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  1. No, this is Friendly Fire and the Devs never created an option to turn this off. It makes it dangerous for the AI to use AOE spells for sure. I use a mod that turns off friendly fire, found it on nexusmods.
  2. What the title says. I want my caster to keep up his Shield, Mirror Image and a few other defensive spells. Some of the spells have no inspiration that goes along with them such as Concentration. So I need to only cast them if my character does NOT currently have this spell cast on him. A great example is Mirror Image. However, I cannot see a Condition like "Self: Is not affected by Mirror Image" or something like that. Can anyone help?
  3. Yeah this isn't true. Every Island has a back story and almost all tie into a quest from Neketaka. There are multiple two or three story dungeons/indoor areas on several of the islands. The islands also are where you will find the mega bosses. I would remind people about Assassin's Creed Black Flag, and Assassin's Creed Odyssey, and Pathfinder Kingmaker which all had a lot of overland travel or on the seas travel. The sailing replaces walking around on a main map from point to point. Mass Effect series also has a lot of travel time filler in them. Pathfinder Kingmaker had absolutely awful directions for the plot and required players to bungle along looking for the correct location which is something I hated about that game. I really think the primary reason was the "exotic" characters and the "Different" setting as I mentioned. That seems to be the only unique thing about PoE 2 that really sets it apart and that is immediately apparent to the player from the very start of the game, and from all the promotional material etc. That's where my vote for what did not resonate with this gaming market. And I agree, it is sad because the world they created is absolutely beautiful.
  4. Here's a thought that may be unpopular, but I'm going to share it anyway. One of the things I loved about POE 2 was the diversity of the characters and the uncompromising representation of foreign culture. The focus on the Huana, the Rauatai, and the Vailian Republic presented factions which were almost completely ethnic as the focus of the player's journey. The accents were all foreign, the Huana sounded native, so did some of the Rauatai. The most underrepresented accent and phenotype in Pillars of Eternity 2 were the usual euro-centric characters. In talking to some of my peers what I kept hearing was how DIFFERENT everything was, even Xoti's southern American accent was commented on. I think the story and character development of POE2 is superb, more so because of the attention to detail for these factions. Critically, it has also been recognised as having very high production values and attention to world building, environment and storytelling. Looking through this thread there is a lot about this difference, and talk about traditional Fantasy settings. POE2 is a Fantasy/Sci-Fi setting that is extremely popular now and has worked very well for several franchises. I'm proposing that this talk about " Setting" refers to something else. The one area where POE2 deviates from the norm is a massive underrepresentation of eurocentric, hetero-normal characters. So when so many people talk about the setting one has to wonder If this is what they really mean. In all other ways Pillars of Eternity's world is as fully realised as a new IP can be and was an interesting philosophical journey across Eora. I think perhaps the team needs to start looking at some uncomfortable realities about their market and the work they created. Replace the Huana with white elves, the accents with either British or American, the Vailians as eurocentric bankers, and the male characters not trying to jump the bones of a male protagonist at the drop of a hat and I think the reception would have been a bit different. I'm putting it out there that this was the reason the audience did not take to PoE 2. When people talk about "Setting" or "Different" this is what they mean. And it is something that most persons either would not realise, or simply would not admit. However in discussing it with several people, it's one common theme I've found between the complaints, and the thing that most have great difficulty in articulating.
  5. Yeah. A most annoying bug indeed. If you have the potion as part of the Behaviour Ai they seem to drink it. But if you direct them to, they will not. It is annoying having to turn off AI and micromanage that little drink potion scenario while you may have other things to handle with the other characters. At this point I am guessing it won't get fixed. I wonder what new players must think when they click to chug a potion and nothing happens and a few seconds later the character dies , must be confusing as heck for them.
  6. That is absolutely incredible. I feel like you should make a youtube video showing those results since I'm certain many PC builders will want to know how a game that doesn't peg your CPU to 100% could cause your machine to overheat, when a Prime95 test that DOES peg your CPU to 100% would not. Sucks that your machine can't play it.
  7. I’m confused as well. What made deadfire different to POE 1 in terms of game type other than the pirate stuff?
  8. This is pretty much the path that Witcher took when you look at the game engine and gameplay from Witcher 1 through to what we eventually got with Witcher 3. Problem is W2 did well and W1 did well. pOE2 didn’t do so well. But , if MIcrosoft decides to push it then it could happen . In another four to five years if they started now. The Pillars of Eternity world is too amazing an IP not to make something out of it.
  9. Yeah, that's not a good analogy. The game is running on my machine, under the same load as yours, and my machine is just perfect. No overheating issues whatsoever. You skipped the point I made that if you were to run Ashes of the Singularity or any other game that stressed the CPU you would face the same problem. It isn't the game, your PC should simply not be overheating.
  10. Yeah, ok. So if you do a Prime95 or a Furmark Stress Test your computer is fine? My point is your machine's cooling is borked if any game or program can cause it to "overheat". Think about if you had a car, and you complain that on very hot days when you drive through the countryside the car overheats, but when you drive in the city it's fine. In this case, you are blaming the countryside and the sun for your car overheating. I bet if you played Ashes of the Singularity your PC would overheat as well, because that game is CPU intensive. If you were to actually follow those links you would see several people suggest the same thing to the people complaining. But hey, you do you
  11. So I’m not saying that there may not be optimizations issues because there certainly are, but this is the fault of your machine not any one game. Your computer is supposed to be able to run flat out for extended periods of time without overheating. If your computer is overheating it indicates that there is a problem that you should fix, because sooner or later it will lead to a failure. For example your machine should be able to run a prime95 test for some time without overheating, or a Furmark test without overheating.
  12. I think before developers rush to add multiplayer there should be a check of the actual metrics. How many people played the D:OS or D:OS2 campaign Co-Op or multiplayer? The vocal minority is a serious problem when gauging what players want. POE2 is a beautiful game, and a great example of the best of this Genre. I think it can find success in the future and the POE world is so rich that the IP deserves another chance. In my view, and it's strange, Pathfinder is a much worse game, with character development and story that cannot compare to PoE2. Yet it did well. I think the cause should lie squarely at the feet of marketing.
  13. Well poor animancer lady then! Guess she didn't know that the sword sucking her life essence with every strike was a "feature" Bottom line, the unique items are not just directly powerful and a net gain the way they are in other games. Just reading what you said, items need to be carefully combined and used with specific builds to be useful. And really, yes that is fun to explore builds but what percentage of players are going to do that... let's be honest. What percentage CAN do that? Yes I was ranting. Thanks for the helpful response.
  14. Why are there so many utter failures of Unique Items in Deadfire? Case in point Voidwheel. The description literally says that it was a failure, and it killed its owner. Looking at the description this thing damages you for 10% of the damage you deal, and then restores 15 Health to you IF you kill the target. In what world is that a good choice for a weapon? It's as though every blacksmith and mage in Deadfire is a complete failure. That's like in DnD you get a Greatsword +8 but everytime you use it , it casts Vorpal on the wielder. Like ...what? Why? Who said that to "balance" your game every item needs to have a crippling drawback? Are there some mods that add actually USEFUL Unique items that you get and are like WOW! I got a super Item, I'm powerul now let me go wreck things! ?
  15. Well then I don't know what version of the Unity Mod you have installed if you don't have a menu on your screen that overlays your user interface in the way I've shown. At any rate, this mod is likely your problem. I have found a way to get the vast benefits of it , including respecing and theorycrafting, while managing the performance hits. If it's not the same with your version, try updating, reading up on the Nexus Mods page or something. Not sure why yours would be different.
  16. That's odd, I thought that was the default. You're saying that your Unity Console screen does not look like this when you press Reveal? Check the settings or documentation or something . What you need to do is HIDE the console so it no longer appears in the top right at all. You reactivate with the same Hotkey combination.
  17. If you had the console mod running then that was your major problem. When you aren't using it, make sure to press Ctrl-F8 to turn it off. It has helped my gameplay tremendously, but it is buggy and a major resource hog.
  18. I know what you mean. Yes the game does slow down sometimes for me. It isn't that noticeable though. Yes, the load times on anything other than an SSD are a bit much , this is the same problem with Battletech, Pathfinder Kingmaker and I believe every other Unity game out there. It's a "feature" of the unity engine apparently. One thing, do you have the Unity game console mod running? That slows the game down tremendously and needs to be turned off with Ctrl F8 if you aren't using it. One funny thing I have found in Queen's Berth for example is when the game was chugging at about 30fps for no reason, if I changed the Tactical Combat mode to Turn Based amazingly the framerates jumped up (setTacticalMode RoundBased, Disabled to disable afterward). So there was definitely something going on with calculations in the background as there was a fight coming up, maybe I was in stealth I can't recall. Also remember there are memory leaks. So you may just have to restart after some time playing. So yeah, it isn't totally rock solid and smooth, but aside from the Unity Console, it's been manageable and you can get it to run well.
  19. Balancing Both is a problem. The Turn Based right now fails to reflect attack speed. It needs to be that the higher the attack speed, the more attacks a character gets. Some powers just don't work, ro make sense. Some Character Attributes make no sense to add points to in Turn Based. Fixing all that would mean a total shift in the way the game works for Turn Based vs Real Time with Pause. But I've decided that I don't like Round Based combat with RTwP anymore. It has to be Resource and Cooldown based game engines. Your Mage has 100 Mana, and spells cost X amount. Mana runs out, needs time to recover or chug a potion. Fire off your biggest spells? Then you have to wait for a cooldown. Active, dynamic combat that allows you to stop, queue actions, then proceed. That's the "With Pause" that would work for me now. This hacked together RTwP where you have some obscure timed rounds system running in the background as though you were sitting around a table playing Pen and Paper just makes no sense for a computer game. If you're building a Computer game, then build a computer game. If you're doing pen and paper, then do pen and paper. I am no longer interested in titles that tell me they are "replicating the pen and paper feel". No. If I want the pen and paper feel I would play Pen and Paper. I support BG3 being Turn Based because at its core, that's what best suits the underlying pen and paper system. But the Pillars game system was built from the ground up, so they could have done it differently and done it for the Computer rather than try to fake a pen and paper system.
  20. This was brilliant by the way. I really appreciated this mod! I paired this with Deadly Deadfire and it's been a blast.
  21. Is this still a problem? I'm doing Splintered Reef map now and it is brutal. Not just the Domination which I can't seem to shake, but the Walls of Color, and the fact the Fampyr all have minelotta's shield on which hits you once you strike them in melee. If the Domination is bugged ontop of all that it makes for one heck of a tough fight on POTD.
  22. I didn't do all the conditional stuff, but I did add Brilliant inspiration to the Blood Sacrifice Ability. It works reasonably well. I didn't do all the conditional stuff, but I did add Brilliant inspiration to the Blood Sacrifice Ability. It works reasonably well.
  23. What happens with all the enemies , mainly bosses, that are immune to Charm? Aren't most megabosses immune, so against them what would happen?
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