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  1. I scanned the list and could not find this reported elsewhere. Sorry if it has been reported before. Whenever i use the continue button at start up it always goes to the most recent save for the first character I generated. It does this regardless of which character I saved last. I can access other character's saves but I have to use the load button to get to them.
  2. I had a problem with it too on one run through but it worked other times. When it failed I picked it up and it went into my quest item box. when i try to complete the quest I dont get the conversation line that allows me to give it to the pig farmer. Same thing occurred with the broken dragons egg and the lady at the potion shop.
  3. I'd want to see details about exactly what the goals are and how much. From what I have read, I would have rather have had more wilderness offered earlier instead of going deeper in the mega dungeon. Perhapos a trade oof could be arranged?
  4. I had read that the BG1 portraits were based on portraits of real people that worked on the project or were friends & spouses. It think that is why I like them better ... they were more realistic and less cartoony.
  5. What made BG great was it was so new and different when it came out. It was a quantum leap forward in terms of game mechanics and NPC interactivity. It also benefited from some memorable voice actors and characters but what made it great was that it was novel. There was a sense of discovery in terms of discovering the game as well as the content of the game. Consider it vs Daggerfall, Might & magic circa 1998, or Pools of radiance. It blew them away in my opinion but almost 15 years later it does not seem so new and fresh. An IE type game today will depend more on its content for success. In PE I am not expecting another quantum leap. Where BG was as much about discovering the game as the content I think PE will be more about the content. I do expect to see improvment and refinement of familiar tools, but I hope for a sense of discovery therough some new rules and a great story.
  6. The 2 baddies in the NW part of the round room reminded me of the singing trio from Bards tale (2004). "It's bad luck ot be you!" Burning question: Can PE monsters sing as well?
  7. Loved the armor variety and color! Everyone is distinct. I want some the red suit.
  8. I like the orlans.The wild ones remind me of the Green man, which makes me thirsty. http://www.greenmanbrewery.com/
  9. Glad that the Head models do not stop at the neck like they did in dragon age. Stopping at the neck required everyone to have dog collar looking necklaces. This will be much better!
  10. I enjoyed the discussion of armor. Here are my thoughts on the subject. Getting hit and taking damage are 2 seperate issues. Avoiding the hit is a function of movement (ie strength and dex). I see armor and shields a preventing damage when you are hit. If you do not combine these attributes into a single armor score you get more options for light, medium and heavy. So, light would be better at avoiding but offer less damage reduction. Heavy would get hit more often but have high damage absorption. Medium would not be reduced to the murky middle that is useless as soon as you can afford heavy. It would offer a compromise between avoidance and damage reduction and be more utilitarian. The trick here is creating a variety of ememies with different ratios of hit and damage ability. For example Standard opponets are reasonably avoidable in light but heavy often takes hits for less damage. So after a few, say 5, combat sequences the likely damage to both would be equivalent. Light = 3 misses and 2 hits averaging 5 damage per hit for 10 damage. Heavy = 5 hits averging 2 damage per hit for 10 damage. Some specialized opponets are harder or easier for different armors based on damage dealt, number of attacks, precision, type of damage (elements, blunt, sharp, etc). So a precise attacher with low damage would be hard for light but easy for heavy and normal for medium. High damage low precision would be the other way around.
  11. I don't have particularly strong feeling about class types as long as they are somewhat balanced. One thing I have always disliked is rage/beserker effects that give a temp increase in hit points that wears off right after a fight and then you die. I'd much rather see damage reduction than a temp increase. Or, if a a temp increase is given then make it drop you to 1 HP instead of death.
  12. Picking up a weapon and using it makes sense. Armor not so much, especially across races and genders. At the same time it may be a drag on game play to have to schlep back to town. In a lot of ways this is like magic item identification. Maybe having a non-combat skill (armorer/blacksmith/etc) that allows adjustment would be a good compromise. If you dont want to schelp it, spend the points.
  13. I am not worried about a dual Xp system affecting balance. Since you have to invest time in one or the other is effectively the same as making a choice within a single XP system.
  14. I would not mind a hybrid approach. In addition to fleshed out NPC's you meet I think it could be cool to have a say in at least one companion. Maybe use a series of question to describe your best friend/sibling/rival/etc that select their gender, class, personality, etc.
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