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  1. For the force of anguish bug, nothing special, I just hurt the monk until he uses it. I did not try to reproduce it with my own monk. For the disengagements bug, I don't know, it just happens sometimes, but it's easy to miss. For the torment's reach, all I do to get it is use it on group of at least three enemies (the more the better), but they don't present themselves in the right way very often.
  2. I posted it in the tech support, with a few others. My game is getting impossibly hard whenever I encounter monks.
  3. Seems i'm not the only one to see this as a bug, so here it is: Targets in the AoE of torment reach create a new AoE behind them, the result being a uber powerful move when you have a few enemies waiting in a line. I mean, I had a 20 hits and 21 crits on two rows of maybe 6 packed enemies, including two instant kills of fresh enemies at the end of the lines. Seems some mechanics are getting broken Also, the force of anguish seems to sometimes have AoE it should not. In this case, I had two caracters knocked prone. And a bit later, I had this strange log, if only one victim: The clear out abilities from enemies seems much too big in some occurrences, compared to mine. The engagement arrows sometimes span very far, like, 10 meters (especially when one of the engaged is pushed or teleports one way or another), and the disengagement sometimes goes wild, like in these cases: On that last screenshot, Edrin was moving from the right when it happened. Here is a save where you can try and experiment with the torrent's reach, if the enemy are willing to position properly.
  4. I just realized that targets in the AoE of torment reach create a new AoE behind them, the result being a uber powerful move when you have a few enemies waiting in a line. I mean, I just had a 20 hits and 21 crits on two rows of maybe 6 packed enemies, including two instant kills of fresh enemies at the end of the lines. I don't remember this ability was self replicating before 3.0, am I right? Or maybe it's just my save, which seem to have some rare minor glitches like the wall of fire doing next to no damage or some mobs changing race. If not, this completely change the power of the already powerful monk, and mine already seemed quite stronger than any of the companions. Any thought about this?
  5. Here is my log. And I thought this was a simple one… output_log.txt
  6. It seems that whenever a character uses an active ability like knock down or a spell all its engagements are broken. I didn't really check on it, as I figured this out only recently, but if this is right, it's good to know. But what really seems strange to me is when I get disengagement attacks on stationary targets. Then I wonder if I really got the meaning of this mechanic… When I say stationary, I mean absolutely stationary. Most of the time, it's hard to tell if the IA didn't decide to check if the next pixel wouldn't be more comfortable, but sometimes, they really couldn't have, like in this case: As you may know, dank spores cannot move, giant or not. It seems a bug to me.
  7. I tried again, and got the same result. Seems so strange that you didn't get the glitch… As one picture is worth a thousand words, I got you two screenshots, so I'm sure to make my meaning clear. And another save, with the baddies on the screen. https://mega.nz/#!fxUiSYIY!sZr4btFvCDe7f4PAMEVTwjhKP0NbSdcAkdlcPhgkaIc
  8. My cache? Do you mean steam's? Because I have GOG's version… I just reinstalled it on another drive anyway, as the latest patch finished to fill the disk it was installed on. I'll retest it.
  9. And now I found out the vithracks are supposed to be wilders… There definitively is something fishy in this level.
  10. I figured only a few of the crystal eaters have this problem, as I just found a "beastly" one. I found them in the level 9 of the endless paths. Spoiler alert Begin: One is in the right corner, accompanying three vithracks and the other one is a bit further down, alone in the corridor. The next one I found was a beast again, in the room with a pit. Also, I could target only one of the vithracks in the corner with the charm beast spell, while the three of them were marked as beast. I didn't bother to cast the spell. Spoiler alert End Here is the save at the beginning of the level. https://mega.nz/#!71UHwQqB!G7N4SqxW8Gyi6Lu84utb4-CK0Gx5_z_c6sfkojOaFIA
  11. In the bestiary, crystal eaters are marked as beasts as the other spiders, which seems logical. When encountered in the world, they are marked as wilders, which seems strange. The result is that Hivarias isn't able to charm them, and I suppose heroes get the wrong bonus from specialized weapons and skills.
  12. Ok, I found it, in the objects powers, of course… If any other one ever wonders.
  13. Hi, I unlocked Gyrd Háevanes Sténes' ability (what a pain to type!) gréf's authority for Aloth. It seems like it cannot be cast, unless I missed something. Here is my save: https://mega.nz/#!qhk2kCCR!e24OdhViQ72hFll85u-M67xipnjnpvdLdQKn3VnoBUs
  14. Seems like it is just a bug with the forum's automatic link detection, which skips the part of the address after the second “!” character. here is a manual link… https://mega.nz/#!3oN3iarD!31I4rTzqkHbWicOrlK7UNbeem9ZKMGbBrigRGYrqXj0 Edit: … which is still buggy at display, but seems to work. Here, fixed it for good. I hope…
  15. Well, the other one, of course ! The bow Cloudpiercer causes its first critical hit in a fight to unleash a Jolting touch spell, which hits the original target and an additional nearby target, if available.
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