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  1. Sure, if there wasn't a 50/50 chance of death I'd take it too. I'd like to think I would have the self control to invest the money wisely and live a comfortable but not extravagant life, but until I'm actually in that situation I can't say for sure. Temptation is a powerful drug.
  2. The type of person that is likely to take that coin flip is impulsive and reckless enough that they are also very likely to live an unsustainably extravagant lifestyle and wind up in a worse financial situation than before the coin flip within a year or two.
  3. You run into the darnedest things when things when travelling around mainland Morrowind. My mace is blocking it, but the rope this "honest rope salesman" tried to sell me is fashioned into a noose hanging from the tree next to him. I'll give him credit for dressing up his scheme to shakedown travelers for money in a creative fashion. However, maybe don't try that on someone very obviously well armed and armored. After I refused to "buy his rope" he attacked me and it ended with me looting a corpse with a caved in skull. He had a couple of nice potions on him and a weak enchanted sword, everything else wasn't worth looting. There's no mechanic for it in the game, but in my head cannon I hanged his corpse from the noose for maximum poetic justice. While exploring Dwemer ruins I came upon this giant scary looking Dwemer guardian machine. Lucky for me, I have an Amulet of Shadows which I used to sneak past it. I got this shield for my trouble: As a medium armor user, the shield is useless to me, but it will fetch a very handsome price. Nice attention to detail in this Dwemer ruin. On the outside the building is all types of collapsed and the front entrance is inaccessible. However, when you go around the ruin and part of the way down the slope (the ruin is on top of a hill), there is a somewhat hidden back entrance. Inside the ruin itself there are stairs that go up, presumably to the toppled buildings and main entrance, but it's all caved in. The modder(s) that made this thought about the interior in relation to the exterior, they did't just slap together rooms willy-nilly.
  4. Wide Right: The Buffalo Bills Story - Now in 4K UHD!
  5. Hell yeah, Lions! I don't expect them to beat the Niners next weekend, but that would be amazing.
  6. I can only assume that Project Michigan has a metric ****ton of lighthouses in it.
  7. There's plenty of room on the bus, I'll open the door for ya. It may be a short bus but we can fit more people. It's like one of those cars at the circus that 17 clowns come out of, or like when they show the exterior of a townhouse in a show or movie then they cut to a 30' x 30' living room that couldn't possibly fit inside it.
  8. I liked Swansong but I might be the only person on Earth who did. Also, I watch Neil Breen movies, so... What I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't take advice from a guy that may well be rocking back and forth in a chair shaking his head for hours on end one day.
  9. I'm continuing my mainland Morrowind adventures. I'm kind of curious if I can get to and from Vvardenfell without fast traveling. I can see the peninsula that Ebonheart is on, partially because I'm running on 5X draw distance, but still. I could try swimming, but don't want to deal with all the sea creatures. Once I get my alteration skill higher (read: 50+) I'll get a longer duration water walking spell and test whether there is an invisible wall to stop me or not. I did wind up finding the thief that stole my money. She offered to give me back my money to avoid conflict and I took her up on her offer. I had the option of attacking her or trying to apprehend her to bring to the authorities, but I only really wanted my money back and if the authorities wanted her captured they could have done it themselves. They were the ones that told me where she tended to hide out. There were several paupers also living in those same Dwemer ruins. Had she told me she was using the money to help the homeless, I would have believed her and let her keep the money, 500 gold isn't a big deal to me. But she didn't so I took my money and left. I'm currently on a pilgrimage so I headed toward the mining town of Bodrum, since it has a shrine I need to visit nearby. There is a Daedric shrine near Andothren and I explored it. The cultists inside didn't take kindly to that, but they were no match for me. I talked to the guardian inside and she told me that I killed her cultists but they were annoying $#!+s so she left me alone. Fair enough. I looted the crap out of the shrine but made sure to do so out of her sight. I then stopped at the fishing/harbor village of Teys for the night on my way west: After a long hike along the coast then through some mountains, I crossed a river and neared Bodrum. Here are what looks to be Dwemer ruins near the town off in the distance: And the town itself: A+ for consistency so far. Andothren very much resembles Balmora in architecture, which makes sense since it's a Hlaalu city. Bodrum is a Redoran town and the architecture reflects that.
  10. Home made tortilla chips with queso dip (not home made).
  11. I like a thorough examination as much as the next guy, but... There are such things are reasonable limits. I guess everybody has a different standard as to what that said limits are.
  12. /looks at length of video Nope. I'm not usually one to tl;dw, but in this case I'm going to tl;dw, because holy $#!+ that's nearly 2001: A Space Odyssey length.
  13. Best news I've heard all year: Needless to say, I've already purchased my copy and am eagerly awaiting receiving a DVD-R in a jewel case in the mail.
  14. Fair enough, making the scenes more dynamic and cinematic does indeed increase cost. However, Obsidian was one of Microsoft's big acquisitions and is being prominently pushed as a 1st party developer for them. Microsoft didn't exactly have a wonderful 1st party 2023, what with the that is Redfall and the wet fart that is Starfield. They desperately need a big hit or two this year. If Microsoft wants to compete with Sony they gotta go HARD. Toss Obsidian some more money and hook that $#!+ up. They ain't gonna beat Sony by half-assin' it. All the bells and whistles or they gonna be playin' second fiddle forever. I don't know, maybe Microsoft is cool with being second place? That's all they've ever been, except for the times they've been third.
  15. I pick greed. The answer is greed. The reason for this existing is greed. It's something the studio can whip up quickly with little resources spent and shove it out the door to make a quick buck AND as a bonus keep their name on peoples' lips. It's not exactly the AAA equivalent of an asset flip, but same idea. Minimal effort for a quick buck. I think Skyrim is one of the worst things to happened to gaming recent-ish-ly. Skyrim showed publishers that they can release the same game a hundred times and there are plenty of people out there dumb enough to buy it a hundred times. Edit: I guess we can go back further than that with Street Fighter 2, Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo, Super Duper Extra Hyper Street Fighter 2 Turbo Alpha Diamond Edition, and so on. Thanks Capcom!
  16. I think blocking and business are more important in a 1st person game than 3rd person. I guess I should explain what blocking and business are, I shouldn't assume people know. Blocking is the range of movement of characters in a scene, what ground they cover walking around or whatever. This is especially important for framing if a fixed camera is used. Business is what the characters do in the scene. For example, two characters are having a conversation in a hotel room. If one of the characters puts a suitcase on the bed, opens it, and begins unpacking the clothing within while they talk it makes the scene a lot more dynamic and interesting than if they just stand there and talk. The reason that these things are more important in 1st person is that in 3rd person they can, and and usually do, swap between camera angles to show the character that is currently talking, including your character. So even if's a 1 on 1 conversation and both characters are glued in place, the scene is somewhat dynamic feeling because of the camera swapping back and forth, though some blocking and business would still be helpful. In 1st person the camera is always on the character you are talking to because the devs don't want to break the immersion of looking through your character's eyes. If you are talking to a group of characters it's not as big of a deal because the focus shifts from character to character as they speak, helping to keep the scene dynamic and interesting. However, if it's just you talking to 1 other character, as is more often than not the case, them just standing in place really makes the scene dull, because there's nothing to break it up. The longer the conversation the more this becomes an issue. Stuff like hand gestures and body language do help, it's way better than if they just stand there like a statue, but a bit of blocking and/or business goes a long way. Even just something as simple as having them pace back and forth a little helps make the scene more dynamic and interesting. Something so that you are not just staring at a fixed point for a prolonged period of time. I shouldn't assume that there isn't blocking nor business in Avowed, because I'm basing it off that one conversation they showed in the sample quest. It's entirely possible there are other conversations you have in the game where the characters do move around some, perhaps they start seated and get up during the conversation or they walk over to a table and pick up a cup and drink from it. Tiny sample size, I shouldn't draw conclusions from it.
  17. So in effect it's a DLC, they're just calling it a remaster because reasons. Probably some focus group suggested that calling it a remaster would be more profitable than releasing a DLC and simultaneously a complete edition.
  18. How far away are we from developers announcing remasters/remakes the same year the original came out? 10 years? 5 years? What's the endgame of this trend? On launch day of the original game, by the time that you finish downloading the game there's a remaster not only announced but already out?
  19. The Prophecy 2 (1998) - The war of angels continues. This takes place 4 years after the events of the first movie and begins with Lucifer tossing Gabriel out of hell. This time the opposing angelic forces are battling over a Nephilim yet to be born. It's a much faster paced movie than the first and an easier watch if you're averse to slow moving psychological drama, definitely more of a crowd-pleaser. It's sort of the Aliens to the first movie's Alien. I'd say I like the first movie better overall, but this was still rather enjoyable. Christopher Walken is delightful, as always, reprising his role as the main antagonist Gabriel. I never tire of the running gag that he doesn't understand how modern human machinery works and needs a(n) (unwilling) human to help him with his dirty work. Eric Roberts is well cast as the stoic and soft spoken Michael, too bad he only gets maybe a minute of screen time, if that. There's even a cameo by Glenn Danzig, who's of course known for his hit movie Verotika and nothing else at all. I had a good time watching this and I have the 3rd movie here to watch soon. There are more than 3 Prophecy movies, actually, but there's a STEEP drop in quality after #3 IIRC. They do briefly touch on why there is an angelic civil war, so you don't absolutely have to watch the first movie if you want to see this one, but I definitely suggest that you do.
  20. It's sad how many games, even now in 2024, still have cutscene conversations with characters just standing in place. The hand gestures help a bit, but it's a far cry from watching characters naturally walking next to a wall and leaning against it while talking to you, or starting seated then standing up and pacing around. Maybe they walk over to a desk and pick up a book. I guess we can still only count on CDPR and Rockstar for proper blocking and business. Oh well. On the positive side, guns akimbo. Also, I like how vibrant the environments are. Overall, I'm still on the fence about this game, but I'm mildly more positive about it than after the last trailer.
  21. I don't believe them when they say adventure is the focus and combat is secondary, but if it's true then color me very interested, Harrison Ford from Wish dot com notwithstanding.
  22. Nothing better than a bowl of hot soup on a cold day, so I made a giant pot of zupa szczawiowa for the current DEEP FREEZE... Deep freeze by Cackalacky standards, that is.
  23. So, "you will own nothing and you will be happy," basically.
  24. Wrong thread? Either way, I liked Tyranny a lot, significantly more than either Pillars game. I'd love to see a sequel some day. @WormerineToo bad they never made a Rock Band: Ysa├┐e.
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