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  1. That's where they crossed the line. They have insurance fraud, though, right?
  2. I was the Latina in Saints Row 2, does that make me woke? I just liked her voice and spicy attitude.
  3. Yesterday, Bobby Kotick stepped down as Activision/Blizzard CEO. Sadly, he almost certainly got a HUGE payout on the way out, but at least he's gone.
  4. The Prophecy (1995) - A war between angels culminates in a struggle for a deceased colonel's soul. While I might still call this a cult classic, just barely, this is likely the most mainstream and highest budget (relative to the time) movie that Vinegar Syndrome has ever put out. I was taken aback a bit when there as no booklet in the packaging, Vinegar Syndrome always goes all out and I've gotten really cool booklets with pictures and behind the scenes stories in previous movies I've purchased from them, but no booklet here. They did, however, make up for it with really great packaging, like really really great. Even Criterion Collection would look at this packaging and say "job well done". The most important part, of course, is the movie itself, and Vinegar Syndrome, as usual, did not disappoint. The 4K picture quality is immaculate. This is especially good news given how well shot this movie was. I'm too lazy to look up the name of the cinematographer, but whoever he or she was, I'd like to buy him or her a beer because this is a beautifully shot movie. All the framing, color grading, and brightness levels in every single shot were deliberate and clearly done by a skilled professional. This is a very good looking movie. It's a slow paced movie with little action and a lot of tension and some suspense. Definitely not for a good chunk of the MCU crowd, they'd be checked out before act 1 ended, but it's quite an enjoyable movie if you're down with a slow burn. Good cast. Christopher Walken is delightful, as expected. This package also came with The Prophecy 2 & 3, so expect to hear from me again soon. Side-note: Whatever happened to Eric Stoltz? I feel like I haven't seen him in anything in forever. My hope is that he felt he made enough money and just retired to a cushy life of anonymity somewhere. He's too good an actor to be forced to retire due to lack of work.
  5. The jig is up, SysDef is onto me and they don't much like me any more, blowing up a bunch of their ships probably didn't help matters but they were already keen to the fact that I hadn't "infiltrated" the Crimson Fleet for them but rather used SysDef to join the Crimson Fleet at that point. Oh well, they'll get over it... Actually, they probably won't but they also lack the means to apprehend or eliminate me so they can eat a ****. I mean, they already tried and it ended with a whole bunch of space debris that used to be SysDef ships. Starfield is a frustrating game. There's a lot I like about the game and it has the best combat of any Bethesda game ever (not a high bar to clear, but still), plus the ship building is legitimately good. At the same time, though, this game wastes my time. There is so much time spent in this game either staring at a loading screen or taking a boring and needlessly long trek across a dull as **** landscape. There are some cool landscape features here and there, but it's honestly astonishing just how dull Bethesda managed to make alien planets.
  6. Gaston Glock, age 94. Best known for the Glock pistol which revolutionized the handgun industry with the Glock 17 in 1982 and remains one of the most popular handgun brands in the world to this day, across civilian, police, and military use.
  7. This. I've been living in Murica for 37 years and I've been hearing one version or another of the same alarmist talk the entire time. This is classic neocon rhetoric. For a little while there it was aimed in a different direction during that period of time when we were trying to have a friendlier relationship with The Russkies, plus were were well mired in the Middle East at that time, so the neocons had plenty of other stories to tell to get people frightened and get us to keep pumping more money into the military. Now we're back to Russia being the boogeyman again. That doesn't make this sort of talk automatically false, but I've heard one version or another of this story so many times that let's just say I'm skeptical. Meanwhile, the much bigger threat (not necessarily from a military standpoint) is just chugging along and benefiting from all of this. Queue people linking to articles or videos about how China's economy is about to collapse. I've been reading those articles and seeing those videos for well over a decade and the "collapse" is always just around the corner. Maybe it is, but color me skeptical.
  8. As expected, Nvidia has launched the RTX 4090D. The "D" stands for <insert your own joke about Nvidia dicking people over>. This is essentially a slightly cut down 4090 and the best part is that it has the exact same MSRP. Less card for the same money, that's just Jensen being Jensen. In fairness, this card isn't meant for most of us, it's meant to be sold in China to bypass the restrictions imposed on selling chips to them. Still, typical Nvidia ***hole move to sell a gimped version of a card for the same price, plus I guarantee they will try to sucker people outside of China into buying it too.
  9. Tom Smothers of Smothers Brothers fame. Age 86.
  10. ^ Looks like a nice case, minus the RGBs, but I assume you can turn those off, or to something less aggressive. My case just has 2 thin vertical lines down the front that I can make do all sorts of stuff but I just have amber light go from top to bottom. That's the maximum amount of RGBs I can handle, I find anything more abrasive. To each their own, though, and RGBs aside, it looks like a spacious and well-built case with plenty of air flow.
  11. Starfield is many things, innovative is not one of them. That game is about as derivative as derivative gets. They couldn't even be bothered to come up with a new story, you're just the Dragonborn, but IN SPAAAAAAAAAACE. I suppose I should have spoiler tagged that last part... I apologize for nothing.
  12. As sad as it is, this statement is accurate, if we're defining "BioWare Game" as a proper RPG. It's not BioWare's last great game, I would argue that's Mass Effect 2, which came out just 1 year later IIRC. However, as much as I love ME2, and I do, it's soooooo much less a RPG and soooooo much more an action/adventure game than DA:O, or ME1, for that matter. ME2 is where, and again, I want to stress how much I like ME2, it might be BioWare's best ever game. Right now there are people with BG2-shaped pitchforks and BG1-shaped torches marching toward my home. I don't care, ME2 is ****ing awesome. Anyway, back on track, ME2 is where BioWare stopped making RPGs and fully switched over to making RPG-Lite action/adventure games, much like Zelda. Nothing wrong with that, BTW, that style of game can be fantastic, like, well, Zelda, but it's not truly a RPG. [random tangent]Zelda is RPG for Dummies, and I mean that in the absolute best way imaginable. Zelda takes much of the stuff RPGs do and dumbs them down just enough so that they become completely intuitive. The design is absolutely brilliant, this Miyamoto guy might have a future in the business. You put someone who has never played a RPG in their life in front of a character sheet and you either have some explaining to do or they have some reading to do before y'all can begin. Anybody can just pick up a NES controller and start playing the game without so much as looking at the cover of the instruction manual. Anyone can understand I have more hearts means I can take more damage and this sword is better because now the monsters die in less attacks and I need a key to open a door. You go to a dungeon, you find something in said dungeon, and at the end you fight a boss. Lather, rinse repeat. That's basically what you do when you play RPGs, dumbed down, sure, but what you gain is that it's plug and play to pretty much anyone.[/random tangent]
  13. The makowiec was a big hit over Christmas. So far, the ATF has not kicked down my door and pointed M16s in my face, but maybe they're just waiting for the holiday traffic to die down to apprehend me then throw me in a musty cellar somewhere and anally rape me with a broomstick (I assume this is what the ATF does).
  14. We're going to go through the Release the Snyder Cut bull$#!+ again? I was told by someone whose judgement on movies I trust that if I've seen Seven Samurai (1954) then I've already seen a much better version of this movie, and I have seen Seven Samurai and it's inferior but still quite enjoyable remake The Magnificent Seven (1960).
  15. There is no problem with my position, my position is correct. My position is that failing a drug test due to poppy seeds is highly improbable. All the evidence supports my position. If you don't have enough working brain cells to understand that then there's nothing I can do for you, and quite frankly nothing I would do for you even if given the chance.
  16. Again, I never said it was impossible just highly improbable. Which part of highly improbable do you not understand? And if it's not highly improbable than how come nobody. NOBODY. Not you, not anyone else, can give me even a single example? If something is thought to be theoretically possible yet there is no example of it ever happening given by anyone ever, I would say that's the definition of highly improbable. That's what I've been saying the entire time, highly improbable. There is zero evidence to the contrary. ZERO. Yes, It's theoretically possible that you could fail a drug test because of consuming too many poppy seeds. It's also theoretically possible that the speed of light is variable and that white holes are a thing. We don't have any evidence of those things either.
  17. I never wrote everybody but I have asked multiple people. Four, if you want the exact number. It's not even about the people I have specifically asked, though that is a more direct way of finding out, it's the fact that supposedly, according to the DoD, according to you, poppy seed failed drug tests are relatively common (because the DoD's test is soooooooooooooooooo sensitive). Yet there is a complete lack of anyone ever having failed one of these super duper sensitive tests. I guess you just can't understand statistical probability, I shouldn't have assumed. My bad.
  18. If it was just you then I would be inclined to agree with you, but it's not just you. NOBODY has EVER been able to give me such an example. Not one person. EVER. We're talking thousands and thousands and thousands of people I've had interactions with, in a dozen different countries on 4 different continents. And you're not the first person I've asked to give me a specific example of this, I have asked this exact question before and nobody has ever been able to give me an affirmative example. NOBODY. Again, that doesn't prove anything, but given the sheer amount of tales I've been told in my life about the most mundane stuff you can imagine and about completely ridiculous stuff and everything in between, dozens of times over, in many cases, just from a purely statistical standpoint, it stands to reason that if poppy seed drug fails were an event that was even slightly somewhat approaching commonplace, I would have heard something, anything about it. I have not. That doesn't prove it's not real, in fact I posit that it's real, but what I'm saying is that it's extremely rare. My argument of "this is not a real thing because I have no evidence for it" which I never made but you seem to be arguing against anyway is false but the argument of "this is a real thing because I have no evidence against it" is just as false. Neither of these arguments can be definitively proven. What I'm talking about is statistical probability and what the fact that nobody has been able to ever give me any evidence whatsoever for a failed poppy seed drug test tells me is that the statistical probability of such a thing happening is quite low. Not impossible but highly improbable.
  19. @GromnirYou keep giving me examples of completely unrelated things to "prove your point". I'm going to ask you again, give me one example of a person you personally know that has failed a drug test due to poppy seeds. I'm only asking for one example. Just one. No one has ever been able to give me one ever. EVER. Are you proposing that I should believe something based on ZERO actual evidence? If there is evidence then let's see it. Show me the evidence. Show me someone failing a drug test due to poppy seeds. Anyway, I'm soon going to eat the $#!+ out of this makowiec. We'll find out soon enough if I serve time in a federal prison getting raped with a broomstick. Given that I've eaten copious amounts of makowiec in my life with zero consequences (not even an upset tummy), I'm going to go ahead an issue this spoiler:
  20. Here's the finished makowiec: Now that I've posted this picture I expect, if @Gromniris correct, the US Army to kick down my door and point M16s (not the really questionable NSGWs that I doubt will ever be formally adopted) in my face. If you don't hear from me for a while you can assume I'm being anally raped in Gitmo.
  21. The fact that in all my years I've never heard a single tale of poppy seed drug fail proves nothing, but in my mind it's plenty evidence enough that such an event is EXTREMELY unlikely. I've been told so many tales in my life, some relatively reasonable, some kind of hard to believe, and some completely ludicrous. It's EXCEEDINGLY likely that if people failing drug tests because of poppy seeds was even remotely approaching commonplace event that I, or someone I know, would have heard SOMETHING about that, other than the wives tale itself. I've heard NOTHING, complete radio silence. If this is such a commonplace event, can you honestly give me a single example of a person you know that failed a drug test due to poppy seeds? I ask because not a single person EVER has given me such an example. No one. Nobody. Not a single example. Not one. At this point Sasquach is more likely to exist in my mind than a failed poppy seed drug test. At least I've seen "footage of a Sasquach" even if it was fake as ****. This is more convincing evidence of Sasquach than anything I have ever heard or seen about poppy seed drug fails: Also, your example to debunk me was Neil deGrasse Tyson?
  22. It's not about my feelings, if you actually read my previous post and comprehended what it wrote you would have seen that. Yes, I have heard the wives tale about people failing a drug test due to poppy seeds, i have no doubt that there is a tiny sliver of truth in said wives tale (as there is in most wives tales). That said, I have ZERO evidence of anyone ever failing a drug test due to poppy seeds. It's probably happened at some point because it's theoretically possible, if you scour the interwebs long enough it's likely that you could find some deep buried example of a guy going on a hardcore binge of poppy seed related consumables and failing a drug test. The fact that I have zero knowledge of anyone EVER failing a drug test for poppy seeds off the top of my head, not even a tall tale from drunken friends (I've been told many stories, some believable, some completely ridiculous, and in all that time not a single person has ever tried to pass off a tale of poppy seed drug fail. Not one ever from the THOUSANDS of stories I've been told.), and a cursory google search reveals nothing except a bunch of articles stating "well, it's TECHNICALLY possible to fail a drug test because of poppy seeds" without ever giving a concrete example, gives me all the information I need to conclude that a person failing a drug test due to poppy seed consumption, while possible, is an EXTRAORDINARILY rare event. And yes, that flies in the face of what the DoD told you. That's because those people are ****ING LIARS. There are literal military departments in most, if not all, countries' militaries that are devoted to propaganda. They called them spymasters in the olden days.
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