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  1. What are you talking about? If unpausing is happening in 20% of the cases it can be really annoying but the autopause still has it's use in 80%. That's obvious. I agree with the OP. It's just a minor annoyance for me but I have noticed it too. Adding an option for a pause button that doesn't unpause would fix this problem completely and very efficiently. It's a good suggestion.
  2. Does this mean they will no longer benefit from Weapon Focus talents? I suspect this means the exact opposite. I believe they are now treated like soulbound weapons and can benifit from any of the weapon focus talents. Like, a summoned quarterstaff would also get the accuracy bonus if you have only the ruffian talent.
  3. Hmm, I've been hearing the same thing about the German translation. Doesn't concern me, I wouldn't have wanted to play the game in German anyway but in the past I've been playing German localizations from time to time. You're right, they are often atrocious and can be so bad that an otherwise great game is completely destroyed because it's so distracting. They often seem to be done by high school students with just the barest grasp of either language. I really can't imagine why in videogames, an industry that has now been fully established for a long time and is in part eclipsing movies in ter
  4. I think the problem in BG2 was not that there were too many quests in chapter 2 but that there was (comparatively) too little to do in chapters 5 and 6. Thinking about it, there was that huge variety of things to do in the beginning, most of it optional, a pretty good middle with still lots of optional stuff (Sahuagin city and the three possibilities to finish the Ust Natha questline) and a very linear end. I loved the game so much that I would have liked the end to have the same content density as in the beginning or even more, as long as the quality stayed the same. But thinking about it rat
  5. Strange, forum won't let me edit my post. Anyway... @danielkx "Filthy rich" was tongue in cheek. I don't think they'll be filthy rich. But if they'll sell ~1mil, I think that would be a pretty huge deal. It's more than enough for a spectacular sequel and it could be tha basis for them to really go independent and make the games they want. @Tigranes I agree that you have to take into account the several tens of thousands of their most hardcore following who are willing to give them money for a game that they haven't even begun working at. But those are only a fraction of the people wh
  6. As I understand it, the deal with Paradox covers only very specific aspect of the actual publishing of the game. Shipping and such. I could imagine it freed up some of the money from the kickstarter that was budgeted for these things. Sure, Paradox will make money on this too but to me this doesn't look like the usual publisher deal as in "we finance the game and keep all the money and all you get is a lump sum and maybe a bonus if the reviews are good". Obsidian financed the game by themselves, through the kickstarter. So in this case I'd expect it to be the other way 'round. Obsidian gets to
  7. I was wondering. I think that this game will be pretty huge. As in, it'll sell really well. It's my understanding that one of the most attractive aspects of crowdfunding for a developer is that, as long as you stay on budget and actually manage to create the thing you set out to create, it's pretty much impossible to fail in a conventional sense, i.e. to create a loss. You've been making the thing with other people's money that you never have to pay back, so every unit you sell is pure profit. Now, I think that Obsidian didn't stay entirely on budget. The game was delayed quite a bit and that
  8. So, I've been sitting at work all day, hardly getting anything done because I keep coming back to checking on the reviews as they come in. I haven't had the opportunity to play the game yet and probably I'll still have to wait a few days until I have enough time to really get into it but from what everybody's saying and from what I'm reading, it seems clear to me now that you've done it. This is shaping up to be a stunning success, a worthy successor to the IE games and may even become a classic in it's own right. I have to say I'm giddy with excitement. It makes me so happy how this has w
  9. I have not read every post in this thread but I'd like to add my 2 cents anyway. BG2 is kinda exemplary in 2 ways, a good and a bad one. Of course it can be soloed, I've done it lots of times with many different characters. But the experience varies a lot, depending on the character you're playing and your level. Generally, at low levels and when playing a non-arcane character, soloing the game is hard. It requires intense metagame knowledge and a lot of careful tactics and patience. You'll need to know where every trap is and what effect it has. You need to know every encounter and where
  10. About mechanics, I want to know as much as possible as long as it doesn't tie in with the story in a way that it makes sense to only find out during gameplay. About story and characters we know enough already, imo. About lore and the world, I want to know everything that might be considered "common knowledge" from an in-world perspective. I love reading about this kind of stuff and it just makes me more excited about the game. I want to start the game with a very good picture of the world and it's history, cultures and so on because I think it rarely makes sense to find out all this s
  11. I like the idea of different languages in the game world, I think it'd add great atmosphere but I'm not that keen on some far fetched quest to "decipher" it. Really, you don't hunt down "stone slabs" to decode single characters of a spoken language. You either find someone who can teach it to you or you make due with pantomime until you understand a few words and then go from there. I'd just like a speak language skill. In general, I'd like all kinds of knowledge skills and stuff like decipher script and so on. I was always disappointed that computer RPGs just never do that king of stuff.
  12. Probably someone has already thrown that out, I'm not going to read the whole thread right now, but the stamina/health system that you guys are planning might give good opportunities for light/heavy armor tradeoff. Heavy armor would impose a stamina penalty while significantly reducing health loss when hit. Light armor doesn't affect stamina but when you're hit, your health suffers more.
  13. I like a good turn based system but RTwP was an integral part of the old IE games and I liked it a lot there. I'd be disappointed if PE wasn't RTwP also because of that. Also TB really needs to be done right or it becomes boring. I liked combat in ToEE for the many options and full party control but I found the combat in Fallout 1&2, even though I love those games for the world, atmosphere and the writing (and the SPECIAL system!), to be a snooze-fest. What's the point of a turn based system if you can only control one character and one that has few attack options at that (and will lik
  14. Well, I certainly don't think they should open their books for us, that'd just be stupid. I wouldn't mind if they gave us an overview on how much of the money is going where, though. Double Fine did that and it was interesting to see how much of the money could be realistically expected to go into the game after kickstarter and amazon fees, failed payments, costs for physical rewards and so on was accounted for. I generally think they should take a page out of Double Fine's book when it comes to keeping backers informed.
  15. http://www.dandwiki....rd_(3.5e_Class) I don't think Adam means this Warlord class (it's homebrew, i.e. not official!) but the 4E Warlord, which is much closer to the Paladin archtype. http://www.wizards.com/DnD/Article.aspx?x=dnd/4ex/20080421a
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