the outcome isn´t too shabby... Well, here goes nothing: Good day and welcome my dear brethren and kin, let this be heard in every home, castle, inn! Your jester addresses the people in earnest this time, and let it be known, she quite hates it to rhyme! So listen my kings and queens, my ladies and lords, not to mention the folks of even shadier sorts! Let us not forget the scholars, heroes and knights, be they clad in finery, robes or maybe just tights! A new order arises, many pledges we see, join us in body and spirit for just a small fee! Risking life and limb may seem a high cost, but the cause is just, so your soul won´t be lost! The members we seek shall be the mighty brave and equally smart, though we don´t really mind if they´re deliciously evil or do occasionally fart! Loyalty and honor are the qualities that are a must, and not like some lads may think a sizeable bust! We welcome dweller and traveller of all lands near and far, be they crawler of dungeons or the odd drunk at the bar! Join, no matter if you´re a sorcerer, a harlot, the one living in sin, or even if you´re covered by fur or sporting a fin! From different origins, cultures, races and places we hail, but all this diversity does not mean we will fail! Our common ground, I may dare suggest so say we all, is that with our support the beloved Obsidian deities shall never fall! We shall protect and defend what we believe in is right, and let us never cower in fear of a discussion or fight! There shall be no more room for doubts nor uncertainty, ´cause we are the might known as...The Obsidian Order of Eternity!
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